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The Raw Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi Trek –

The raw Satpura gives you a complete experience of jungle trekking, riverside camping, campfire and barbeque dinner, and a walk with a naturalist. Panarpani retreat is located in a peaceful isolated area of the Satpura National Park.

Also known as Satpura Tiger Reserve Madhairiversi, it is densely covered with over 1300 species of plants which include trees of teak, tendu, Sal, mahua, and bamboos. The forest is a natural habitat of several untouched and unexplored waterfalls and lakes.

The specialty of our trek is that it offers you a chance to venture out in the wild and discover stunning sites of hidden waterfalls, breathtaking landscapes, and silent lakes.

Imagine getting lost in a forest and ending up finding a hidden lake. Wouldn’t you wish to take a refreshing dip amidst peace and nature? Apart from the trek, another special thing about the tour is the river side camping.

You pitch your camps just beside the river and spend the night under the stars. The night is accompanied by a smoky barbeque dinner (BBQ dinner party) and stargazing experience. The main highlight of the tour is the night full of games, songs, dance, and stories complemented by the river.

The last unique thing about the tour is a short walk with a naturalist. After a beautiful sunset, you walk through the dense forest and get to know various secrets about the forests. The naturalist tells you things about myriad kinds of fruits, trees, plants, and animals. This is the best way to get to know whatever you might have learned in books in actuality.

Wouldn’t it be nice to increase some knowledge along with fun and adventure?

Here comes a surprise for you. We have got 7 different treks to offer you. Each trek has its own perks, difficulty level, and unique experience to enjoy. It’s on you which one would you like to choose and relish.

Here’s a summary of all the treks we have for you: –

Sangam trek – Sangam Trek is a 10 km long moderately difficult trek that takes the dense forests of Satpura National Park. The route hovers through short mountains and open valleys offering a chance to enjoy a refreshing walk across crystal clear water streams.
Reechgarh + Asthachal + Dutches fall + Vijay Prapat + Hyfun valley – This is a 13 km long highly difficult trek that wanders through dry forests, rocky valleys, and some hidden historical junctions.
Panchmarhi hill – This is a 2 km long and a low difficulty trek that meanders through the lush green forest, water streams, and hikes over the Panchmarhi hill.
Tynum pool + Chota Mahadev + Jambu deep + Vrindavan + Jatashankar – This is a 6 km long and moderately difficult trek. It offers you a view of several breath-taking landscapes and hidden places of the Satpura National Park.
Phattarchata + Pency pool – This is a 10 km long but highly difficult trek.
Dropti deep rock painting + Sunder Kund – This is a 10 km long trek.
Apsara Vihar + Silver Fall – This is a 10 km long trek that takes you to an amazing hidden waterfall nestled deep in the forest.
Overall, this is a complete package of adventure and peace. Come, join us on this extravagant journey and make some memorable moments.

Also Explore the other Pachmarhi Tours like Night On Wheels – Pachmarhi, Pachmarhi Hills (Sunset Tour) Trek etc.

As you can see, nature has a lot to offer to you. Satpura’s dense jungles are homes to many wild animals and birds, even geological rock formations. Give the ranges of Satpura a visit and let it sweep you off your feet.


Day 1 : Trek and transfer to the camping site
Start/End Point: Gypsy Camp
Stay Type: Stay in tents on a sharing basis
Meal Included: Lunch – Dinner

The tour starts right from the morning. So, you must report by 9:30 in the morning at the retreat. Once reached, meet our guide and wave us a ‘Hi’.
You will first have a short briefing about all the nitty-gritty of the trek. Once done, hop in the car with your fellows and start the tour.
From the retreat, we will drive to the trekking start point. From there you will be handed over to the trek guide. Don’t worry, our trek guide is highly experienced and knowledgeable.
He will take you through the most untouched and hidden part of the Satpura forest. Enjoy your time unveiling several secret waterfalls and lakes.
This tour is meant to be relaxing, so take your time and keep having a short break wherever you wish to have. The trek is going to be for a few hours. Make full use of it.
After you have enjoyed most of it, trek back to the starting point, hop in the car, and ride back to the campsite.
We have a delicious lunch ready just for you.
We have special things scheduled for the night. You will have a smoky dinner and campfire with soothing background music.
This is the best time in the entire tour. You can enjoy playing games, dancing over songs, or sleep under the starry night.

Day 2: Jungle Walk
Meal Included: Breakfast

Good morning people. We hope you had a fun night yesterday. Wake up early today and go have a short walk around the campsite.
Time to say goodbye. We sincerely thank you for choosing us and giving us this opportunity to serve you well.

Things to Carry

1. Shirts / T-shirts, Jeans

2. Comfortable walking shoes

3. Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers

4. Water bottle

5. Cap / Hat to keep the strong sun away from your face

6. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

7. Personal toiletries

8. Hand Sanitizer & face masks

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