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Winter Kashmir Backpacking Tour

Enjoy The Paradise With Kashmir Winter Tour

Travel by backpack to an awesome destination famed for its natural beauty all over the world. Immerse yourself in the soul-calming tranquil valleys surrounded by wise and majestic mountains. On the affordable Kashmir vacation package, travel through the winter splendor and summer paradise of Kashmir. Explore the hidden charms of the Paradise on Earth with Moustache’ s brand new Kashmir winter tour options.

Begin your Kashmir road trip after landing in Srinagar and meeting our team. Let’s start with our Budget Kashmir Winter Tour. Check into your accommodation, relax, and take a short walk around the city. Pay respect to the old Shankaracharya temple and learn about the numerous stories and legends associated with it. One local legend connects the temple to Jesus Christ’s entrance in India. Another stop on your trip that will present you with a panoramic view of the city is the Shankaracharya Shrine in Srinagar. The Backpackers winter tour package for Kashmir right off the bat, start with bountiful views at the temple. Spend some time soaking in the views and consume some of the local traditional tea of Kashmir outside the temple premises. After leaving the temple, you will have the option to explore the nearby markets. Although getting some good rest after your pre-arranged dinner is recommended for further activities on your Kashmir winter tour package.

The Perfect Kashmir Winter Tour Packages at cheapest price

The day after your Srinagar viewing tour, you’ll travel to Gulmarg, the flower-filled valley. Known around the world as the perfect playground from snow sports in winters. You now also have the perfect opportunity to spend the day doing thrilling and daring things at your own will. Skiing at Gulmarg is an easy way to get started on the snow. Are you still seeking for more? Get a chance to take a ride in the Gondola cable car or hike to Khilanmarg while organizing your own taxi or pony. After a delicious meal, proceed to Srinagar to check into your overnight lodging. And the most interesting part is that the adventure is not yet over for the cheapest tour packages for Kashmir.

After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, it’s time to take a scenic journey to Sonmarg, popularly known as The Golden Meadow of Kashmir. The valley turns golden from the pleasant hues of the sun hitting the grazing ground for the local herds of goats and sheeps. The Kashmir winter tour packages takes you through Kashmir’s beautiful landscape, including paddy fields and a tranquil river to Sonamarg. You may spend a leisurely day in Sonmarg exploring the Thajiwas Glacier by renting your own pony. After a fun day at Sonmarg, return to Srinagar for a delicious lunch before calling it a day.

Explore the ancient ruins and natural hot water springs at Pahalgam

Start your next day with a leisurely breakfast before being driven to Pahalgam. After the jaw dropping scenery from Srinagar to Pahalgam, reach your stay by the help of our guide. After settling into your Pahalgam lodging, you are free to spend the remainder of the day exploring on your own. Spend the day exploring the primitive remains of Avantipura and the Anantnag Sulpher Springs. If the timing serves right, you can get a chance to dip into the rejuvenating hot spring to kick all the tiredness away. Next up in Pahalgam, you may also ride your own pony 14 kilometers to Chandanwadi, the snow point, which gives stunning views of the valley. Conclude your day in Pahalgam returning to your Pahalgam stay for a nice supper and some relaxation for the evening.

Pause the Kashmir road trip to relish in romantic luxury in Srinagar

On the final day of your cheapest tour packages to Kashmir, bid farewell to Pahalgam and return to one of the best Srinagar tour packages available. When you arrive, you may stay on Kashmir’s beautiful houseboat. Enjoy the day at your leisure while seeing the lake from your floating hideaway. In the evening, take a Shikara ride around the Golden Lake, the Vegetable Gardens, the Floating Gardens, inner marketplaces like Meena Bazar, and canals. You won’t find such excursions in any of the Infinite Winter Kashmir tour let alone the Kashmir winter tour package for Backpackers and Groups.

Additionally, the backpackers holiday tour package for Kashmir brings you to see the Mughal Gardens, a prime example of Islamic design and encouragement of the arts. Let’s start with the Pari Mahal, often referred to as The Palace of Fairies, a seven-tiered park. Visit Chashme Shahi afterwards, then the renowned Shalimar Garden. As a sign of affection for his adored wife Nur Jahan, the Mughal Emperor Jahangir constructed the Shalimar Bagh Srinagar in 1619. The visit to the Mughal gardens is included in the vacation, however admission costs are not. Now when we say romantic luxury in Srinagar, we present the lovely couples out there with a special gift from our side. Spend a night with your loved one spending a romantic Kashmiri night having a special dinner experience over a lake before spending the night on the houseboat.                     

Discover the most romantic Kashmir travel package for couples!

Prepare to go after spending the entire day and night on the Kashmir houseboat. We hope you have kept every detail of your travel as part of your unforgettable memories of a fantastic vacation to Kashmir. The cheapest Kashmir vacation packages stop after you finish eating breakfast, packing your belongings, and getting a cab to the airport.

Kashmir has always been a wellspring of tremendous passion and longing due to its magnificent beauty. Everyone who arrives is captivated by the curving hills and beautiful valleys.

Our one-of-a-kind Budget Winter Tour and Trip Package for Kashmir combine the best Srinagar tour, Kashmir backpacking tour packages, and Kashmir Winter Tour for familes to produce the Kashmir group tour package. Come lose yourself in Kashmir’s vast pastures and gorgeous Mughal gardens while taking advantage of one of the best Kashmir winter packages for couples, which provides the greatest value for money.

Itinerary for the Budgert Kashmir Winter Tour Package

Day 1: Welcome to Srinagar

Meals included: DInner

  • Hello and greetings from our staff at Srinagar International Airport.
  • Allow yourself some time to unwind and have some beverages.
  • After checking into a hotel in Srinagar and relaxing for a while.
  • Shop for local tea and souvenirs at Srinagar’s markets.
  • Return to your hotel for supper and relaxation.

Day 2: Srinagar to Gulmarg tour

Meals included: Breakfast + DInner

  • Wake up to a mesmerizing morning for breakfast in your Srinagar hotel.
  • Prepare to travel to Gulmarg.
  • While exploring Gulmarg, stop at the Gondola ride site and have luncheon in the pastures.
  • After the Gulmarg sightseeing excursion, return to Srinagar.
  • Finish the day with tea and a nice meal at your hotel.

Day 3: Srinagar to Sonmarg Day trip

Meals included: Breakfast + DInner

  • After breakfast at your Srinagar hotel, prepare to go for Sonmarg’s Meadow of Gold.
  • Take a tranquil drive across rice fields and peaceful waterways while admiring the magnificent mountain scenery.
  • When in Sonmarg, see the must-see Thajiwas Glacier by renting a cab or horseback at your own leisure.
  • Return to Srinagar after completion. Have supper and then relax.

Day 4: Srinagar to Pahalgam

Meals included: Breakfast + DInner

  • When you wake up in the morning, it is freezing. As you prepare to depart for Pahalgam, savor your breakfast.
  • After lunch, continue your journey; as you gain altitude and the road ascends toward Pahalgam, the views will become more expansive.
  • Check into your hotel room in Pahalgam and take a brief meander through the local market.
  • Saffron plantations, Awantipura Remains, and Anantnag Sulphur Pools may be seen along the way.
  • Visit the Snow Point or enjoy pony riding at Chandanwadi (both at your own cost).
  • Before heading to bed, prepare a delicious meal on the property. Get some rest before embarking on a sightseeing trip to Srinagar.

Day 5: Pahalgam to Srinagar, Sightseeing tour of Srinagar

Meals included: Breakfast + DInner

  • It’s a frosty morning when you awaken. Enjoy your breakfast as you prepare to journey to Pahalgam.
  • After lunch, continue your drive; the panoramas will become larger as you mount the road approaching Pahalgam and gain elevation.
  • When you arrive in Pahalgam, settle into your hotel suite and then have a stroll through the nearby market.
  • Saffron plantations, the remains of Awantipura, and the Anantnag Thermal Pools may all be seen on the journey.
  • Visit Snowy Ridge at Chandanwadi, or go pony riding (both at your own cost).
  • Before going to bed, have a great lunch on the property. Rest up before your Pahalgam sightseeing tour.

Day 6: Conclusion of the Winter Kashmir Backpacking Tour

Meals included: Breakfast

  • Get up, have breakfast, and leave your accommodation in Srinagar.
  • Complete the Kashmir Holiday vacation package, then fly back home from Srinagar Airport.
  • Price Variants for the Budget holiday tour package for Kashmir:-
  • 16,999/- On Triple Sharing
  • 19,500/- On Double Sharing
  • 23,300/- On Single Sharing
Things to carry on the Kashmir Backpackers tour
  • Sporting footwear that is cozy.
  • For a vacation to Kashmir, hiking or trekking shoes are suggested.
  • Woolen apparel that is warm, such as warm hats and gloves.
  • Sweaters and jackets that are warm.
  • Prescription drugs that are necessary.
  • Windbreakers and sunglasses.
  • Extra socks, ideally made of wool.
  • For the journey to Kashmir, choose a neutral-colored outfit.
  • Carry smartphones and cameras at your own risk.
  • Towel and outfit change.

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