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Top 10 Places to Celebrate 2023 New Year in India

About Top 10 Places to Celebrate 2023 New Year in India

Places to celebrate new year – Wake me up when December ends…! December is that part of the year that brings in a series of panoramic memories of victories, excitement, adventure, and all of those emotions you wish to etch in your heart forever. At least there is one time in the entire year when you can detach yourself and dance to the madness and sing to the soar throats. For some celebrations are to snuggle in cozy with the closest and drink to life, and for others, it is to bring out the beast and party wildly.

Hey crazy people! Are you ready to go wild with us on this New Year’s eve 2023? Are you ready to leave who you tried to become and for once be who you are?

If yes, Moustache is back with a pack full of addictive freedom, electrifying parties, mercurial concerts, and tranquil evenings. We are excited to invite you to the biggest and the most thrilling New Year party of 2023!

Here is Moustache’s list of the best places to celebrate this year’s New Year Party :


Undoubtedly, Jaipur is one of the best places to celebrate the new year with a slight touch of aesthetics, royalty, and irresistible architecture. What better would it be than marking the year-end with an enthralling trip to the famous Nahargarh Fort, and Jal Mahal.

Not only famous for swiping streets and artistic architecture, but also for amazing jewelry and vibrant Rajasthani clothing, Jaipur takes you on a high road of all the things one can wish for the new year celebrations.


What better to celebrate the New Year in a city full of thriving people, pop music, and caressing snow? Manali is one of the most charming towns in the entire Himachal Pradesh and is just the perfect place to celebrate a cozy new year along with some crazy mountain parties. Go about exploring the Old and New Manali while dancing along with the bustling bonfire just beside the gushing Manalsu river.

This New Year, Manali is coming back with stupendous fun parties and bouncy concerts. It’s time for you to come out of your homes, and celebrate your hearts out!


Kasol is a cute little hamlet nestled in the Parvati valley just beside the sparkling Parvati river. For people who love to mark the end of a year with a quiet celebration, Kasol suits them best. Camping under the sky glittering with billions of stars and with just the right people is one of the best ways to greet the coming new year.

Kasol is one of the best escape you can find to spend a couple of evenings with the closest of people and enjoy the new year while camping and strolling on the adorable streets of the town.

Kasol New year party is celebrated in a much different manner than any other town in India. Not to ruin the surprises, but Kasol in the new year buzzes with insane travelers and escapers.


If there is a place in India where even in harsh winters you can sun kiss your skin and enchant your soul with a cool breeze touching your face, Goa is the only desire you can dream of. Far from the conventional idea of an Indian town, Goa is Las Vegas of the United States, Ibiza of Spain, Prague of Czech, and the iconic Amsterdam of the Netherlands. The only place where you can celebrate the weirdest and the most fun new year celebrations is in Goa. So this is one of the best Places to celebrate new year.

Goa new year’s party is as mad as a hatter and is famous across the world for its insane celebrations. It’s a massive collection of drenched drinking, crazy musical evenings, foggy smoking, and vibrant beaches.

Come join us for the best new year’s celebration in Goa!


If you are fed up with celebrating the new year in the same old weary places, let’s give you a spectacular place for offbeat new year celebrations. Pushkar is a beautiful traditional town in Rajasthan full of rich cultural heritage and astonishing 52 ghats.

How about celebrating the new year party in Pushkar while trekking the magnificent Aravalli hills in the middle of the brown desert and watching an incredible Rajasthani sunset? Pushkar is all about luscious food, super nice people, and interesting history. Celebrate this new year with some adorable Rajasthani people and bewitching music in the background. So this is also one of the best Places to celebrate new year.


The most deserted and the most lovely town in India – Jaisalmer is amazingly yellowish and perky in nature. Holding a deep rich heritage and appealing tehzeeb, you cannot find a better place to experience the fun of strolling across the mud-colored desert. New Year celebrations in Jaisalmer are more to do with extravagant food, clothing, and living up to the fullest.

The Golden City of India has much more to offer than just an exciting camel ride. The alluring galis, shining glasses of Havelis, and lovely Rajasthani songs being sung by the locals on every roadside will leave you surprised and blissful. Book your tickets for the Jaisalmer new year party today!


Udaipur’s name itself is enough to remind you of gorgeous evenings and ravishing food. It’s a city that makes you addicted to its stunning beauty and vibrant cafes. Perfect for those who want to celebrate their new year in an extravagant king style and mark it with splendid moments. Here are many more things to do.

Celebrate the new year party in Udaipur with some tranquil evening walks around the adorable Fateh Sagar or Lake Pichola.


If it’s the beaches you love to imprint your feet on and spend the night under the glittering sky but with a vacuum of sound or noise, Gokarna is the place for you. Also famously known as the opposite version of Goa in terms of happenings and excitement, Gokarna is a sweet town with magnificent beaches with pin-drop silence and utter satisfaction.

Are you someone who wants to camp just beside the sea and cook your own food? If yes, Gokarna is eager to welcome you!


Puducherry is the cooler version of Gokarna. It’s a town thrilling with beachside parties and electrifying concerts during the new year celebration. What makes it different from any other coastal city celebration is the artistic inclination. During the celebrations, along with parties and concerts, Puducherry also sees several other artists such as painters coming out to celebrate the moment in their own unique ways.

Puducherry is an ideal place to celebrate the new year if you wish to port yourself to the southern part of India.


Amongst all the hill stations, Nainital is one of the greenish towns in Uttarakhand. WIth sparkling Naini lake sitting quietly in the middle of the town and viridescent mountains surrounding it, Nainital is astonishingly appealing and attractive.

Nainital also has the most hospitable people and comforting landscapes. The town does not usually hold celebrations booming with hard rock music, but it does organize some really cool-sober parties for you to end the year with a lighter mood.

So this is the blog about Places to celebrate new year of Moustache Escapes. Time to make 2023 the most enthralling year of your life with spellbinding memories and thrifting parties. Write to us if you would love to be part of these beguiling celebrations.