You are currently viewing The Jogini Waterfalls in Manali is what Dreams are made of!

The Jogini Waterfalls in Manali is what Dreams are made of!

About The Jogini Waterfalls in Manali is what Dreams are made of!

Illusions in life are a way of cutting yourself from the logic and connecting to a comforting delusions, sometimes to bid adieu to the stress that your senses have been taking all this time to try and find logic in every single thing and other times being tricked against your will. Either way, it is always a win-win, either it relieves you of something or lads you up with a better perspective, and experience. Here we will explore about jogini waterfalls in manali.

Rohtang Glacier

Manali, for the longest times, has been the throned queen of towns in the state of Himachal, on the foothills of the Rohtang Glacier, in the vicinity of the ancient Vashisht village, this beauty, has been truly a wonder, always. Inter alias, there is a chunk of experiences that the town has to offer, ranging from the local rice beer; to the taste hypnotizing plums and apples; to the gurgling river; and the moon peeking from above and behind the solid snow of the mountains, there is one thing about here that has largely been not discussed about and not even noticed sometimes. And it is an illusion which you will cherish having witnessed it.

Counted to be one of the most gentle and worthwhile treks of the region, the Jogini waterfalls in manali, is a mere one hour’s walk from the Vashisht temple at a distance of 4 Kms from the latter and about 7.5 Kms from Old Manali marks the boundaries of the Vashisht village. The waterfall cascades from a 150 meter tall series of boulders and results in the creation of a miniature pool of water on the base of the waterfall before it finally descends down to become a tributary of the Beas river.


Waterfalls in kullu manali are really awesome. Making it an incredible sight, the area surrounding the waterfall nestled between dense forests and unbelievably peaceful backdrop, it seems as if the streams are being drained down from heavens, and the blessing of the great saint Vashishth endow upon here in the form of bone-chilling elixir. And what’s important is the fact that this is not known to many, these waterfalls even today are an unknown mystery for many, who turn their backs from Vashisht temple to explore other parts of the city.

On the way from the Vashisht temple to the jogini waterfalls in manali, the alpines, snowy peaks and scenic landscapes are what we call a treat for taking up the adventure of walking all the way for a trek. The entire trek doesn’t take more than 3 hours but if your conscience and wanderlust compel you enough, you will be sending all those extra hours until sundown to please yourself and the companions.

Drive your ways out of the metropolis you reside in, and be welcomed in our small world, where things are simple, beautiful and irresistible, unlike the rest of the world today. Make this weekend vacation your guilty pleasure as you snooze the indoor-Netflix-bed schedule to the next weekend. Stay with us at Moustache in Manali to be an unbreakable bracelet in our chain and yes, apart from the jogini waterfalls in manali, get introduced to other hush-hush secrets. Bazinga! See you there!