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5 Reasons Why Triund is the Perfect Weekend Trek

About 5 Reasons Why Triund is the Perfect Weekend Trek

Weekend Trek – The Triund trek is one of the most popular weekend treks from Delhi and Chandigarh. Experience the easiest and perhaps the most famous Himalayan trek at Triund Himachal Pradesh. Soothe your senses with picturesque, and breathtaking views of the Kangra valley and the snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges.

And, if you seek a hassle-free taste of trekking in Himachal Pradesh, Triund is the ideal destination. The journey to Mcleodganj including the trek can be completed in a weekend.

The trail to Triund is short and steep, but the refreshing walks among rhododendron and oak trees make up for it. There are also numerous songbirds in the forests along the trail, making it a bird watcher’s paradise.

McLeodganj (also known as Little Lhasa) offers an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant Tibetan culture. You can play your overnight stay in Mcleodganj enjoying the local cuisine as it also serves as the base camp for Triund Trek. Given how easy the trek is and how easily accessible it is from Dharamshala or McLeodganj.

Read out to find, out why you should opt for Triund trek for your weekend getaway:

Perfect for Beginners

Triund is an excellent place to begin if you want to learn more about the Himalayas and go trekking. The 9 Km short, Mcleodganj to Triund trek can be covered in around 4-6 hours. You will reach the Triund trek height of 8,695 ft to the Triund top. Numerous trailside dhabas and eateries serve hot food and water just in case. After spending an overnight stay at the Triund camping site if you choose to do it with a guide. The next day you trek down the 9 Km stretch back to Mcleodganj completing the total Triund trek distance of 18 Km in less than a weekend time.

Moreover being an easy trek, Triund is also easily accessible from Delhi and Chandigarh. Chandigarh to Dharamshala distance is only 240 Km and from Dharamshala to Mcleodganj distance of 10 Km. This distance can easily be covered by an overnight bus to Mcleodganj from Delhi as well as Chandigarh. While Dharamshala’s height is 4,780 ft, the short 10 Km ride takes you to Mcleodganj’s height of 6,830 ft. There is no best time to visit Mcleodganj as it offers a different vibe every season and can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The View of the grand Kangra Valley & Dhauladhar range

The trek provides some of the best views with very little elevation gain. You don’t have to go deep into a valley like Manali or climb for days to get some spectacular views. A little after the halfway point of the trek. You will witness the grand valley views of Kangra in front of you while neck-bending vertical heights of the Himalayas.

The Moon Peak, Rifle Horn, Arthur’s Seat, and the mighty Dhauladhar range are all visible from the start of the trek. The Triund Trek gives you a view of all major peaks on the Dhauladhar Range map.

This is not even reaching the top. Only halfway point to trek and you are rewarded with such grand views. For the Cricket fans out there, you can also spot the Dharamshala cricket stadium in the bustling town of Dharamshala. Though this grand Cricket stadium will look like a speck in the vast Kangra Valley.

Trekking in the beautiful Pine and Deodar forests

The trail winds through rhododendrons, pines, and conifers. Trekking through the forest and seeing the grand opening of the ridge at the end of the tree line is an amazing sight. You can experience the melodies of songbirds in the forests along the trail like the solitary snipe, snow pigeon, golden bush robin, winter wren, etc., making it a bird watcher’s paradise.

A walk through the mixed forest of Oak and Deodhar will naturally calm your nerves. Make the trip memorable by making friends with the locals, taking countless photos, and savoring your Pahari Maggie with stunning views in the background.

Although the forest section of this trek is small, it takes you through a lovely forest segment that you will remember the trek for. Trekking through the jungle on your own is not advised by the locals. As there are numerous sightings of the Himalayan Black Bear, it is always wise to have an expert guide with you. Planning your trek with an expert has added benefits like hot meals on the campsite, comfy tents, knowledge of the surrounding peaks, and local flora, and fauna. If you are also interested in a weekend trek getaway to Triund:

The iconic Sunset from Triund Trek

The sunset is perhaps the most memorable aspect of the Triund trek, and it is what draws all trekkers to stay overnight and camp on the ridge. When you look behind you, you can see the sun setting and some golden light hitting these mountain ranges.

The breathtaking sunset is one of the most memorable parts of the entire journey. We can’t express how breathtaking it is to watch the sun sink into a sea of clouds during good Triund weather. It is truly a sight to behold, leaving everyone asking, “Ye Sun itni jaldi kyu set ho jata hai yaar?”

But, just wait for some moments as the sunset makes way for the starry skies above and the city lights of Dharamshala below. On a moony night, you can also see the silver hue of the snow-covered mountains. The triund trek night view is one to die for. Though always remember to carry proper clothing as Triund temperature can drop to 0-10 degrees, unlike the Dharamshala temperature.

Basecamp of more treks & trails

Unlike other summit treks, the Triund trek is not the end of the trek. Trekking enthusiasts can find a plethora of trails and expeditions deep into the Dhauladhar ranges. If you want to explore more trekking experiences in the Himalayas, then Triund just acts like a gateway to many more adventures.

There is also the high-altitude Snowline cafe, where you can enjoy yummy Maggi with a backdrop of jaw-dropping mountain views. Then there is the Laka Glacier and Indrahar Pass trek, like the extended versions of the Triund trek. Though a beginner can easily trek to Indrahar pass. But due to the terrain and weather conditions, a guided trek is advisable. We have made a comprehensive guide on the Indrahar Pass too.

Whether it’s the Indrahar Pass Trek, Triund trek, or a comfy, nature retreat at Mcleodganj, with Moustache you get the best for your weekend plans to Dharamshala. So no more waiting and planning, experience the perfect weekend trek package with Moustache and leave with a renewed sense of adventure and accomplishment.

Plan your stay and trek with Moustache, and for further queries, contact us. Follow our Social Media and blogs for more travel stories and trek guides. Till then stay safe and stay adventurous.