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10 Reasons Why Himachal Pradesh is Indeed a Perfect Destination for Your Inner Wanderlust

About 10 Reasons Why Himachal Pradesh is Indeed a Perfect Destination for Your Inner Wanderlust

Himachal Pradesh tourism is renowned for its scenic beauty, which includes majestic snow-capped mountains, lush green forests, and gushing rivers and streams. Also known as the “Land of Snow,” himachal pradesh trip is one of the most popular dream trips for nature lovers, trekkers, and anyone looking for a quiet retreat in beautiful surroundings with nice weather. himachal tour plan attracts visitors from all over the world with its exotic natural beauty, which includes charming peaks and spell-bound landscapes. Himachal tourism is growing at a faster rate as a result of this, and it has become a haven in the northern part of India. Perfect for those looking for an exciting dose of adventure, a romantic getaway, or just a simple dose of relaxation. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most compelling reasons to travel to himachal. Presenting, top ten tourist attractions in himachal Pradesh turning it to be the Perfect Destination for your inner wanderlust.

1. Beautiful Temples & Secluded Monasteries

With a chest full of himachal treks, it is crowned as the “Abode of Gods.” With elegant Temples built with marvelous architecture, himachal pradesh trip is enriched with spiritual centers as well as magnificent natural beauty. A perfect place to seek divine blessings, in the pure fresh air and serene calmness.

The Baijnath temple in Kangra Valley, dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Shri Bhimakali temple in Sarahan, dedicated to Maa Bhimkali, the Kangra Valley’s Shree Vajreshwari temple, and many other magnificent temples draw visitors from all over the world for their divine strength and great architecture. The presence of Buddhist culture can also be observed while visiting tourist places in himachal Pradesh.

It also has many beautiful monasteries and gompas, such as the Main Monastery in Lahaul and Spiti, which is also a Buddhist Lamas’ training center, the Tabo monastery in the Spiti valley, and the Bon Monastery in Himachal Pradesh’s Solan district. It has interesting paintings depicting the beauty of himachal Pradesh in addition to the brilliant architecture.

2. Abundant Wildlife

The beauty of himachal Pradesh is incomplete without its vibrant wildlife. With several fascinating animal and bird species found in Himachal Pradesh, it becomes a true sanctuary for all nature lovers. Its majestic national parks and wildlife refuges species like musk deer, black bear, brown bear, leopards, and sambhars, among other species. Thick forests with lush green climate provide tourists with a fun experience. Trekking in Himachal is the best way to discover its wild side.

Take a glimpse of snow leopards and snow bears, found at the Himalayan wildlife zoo in Kufri, Shimla. Tibetan snow-cock, Himalayan snow-cock, blue magpie, Himalayan vulture, and other migratory and resident birds can also be seen alongside the beautiful places in himachal. And, if you are looking for the complete sense of it’s rich wildlife, then himachal tourism also takes a trip to the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, and Manali Sanctuary.

3. Local Fairs & Regional Festivals

Among other beautiful places in himachal, the Himachali fests are one of the himachal beauty that is celebrated with vigor and zeal. Himachal’s festivals are lively and enthusiastically celebrated. To fully appreciate himachal pradesh tourism, these festivals are the best way to introduce yourself to the Himachal’s rich cultural diversity. Baisakhi is a Hindu festival that takes place in April. One of the best things to do in himachal Pradesh during these festivals is to enjoy dancing with the locals, singing and savoring the mouth-watering dishes such as poltu and halwa.

Shivratri is another important Himachal Pradesh festival. During this festival, people worship Lord Shiva. During the festival night, people sit up together and sing songs in praise of Lord Shiva. Holi is celebrated with the same zeal and excitement as Dussehra. It is during these festivals and fairs when the himachal beauty is at its finest. And witnessing locals and children all dress up in bright clothes, having a good time is quite a view.

Delicious Himachal delicacies are sold at local stalls. People also participate in activities such

as archery and horseback riding. Durga fair, Minjar fair, Sui fair, and Renuka fair are some of Himachal Pradesh’s most famous fairs.

4. Himachali Food Culture

The himachal pradesh trip is incomplete without its delectable Pahari cuisine. A well-balanced combination of their cultures and customs, Himachali food is a must-try and one of the tourist attractions in himachal Pradesh. The food is typically rich and spicy, with generous quantities of cardamom, cinnamon, and other fresh spices, each with its distinct aroma. Rice, lentils, meat, broth, and vegetables make up the majority of their diet. Besides, they use a lot of yogurt and ghee in their cooking.

Some of the famous food of himachal pradesh include:


Chickpeas cooked in a yogurt sauce. A Himachali twist into the traditional style of curry making, also known as Chana Madra.


Mittha is a Himachal Pradesh sweet dish. It’s made with sweetened rice and a generous amount of raisins and dried fruits.


Also known as Himachali Kachori, Babru is the Himachali version of the popular deep-fried snack, originating from the Indian subcontinent. Stuffed with whole Urad dal or black gram, Babru is prepared by soaking dal overnight. Later, making the paste before stuffing the kachori and deep-frying them. The best way to have Babru is during breakfast. Also, don’t forget to travel

to himachal without giving a try to the steaming momos, vegetable noodles, Siddu, pizzas, and other Himachal cuisine available in all local hotels and restaurants.

5. A Perfect Shopper’s Stop & Souvenir Paradise

Pahari Shopping is an exceptional part of himachal tourism. The Himachal tour plan itinerary makes a shopper’s dream come true. It’s the ideal place to indulge in your favorite retail therapy. Almost all major shops in cities sell beautiful and artistic woolen shawls, carpets, handicrafts, Tibetan carpets and handicrafts, metalwork, woodwork, beautiful and elegant jewelry and bangles, and so on.

Apart from several places to visit in himachal Pradesh, shopping in Himachal will surely be one of the best experiences apart from the regular sightseeing, trips, and treks. Giving you a tough time during your himachal tour, choosing the best souvenir option as your return gift. And, among the list of things to do in himachal Pradesh, take a look at the renowned paintings while taking a himachal tour. The most famous of which is known as Thangkas. These paintings are created on cloth and feature various Buddha poses as well as Buddhist fairs and festivals. You may also go to Dalhousie’s Tibetan market to buy Kashmere handicrafts, traditional shawls, and various copper and silver Diyas.

6. Thrilling Activities

With places to visit in himachal Pradesh, there are plenty of adventures abound in the region. So if you are among those who enjoy taking chances and participating in physical sports, himachal tour plan has it all. While visiting tourist places in himachal Pradesh, the travel to himachal comes with some of the best treks in himachal. As trekking is one of the most popular adventurous activities, the region is full of trekking places in himachal. Trekking through the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges is a perfect way to see the natural beauty of the region. Trekking in himachal is the best way to witness the himachal beauty with rich landscapes and all the beautiful places in himachal.

Alongside several trekking places in himachal, Bir billing is the best place to go paragliding. Experiencing both excitement and the thrill of gliding into the open sky. Also, don’t forget to enjoy thrilling sports like river rafting, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, and swimming alongside other adventure sports while making your travel to himachal.

7. Road Trips & Biking Expeditions

Bike tours are one of the most exciting activities available apart from trekking in himachal Pradesh. The adventurous tracks, high passes, and rides through thick forests are the highlights of biking in the Himachal. Bike tours in Himachal are not limited to Himachal; they also include Spiti, Leh, Kinnaur, and other high-altitude passes that will send shivers down your spine.

With places to visit in himachal Pradesh, himachal tourism is the place for people who enjoy traveling on dangerous highways. It’s a roller coaster ride riding a motorcycle or mountain bike through Himachal’s rugged mountains. Sounds thrilling just like the himachal treks. When a person goes biking or cycling for the himachal pradesh trip, he or she may expect to see enchanting valleys, rugged paths, picturesque landscapes, and scenic mountains. Without a doubt, the roads of himachal tour plan will carry visitors on some of India’s most beautiful and challenging journeys.

Difficult terrains with scenic himachal beauty continue to entice motorbikers from all over the world. The Shimla-Manali-Leh route is the spiritual Mecca for all who are riding the Himachal tour. Tourists will fly to the world’s highest ‘motorable’ pass on this journey. Travel to himachal, while passing through these roads is a great way for adventure seekers to put their skills and stamina to the test.

8. Mesmerizing Hill Stations

Abundant with places to visit in himachal Pradesh, himachal pradesh tourism comes with a cluster of wonderful hill stations surrounded by incredible natural beauty. With some of the beautiful places in himachal to visit, with famous food of himachal Pradesh, your visit to this abode of god is a complete package with family and friends. With amazing tourist places in himachal Pradesh and the best treks in himachal, the region is also quite popular among the couples, as a popular honeymoon destination. And with the mesmerizing himachal beauty, we are sure you will fall in love. Once again. Take the beautiful town of Shimla. Nestled in the Himalayan foothills amid thick forests of pines and deodars, with snow-capped mountains, pure air, and charming grandeur. Alternatively, relax in the Kasauli, which is nestled in the Dhauladhar Ranges and surrounded by oak, pine, and chestnut forestry. All you can do at Kasauli is seclude yourself in one of the cozy cottages while watching clouds float across the sky and colorful birds chirp all around you.

Enjoy the pristine beauty of Chail, which is renowned for its Himalayan views, velvety green valleys, fruit-laden orchards, and sprawling lawns lined with pines and oaks. Because of its quiet

and serene surroundings, which include striking valleys surrounded by blankets of green, foothill air scented with burning pines, cooing streams, and the glistening Beas River splashing down the mountains, the enchanting beauty of the Manali hills will transport you to another world. Then there are Nainital’s scenic splendors, which delight everyone with their unspoiled natural beauty and soothing atmosphere.

Witness the stunning views in Ranikhet or the energizing views in Auli, both of which offer the thrills of skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. Apart from that, Himachal Pradesh brings you to Dalhousie and the Khajjiar Valley, which are both renowned for their natural beauty. With the list of beautiful places in himachal and its delightful hill stations, the blog might feel insufficient to cover them all. But with the Moustache Himachal trip package, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to relax in the mesmerizing beauty of himachal Pradesh.

9. High Altitude Trek Destination

The varied terrain and the immense beauty of the Himalayas is quite a famous tourist attractions in himachal Pradesh. And with the thrilling himachal treks and stupefying tourist places in himachal Pradesh, you will have a plenty of things to do in himachal Pradesh than just feeling your blood rush with breathtaking views.

Himachal Pradesh draws many visitors with its immaculate beauty in the Himalayas, offering an

exhilarating beauty of Himachal Pradesh. And, with unforgettable trekking places in himachal, every traveler is guaranteed something unique and exceptional reward from this Abode of God.

The daunting slopes of Himachal Pradesh, on the other hand, offers something always to remember to any vacationer seeking adventure. So bring your adventurous friends along and explore the best treks in himachal with exceptional tourist places in himachal Pradesh.

The captivating beauty of Himachal pradesh tourism can best be experienced by going on a trekking trip amid tall snowy peaks to beat the summer blues. Some of the popular trekking in himachal are Hampta Pass Trek, Beas Kund Trek, Chanderkhani Pass Trek, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Sar Pass trek, Buran Ghati Trek, Indrahar Pass Trek, and others. For more information regarding treks, tours and stays visit

10. Simple Lifestyle with Generous Hearts

Among several tourist attractions in himachal Pradesh and plenty of things to do in himachal Pradesh, Himachal is incomplete without its people.  Like the famous food of himachal Pradesh, the people of Himachal are also special. Generally characterized as plain, polite, and sweet, with a lot of love in their hearts. Like the physical beauty of numerous tourist attractions in himachal Pradesh , the people of Himachal are known for their hospitable, lovely, and compassionate nature. It’s a joy to connect with them and learn about their fascinating culture and way of life.

These locals are proud of their rich cultural heritage, which includes age-old customs and traditions. Around the same time, they have welcomed modern influences to keep up with the

times. Their zest for life is visible in their colorful costumes and lavish celebrations.

Himachal Pradesh is a land where various religions are practiced and different languages are spoken, indicating unity in diversity. The simplicity of Himachal Pradesh’s culture is its elegance. The Himachal Pradesh government has launched the ‘Har Gaav Ki Kahaani’ project to promote rural tourism in the state. Just to gain equal popularity as the himachal treks, for which the region is mainly known.

With India’s eighth largest state, Himachal Pradesh tourism offers the best treks in himachal with a once-in-a-lifetime experience to tourists across the world. Receiving heavy downpours of rain and snow every year, Himachal Pradesh is a lovely mix of spring and fall. Assuring, no matter at what time of the year you visit Himachal, you will be greeted with breathtaking scenery, calm and serene lakes, snow-capped mountains, and spectacular waterfalls. Its allure is enhanced by lush green forests brimming with a diverse array of flowers such as Lilies, Roses, Marigolds, Tulips, and other unusual wildflowers. A real earthly paradise that takes us closer to nature.

So this was a complete blog for Himachal Pradesh of Moustache Escapes. Hope you agree with our list, giving you enough reason to visit Himachal Pradesh with friend.

family or your better half. For more information regarding our packages, or trekking places in himachal, feel free to write us or make a booking at our website

Until then, keep reading, keep traveling!

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