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Meadows, Mountains and Manali!!

About Meadows, Mountains and Manali!!

Amidst the dense greens between the dreams, Manali is a town where heavens gleam. Shadowed by humongous peaks on all sides, this destination is no short of a salvation.

There, in between the proud mountains, is this town, mumbling adorable tales of nature and sifting through the paradise, potions of purity and peace. Unplugged from the chaos of the tasteless schedules, Manali runs on a clock of its own. The Beas river, with multiple streams of it encircling the town, truly add up to the magnificence by burbling over rocks and rubble.

Manali, situated in the interiors of the state of Himachal, is a town that, in a stroke of seasons earned a sense of recognition and found its place in the heart of millions. Not long ago, there were only a couple of passionate travelers who cared to explore the hard to reach destination and thus the town remained mostly isolated especially when tourism is to be talked about.

Now, however, this small town now has been exposed to the popular world and has ever since been growing and becoming busier than ever before but still, the town has its corners filled with wondrous secrets that it refuses to reveal ever. The ever blooming cherry, apple and plum gardening, still continue to beautify as well as serve as a major economic backing for the locals who lead themselves a modest lifestyle.

Jewel of Town

And then, the lullaby of this jewel of a town is so hypnotizing that it makes you go week down in your knees and embodies a love for this place deep down your soul. Carefully curated wooden handicrafts and architecture are also much prominent in the area due to the abundance of the former in the region and thankfully for us, such artistry and skills are quite a sight for us.

Renowned among travelers for its extravagant ‘stuff’ pun intended, Manali is crowded with its pine trees, rich wildlife and the most generous people. The textiles, the almonds and the saffrons, everything here is in a form that is too pure to be believed.


The emergence of a culture here began in a time which is known to none of us alive today, Buddhism is one of the prominent impacting forces in the region, a great number of monasteries and temples that belonged to the sages of the era still continue to be a vital essence of tourism for the town.

The town also serves to be an integral gateway to the Lahol and Spiti valleys, the Manali-Leh highway wherein is a dreamland backdrop that hits you up at all the senses and you only know what that means, condition, you have been here. One of the highest motor able roads in the world, the path is a path to glory with eye-widening beautiful landscapes and panoramas. Manali on the economic end has served an important role in the history of the development of the Leh-Ladakh because of the ancient trade route the beginning of which is from Manali. Even today, the highway serves to be a hyper-important role for transportation of raw material and necessary supplies in this region.

So this was the blog about Manali of Moustache Escapes. It is a true jewel hidden in the laps of the Himalayas both considerate and composed in nature, the town that nature has touched, and the residents who are unexpectedly friendly to the visitors, everything about this town is so unbelievable thus so exciting to be in and so rare to find. Special, rare and perfectly beautiful, come to witness how Manali shines! Book now at Moustache Manali!