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Foods above the clouds: 15 Traditional Pahadi Dishes You Must Treat Yourself With In Himachal Pradesh

About Foods above the clouds: 15 Traditional Pahadi Dishes You Must Treat Yourself With In Himachal Pradesh

Remember that trip you took to that snowy place in Himachal, where you discovered a tiny hut with the most delectable food in himachal pradesh and you couldn’t stop yourself from Instagramming it? We’re sure you’ve tried some himachali thali or so called himachal traditional food, but there’s a good chance you’ve missed out on a lot more. Here we will explore about the Traditional Pahadi Dishes.

So save these Pahari dishes for your next trip to these beautiful mountains, journeying through the cuisine of himachal pradesh.



Patande is a one-of-a-kind and authentic variant of pancakes. This traditional food of himachal pradesh, hails from the Himachali district of Sirmaur and is a delectable milk, flour, and sugar concoction. Enjoy the mouth-watering flavours of himachal food when Patande is still new in your mouth.

Gahat Ka Shorba

This traditional food of himachal pradesh is a delicious soup made with Himachal’s native Gahat grains, flavoured with garlic and heavy coriander. By the way, this pahadi food, or soup is really good and nutritious. Refresh yourself with a few sips of this delicious soup during your visit here. So it is also one of the best Traditional Pahadi Dishes.

Khatte Chane

Another famous food of himachal pradesh is the savoury and sour bowl of Khatte Chane. An integral part of food culture of himachal pradesh, Khatte chane is mostly served with the traditional himachali dham dishes. Spices, black chickpea, jaggery, and gramme flour are used to make this delicious cuisine. It has a perfect combination of sweet and sour flavours, as well as pungent mustard oil flavours.


When in Himachal, try a different kind of kachori, the Babru kachori. This mouthwatering cuisine of himachal pradesh is similar to the well-known poori, except that it is stuffed. The preparation of ths pahadi food involves flatbread, made from black gramme or urad dal that has been soaked overnight. Grounded into a coarse mixture, it is then stuffed into the kachoris, which are then deep fried. The crispy and delectable flavour can make you forget about traditional North Indian Kachoris. These dishes of himachal pradesh is generally served as a main course with tamarind sauce, Channa Madra, or Boondi Raita. So it is also one of the best Traditional Pahadi Dishes.

Siddu, The Local Bread

Moving onto the list of top himachal pradesh food items, are the local bread in Himachal. Not to be confused with Punjabi Bhatura (of famous Chole bhature), Bhaturu or Bhatooru are cooked by fermenting wheat flour. The wheat flour is kneaded and set aside for 4-5 hours to allow the yeast to work its magic. When the dough has doubled in size, it is placed over a direct flame to cook for half an hour. Finally, it is steamed to preserve the flavour and nutrients of the ingredients. This Himachali side dish is served with ghee and pairs well with mutton or vegetables as a main course. The taste is worth all of the effort, even though the preparation of theis pahadi cuisine is complex and time-consuming.


Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems

Bhey, or lotus stem, are some of the unique dishes of himachal pradesh. Bhey is made by slicing the lotus stem into thin slices and frying them in onions, garlic, ginger, and other spices, which can be found in almost every restaurant and local people’s homes. It’s a filling evening snack that also goes well with rice for lunch, giving you a great taste and experience.


Originated in the Chamba district, Madra has become the main food of himachal pradesh. Madra is a thick, yogurt-based gravy that is popular in Pahadi or Himachali cuisine. The nutritious himachal pradesh food recipes includes soaked chickpeas and vegetables, cooked in oil with cloves, cinnamon, cardamoms, cumin, coriander powder, and turmeric powder, among other spices and ingredients. When served, you can taste the enhanced flavour due to these fragrant spices. Madra lies deep into the food culture of himachal pradesh, and it is served with utmost love in almost every restaurant and at every festive occasion. So it is also one of the best Traditional Pahadi Dishes.

Himachali Dham

The himachali dham dishes is a popular feast served at local markets, weddings, and other special events. This traditional food of himachal pradesh is a fusion of several pahadi dishes such as- Dal, Rice, Madra, Kadi, Rajmah, Khatta, Badi, and Meetha, all served in one single platter. Catering great taste and a good dose of nutrients, this famous dish of himachal pradesh is distinguished by the fact that it is prepared by specialised chefs known as “botis.” During festivals in Himachal Pradesh, Manali and Chamba will delight you with this mouthwatering dish. So, never miss the opportunity to give this cuisine of himachal pradesh a try, if you’re ever invited to a Himachali wedding. Trust us, u don’t want to regret till your next trip.

Tudkiya Bhaat

Tudkiya Bhaat is the Himachali version of a khichdi, and it’s like anything else in the cuisine of himachal pradesh, flavorful and spicy. This traditional food of himachal pradesh is prepared with Indian spices, along with lentils, potatoes, yoghurt, as well as onion, tomatoes, garlic, cinnamon, and cardamom. All of which come together to produce a delicious flavour. The dish is eaten with a side of mashed dal and a twist of lime and is made with a mixture of vegetables, rice, and lentils. A perfect comfort food in himachal pradesh for the chilly mountain weather, this pahadi food  will make one’s feelings to have it over and over again. So it is also one of the best Traditional Pahadi Dishes.

MAIN COURSE : Non-Veg    

Kullu Trout

The himachal traditional food also promises a plethora of mouth-watering non-vegetarian dishes! One of the primal Kullu dishes of himachal pradesh, the trout is a must try food in himachal pradesh. These fish originate in the Kullu district, where they are plentiful. The fish is marinated and cooked with few spices to preserve the nutrients and flavour of the trout. It’s also served with a variety of vegetables, making it one of the healthiest himachal food.

Chha Gosht

Do you like eating lamb? A must-try special food of himachal pradesh, Chha Gosht is a himachal traditional food delicacy, made with marinated lamb that has been left out for hours to soften. Later, a rich gravy of gramme flour, yoghurt, and spices was added. When cooked with Indian spices like cardamom, red chilli powder, coriander powder, bay leaf, asafoetida, and ginger-garlic paste, the flavour of this dish is enhanced even more. The meat is so juicy that it melts in your mouth, making this a complete non-vegetarian delight. On your visit to Himachal Pradesh, make sure you won’t leave till you try this delectable food in himachal pradesh.

Mash Dal

Mash dal, also known as kali dal in Himachal Pradesh, is a black lentil-based Himachali specialty. The lentils are soaked overnight and steamed in a pressure cooker in this recipe. Finally, onions are shallow fried in a pan with garlic, ginger, and other spices before being added to the steamed lentils. So it is also one of the best Traditional Pahadi Dishes.

Pahadi Chicken

Pahadi Chicken is the next himachal food you can try on your tour. It’s a divine cuisine for non-vegetarians, and it’s made with a natural mix of cloves, coriander seeds, onions, cinnamon sticks, and fennel seeds. Pahadi chicken is served hot with butter naan, jeera rice, and pickled onions by the locals, and it is an excellent meal for all.

Finally, it’s time for something sweet!

Now moving on toward the end of the meal. It’s time for the Dessert Safari. The locals usually like to finish their food course with some sweets of himachal pradesh. Here are some of the Himachali sweet treats you can enjoy after the exquisite dishes of himachal pradesh.


To all the sweet tooths (to all non- sweet teeth as well), Mittha is a sweet delight cherished by every Himachali. It is usually served as a complimentary dessert after their meal. The dish is made entirely of rice, lentils, and various dried fruits. So, if you’re a fitness nut, you won’t be disappointed with this one. After the rice has been sweetened and boiled, various dry fruits and raisins are added. Every sweet tooth in the area will love the local desert, which will not disappoint you and can be enjoyed guilt-free.


Many of us have heard of the famous cheesecakes, but have you ever heard of Akotri?  A perfect competition to this international baked delicacy, Akotri is a type of local cake or pancake. As a local food in himachal pradesh (in the Northern Hills), the preparation of this himachal pradesh food recipes is done with buckwheat leaves, which is then cooked in wheat flour. This himachal pradesh food items is usually served during festivals in Himachal and is well-liked by the locals. Despite the fact that this dish is thought to have originated in the Spiti Valley, it is often prepared and enjoyed as the food in himachal pradesh. So it is also one of the best Traditional Pahadi Dishes.

Don’t forget to finish your meal with some complimentary treats. Give a try to Siddu, another traditional food of himachal pradesh. These traditional Himachali momos are stuffed and steamed just like the regular momos as we know of. But sure why leave the Tibetan Dumplings made with a variety of fillings such as chicken, pork, buffalo meat, and sometimes vegetables- eaten as steamed, pan-fried, or deep-fried. After momo, Thukpa – a spicy noodle soup – is the next best thing to try. The Tibetan influence in the state is also a factor. Finally, try Khoru, a thin buttermilk soup seasoned with spices and eaten with a sweet jaggery and sesame bun on occasion.

Every travel journey is impossible without sampling and munching on local cuisines. Where, the foods represent the culture and tastes of the people who live in that region. The food in himachal pradesh is a legacy that is passed down through generations and people after they hear it from their forefathers. So why create an unforgettable pahari trip, missing these pahadi dishes. You will have to visit a few stores to find these choices, but your efforts will be rewarded by the superior taste you get and retain!

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