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Village Tour Pushkar

Village Tour Pushkar – Pushkar which literary means ‘blue lotus flower’ is one of the oldest towns of India. Famous for its traditionality and heritage, Pushkar’s lineage comes from the cultures of Rajasthani villages. It’s a city full of colourful temples, ghats and astounding themed cafes. Pushkar is also famously known as ‘The Rose Garden of Rajasthan’ due to the history of flower farming. For someone who is visiting Rajasthan, must for sure explore the weary old streets of Pushkar and feel the essence of its spirituality.

But what good it is to be like a tourist, who comes and touches the superfluous gates of the city but doesn’t dive deep into its history and heritage. We believe cities just like us – humans have their soul. To feel the real spirit of an Indian city, you must discover the authenticity of its villages and its dwellers. Only then, you can step in the shoes of an Indian and feel how is to be a native to this incredible country. What we are today comes from what we were yesterday. It is important to unearth the past to understand the actualities of today.

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To help you to seep in the real colours of Pushkar, Moustache presents you the Pushkar village tour. How about riding in the countryside and spending your evening in a Rajasthan village? Wouldn’t it be fun to sit on floor mats, eat like a pure Rajasthani, share indigenous stories and finish the meal with a glass of chaach? Well, the village tour is all about this. Unlike any other village tours of Puskar, our tour will take you deep in the Pushkar villages and make you mingle with the families which have been living here for countless years.

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To tackle the scorching heat of Rajasthan, the Rajasthan village tour will start sharp at 4:30 PM. You must report at the designated time so that we reach our spot at a perfect time. The ride is of about 10 km long and because the route is not very smooth, we will ride through either scooty or bikes. One of the added advantages of two-wheelers is openness. Rural India is known for large open fields and lush green agricultural lands. The bike ride will help you to enjoy the open air and scenic views of our verdant agricultural fields.

To give you most out of this tour, we will choose a pure Rajasthani family who is going to be your host for the rest of the evening. By the time you will reach the house and settled down, sunset would be at its perfect timing. So, grab your hot cup of tea and find yourself an apt place to enjoy the tangerine sun drowning down in the ocean of brown sand. It is best if you do not miss the dusk, as villages of Rajasthan are also known for its beautiful serene dusk on the desert front.

The next part of the tour is the most exciting. After you have had a quiet time watching the serene sunset in the village, get ready to explore the myriad mechanisms of the villages, its dwellers, and of course animals. We don’t want to loosen your excitement by telling you all the spoilers here itself, but to make sure you remain excited about the tour, let us give you a little overview of the rest of the tour.

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The host family is going to take you around the village, make you meet their local friends and families, show you their agriculture lands and workplaces, and will introduce you all the aspects of a Rajasthani village. Can you feel the peace and tranquility already? But beware, you are going to be famous around the village!

The most awaited part of the entire village tour is the authentic dinner time with the host family and your fellow tourists. If you are also interested to know how they cook their food on earth stoves with coal and fire, do give a visit to their kitchen. The host family members are very friendly to the visitors, so if you get a chance to sit there in the kitchen and learn to cook some authentic Indian dishes, do NOT miss it!

Once the dinner is made and everything is ready, join us all at the common hall and sit on the floor mats to eat the tastiest Rajasthani food you ever had. Do not forget to hear our host family’s stories too, they are just incredible to know! Enjoy a delicious meal over a quiet time full of mysterious stories. Isn’t it so fun to do?

If you are planning an Ajmer – Pushkar tour package and want to book a Puskar city tour package too, do not forget Moustache offers that too! Come, join us on a tour full of authentic Rajasthani vibes and colours.


Start / Endpoint: Moustache Pushkar

Start Time: 5 pm

Distance: 20 km

  • You have the entire morning and early afternoon to yourself. The village tour of Pushkar is going to start at 4:30 PM, therefore you should report at Moustache Pushkar by 4:25 PM.
  • We will have a helmet for all of you while you are travelling over the two-wheelers. Enjoy a short scenic drive and observe the stark transition from the city to the village. The moment you enter the village, you will have several agricultural lands marking your way and moving with you side by side. Enjoy the cool ride till the village home.
  • Once you have reached the house where the family is going to host you, settle down with all your belongings. To refresh you, they will serve you a hot steaming Rajasthani tea. Explore the house and its various sphere. Every household has their livestock, especially camels.
  • By the time, you will finish exploring the house and the tea, the sun will be on the verge of drowning. Come out and enjoy the tangerine sunset with a peaceful environment. Unlike in bustling cities, villages are very quiet and tranquil. That’s the best part of living there.
  • After the sunset, your host family will take you around the village to make you met their friends and families. It’s nice to meet new people in the village. Almost all of them have their versions of a single story. Enjoy indulging with them and getting to know the mechanics of the village.
  • The best part is yet to come – Dinner time. While the dinner is being prepared, go visit their kitchen and understand how an earth stove works. If you are good at befriending people, you can convince your host family to sit there and learn the mechanisms of rural cooking too! It is wonderful to sit with them and get a feel of being a pure Rajasthani villager.
  • Devour the authentic Rajasthani dinner with infinite stories and fun. One thing is great about our friends in the village – that they have some of the most incredible stories to share. It’s always nice to put our ears to their lovely stories.
  • Here your tour ends. Enjoy a night drive back to our Moustache hostel. We thank you for trusting us and joining with us to the magnificent Puskar trip.

Things To Carry

1. Comfortable walking shoes

2. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

3. Personal toiletries

4. Hand Sanitizer

5. Extra face masks

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