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Camping in Udaipur

We understand that you might have never heard of camping in Udaipur. Well, Udaipur has always been a city of aesthetics, glittering lakes, and charming atmosphere. It’s difficult to relate this adorable city with the flavours of adventure and sports. But what if we say, Udaipur isn’t just about driving down to Lake Pichola or spending a gorgeous evening on the banks of Fateh Sagar.

Udaipur is also about splendid flavours of adventure and thrill. For a typical tourist, Udaipur’s essence is in the inner city, but for someone who understands the city’s spirit knows that the real spirit lies in the outskirts and in the mountains of the city. You don’t have to travel to Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh in order to enjoy the adventure activities, or experience what is trekking, rather Udaipur offers it all.

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Moustache presents you a rarest chance to go deeper into the spirit of Udaipur and seek out the adventure in the treks near Udaipur. Since ages no one has ever dared to unveil what has always been buried, no one has ever ventured out in the wild and slept a night deep in the camping in Alsigarh.

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The specialty of this amazing camping near Udaipur is the stunning place of Alsigarh. Studden with medium heightened mountains and a horse bend river in between, this place glows with verdant meadows and steep long trees. Adding more fun to the tour, we carry raw materials to cook food during the bonfire. You will have the opportunity to cook food along with your friends over an earthen pot. Isn’t it enthralling to trek amidst the Aravali hills and sleep in camps in Alsigarh?

Would you dare to go on a wildest of trekking in Udaipur and be bravest of all? Would you dare to unveil a secret side to this enchanting city and witness one of the most uncommon treks in Udaipur?

Moustache gives you an all exclusive opportunity to become its comrade and dare to explore the uncharted territory of outdoor activities in Udaipur.

One of the best things to do in Udaipur is camping. Camping in Udaipur is a totally cathartic experience since it has the bliss of the beautiful city and the peace and quiet of its environment. The trek will open your eye up to brand new vistas of the hidden gem that is Udaipur. It is usually always romance and pretty lakes that Udaipur is linked with. This is your opportunity to boast about seeing unexplored nooks and corners of Udaipur that not many people have seen or even known. The option of sleeping under the stars is given to you on this trip.

You can also opt to sleep calmly in the safety of the tents, but many people prefer to sleep under the stars since it is a very pure experience. Join us for the most exciting Treks in Udaipur. Make sure to ask the tour guide about the stories of Alsigarh. The beautiful lake in Alsigarh give you a feeling of tranquility and the green fields you’ll be camping in will provide you with an amazing ground to play games on a like frisbee. The many stories related to it will give you chills. The journey starts with a little trek up to the waterfall area of Alsigarh.

This is a seasonal waterfall that gets filled only after the monsoons. The later months in the year are a preferable time to camp here, especially when one goes to see the waterfall. The beautiful waterfall makes an excellent pond where you can go and try your swimming legs. Take a dip in the pond and move to the camping location. Your dinner for the night will be prepared right in front of you, so you can contribute a helping hand in the cooking process. The camping experience in Alsigarh is all-inclusive of all the wildlife activities, so get on board for camping in Udaipur!


Camping in Udaipur

Start Point: Moustache Udaipur

Meal Included: Evening Snacks – Dinner – Breakfast

Stay Type: Stay in tents or sleeping bags (Confirm this while booking)

  • Welcome to the city of Lakes, and the city of dawn – Udaipur. Our tour starts in the afternoon so you have the entire morning to go around by yourself. But by 2:30 pm, do not forget to report at Moustache Udaipur, so that we don’t get late to start the tour.
  • Before we start, you need to first inform us that will you be choosing camps to stay or sleeping bags under the open sky. We will first have a short briefing about all the nitty-gritty of the tour.
  • The tour starts with a short drive from Udaipur to Alsigarh. The drive can either be through a cab or scooty. While on the way, our guide will also tell you the enchanting history related to Alsigarh.
  • The Alsigarh landscape just amazing. You will have a series of mountains studden together and a river in between. Upon reaching, you will first have a short hike of about 20 minutes to reach the top and then will search a perfect place to camp for the night. This entire process takes quite a time and is equally exciting. It will be only by sunset, you will be able to settle down. Enjoy some time exploring the terrain with a cup of tea.
  • The best part of the tour is the evening time. We will have several group games to well up and savour the fun. Did you ever think that Udaipur too can be this much fun and adventurous?
  • Enjoy your evening with games and fun and then start the preparation of the dinner. To give the best experience of wild camping, we are going to cook the food together. Therefore, each one of us has to contribute in one or the other way.
  • Wouldn’t it be fun to learn how to make fire, collect raw materials and cook a meal in the middle of a deep forest? Indeed it will be!
  • As told, you must have put on your reservations of camps or sleeping bags as per your preference. It is about time. Sleeping under a clear starry night itself is an amazing experience. – After tiring to the soulful experience of trekking, camping and playing games, sleep a comfortable night.
  • Wake up as early as possible to witness the stunning sunrise in Alsigarh. We being at such a height, dawn can be seen clearly. We are going to have the same process for the breakfast too! Collect the raw materials, prepare the utensils and cook a tasty breakfast.
  • Post breakfast, let’s trek back to the parking point. Pick your rides and drive back to the Moustache Udaipur. Once reached, our trip comes to an end. Moustache sincerely thanks you for choosing us and giving us the opportunity to serve you well. We hope to see you super soon!

For further details regarding camp near Udaipur, Udaipur camping, and things to do in Udaipur, call us or write to us today!

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Things To Carry

  1. Comfortable Sports shoes
  2. Cap / Hat to keep the sun rays away from your face
  3. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication
  4. Personal toiletries
  5. Hand Sanitizer
  6. Extra face masks

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