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Exploring the Queen of Satpura – Must try things to do in Pachmarhi

About Exploring the Queen of Satpura – Must try things to do in Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi, also known as Satpura Ki Rani (“Queen of Satpura”), is a hill station in Madhya Pradesh’s Hoshangabad district. Pachmarhi Hills, which is rich in flora and fauna, is located at a height of 1067 m in a valley of the Satpura Range. Satpura Mountain is also known for an excellent satpura jungle retreat. And, with some of the most important mythological and historical sites, pachmarhi mp is a popular tourist destination with a number of things to do in pachmarhi.

With an abundance of natural wonders, pachmarhi sightseeing is popular all year round.

Take a look at the Moustache list of pachmarhi attractions. A list of top 8 must try things to do in pachmarhi.


1. Jungle Treks in Pachmarhi

With a trip into the Satpura Range, you can go on a full-fledged jungle safari. This pachmarhi tour package will explore the wilderness of Satpura forest in its purest form, with activities such as jungle trekking, riverside camping, a campfire and barbeque dinner, and a walk with a naturalist. This trip to the Raw Pachmarhi is ideal for naturalists because it is rich in diverse flora and fauna. This trek provides you with a golden ticket to explore the wilderness, discovering breathtaking sites such as hidden waterfalls, breathtaking landscapes, and silent lakes. This is ideal for all nature lovers.

This pachmarhi trip, takes you to a smoky barbeque dinner (BBQ dinner party) and stargazing experience alongside the river, accompanied by naturalists. The trip will trail through dense forest and its secrets during the day and end with a night full of games, songs, dance, and stories across a sparkling riverside, complemented by the beautiful sunset at Pachmarhi.

Here is a list of the top 7 treks you can do while in Pachmarhi.

  • Sangam trek – Moderately difficult trek that journeys through the dense forests of Satpura National Park, hovering through short mountains and open valleys with a refreshing walk across crystal clear water streams.
  • Reechgarh + Asthachal + Dutches fall + Vijay Prapat + Hyfun valley – This is a 13 km long highly difficult trek that wanders through dry forests, rocky valleys, and some hidden historical junctions.
  • Panchmarhi hill – This is a 2 km long and a low difficulty trek that meanders through the lush green forest, water streams, and hikes over the Panchmarhi hill. 
  • Tynum pool + Chota Mahadev + Jambu deep + Vrindavan + Jatashankar – Short (6 km long) and moderately difficult trek, with a view of several breath-taking landscapes and hidden places of the Satpura National Park.
  • Phattarchata + Pency pool – This is a 10 km long but highly difficult trek.
  • Dropti deep rock painting + Sunder Kund – This is a 10 km long trek.
  • Apsara Vihar + silver fall – This is a 10 km long trek that takes you to an amazing hidden waterfall nestled deep in the forest.

Overall, this is an all-inclusive package of adventure and tranquillity.

3. Camping in the woods

Satpura National Park, also known as Satpura Tiger Reserve, is located in Madhai and encompasses a large area of dense forest. The region is abundant in flora and fauna, with trees such as teak, Sal, maple, and other rare species. Located at the foothills of Pachmarhi hill station, this is also a popular destination for riverside camping, trekking, and hiking. The Gypsy Camps package includes a fantastic vacation with complete freedom and leisure. The package is designed in such a way that you have enough time to explore the wilderness and spend time alone.

The Gypsy Camps, which are accompanied by a naturalist and a few adventurous activities every day, are a complete package that offers you a balance of leisure and adventure. Examine the activities that are included in the Gypsy Camps package. So it is also one of the best things to do in pachmarhi.

Riverside Camping and Barbeque Dinner:

The highlight of this tour is the riverside camping, which has an extremely thrilling and adventurous campsite. Camping beside the silent waters provides a refreshing atmosphere and pleasant weather, and you can venture outside to explore the nearby trails while playing games, listening to music, and dancing to the crazy beats.

Barbecue dinner:

Barbecue dinner is icing on the cake. Have you ever wished to barbeque food alone in the middle of nowhere and savour the smoky flavour? This is, after all, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The barbeque dinner is accompanied by interesting stories.

A Jungle Walk with a Naturalist:

What better way to cap off the trip than with a stroll through the woods with a naturalist? You will not only learn a lot about the forests, but also about birds and wildlife. If you’re lucky and the weather holds out, you might be able to spot some of the world’s rarest birds.

4. Sunset Tour at Pachmarhi Hills

Pachmarhi has a distinct charm that has yet to be discovered. We’ll be exploring the scenic hills of Pachmarhi and witnessing the breathtaking sunset, which instilled a sense of calm and peace within us. The 2-kilometer hike takes you through dense, unexplored forest to a hilltop where you can see the sun setting into the horizon. The hike’s starting point must be reached by 4:30 PM. 

It is critical that we pay close attention to the instructions given by the Naturalist who will be accompanying us. All of our Naturalists have received extensive training and certification in the knowledge of the flora and fauna you will encounter along the way. We begin our journey through the lush forests of Pachmarhi. We’re making our way to the sunset point slowly and steadily. We arrive at our destination, the sunset point, after about an hour of walking. As the sun sets into the beautiful hills, the entire sky transforms into an orange oil painting. At this point, we serve you delicious snacks and tea, because a good sunset goes hand in hand, right? When the sun sets, it is time to return to the starting point through the same forests. The hike comes to an end as the sunset warms your heart. So it is also one of the best things to do in pachmarhi.

5. Night Camps at Riverside

How about staying in car rooftop tents in the middle of the Jungle?

The Night on Wheels package is a well-balanced mix of adventure and relaxation. This pachmarhi camping takes you on a rollercoaster of multiple experiences, including the thrills of riverside camping and the fun of stargazing.

Experience an unforgettable riverside camping trip beside a gushing river, marvel at the twinkling sky, and learn the secrets of such dense forests. Spend your time relaxing with your legs in the cool stream. Meanwhile, one of the most breathtaking experiences you can have with the Nights on Wheel trip is witnessing the most refreshing sunrise from the campsite.

Have a fantastic time participating in a variety of campfire activities such as Antrakshari or Truth or Dare. Later, savour the sensation of delectable smoked food. Then, before going to bed, gaze up at the sparkling navy-blue sky. Finally, take a guided jungle walk through Satpura National Park in the Satpura ranges with our naturalist. The forest trail is described as a huge forest area vaulting full of amazing hidden waterfalls, lakes, and facts. And, if time allows and the waterfall is safe, don’t forget to take a refreshing dip in the water!

6. Duchess Falls Trek, Pachmarhi

The Duchess Falls Trek begins in Pachmarhi, our common meeting point and a popular tourist village in Madhya Pradesh. Following that, at 8 a.m., our certified naturalist will give us a briefing at the starting point. So it is also one of the best things to do in pachmarhi.

The trail starts in the densely forested areas of Pachmarhi. You will be astounded by the variety of new tree and animal species found in this lush, flora-and-fauna-rich environment. It’s great that you’re hiking with a naturalist who can answer your questions about the ecosystem and the organisms that live in it. Continue on to a small pond with unusual rock formations you’ve never seen before. It is not recommended to go for a swim in it. As the falls have their own pool, you are welcome to jump in. Finally, once you’ve arrived at the spot, treat your eyes to a beautiful view of the Duchess Waterfall merging gracefully with the small pond at the bottom.

The journey to the fall is filled with several exciting elements, thanks to the mediaeval painting by early humans. Enjoy a trip to one of these beautiful waterfalls for INR100* for a round-trip journey. It includes a comfortable stay at Moustache’s cottage or tent. The Duchess Fall Trek allows you to explore the diversity of Pachmarhi.

7. Satpura Jungle Picnic

Satpura jungle picnic package allows you to see the best of Pachmarhi or Panarpani. Satpura National Park, also known as Satpura Tiger Reserve, is a popular destination for a variety of adventurous activities and natural wonders. It is located at the foothills of Pachmarhi hill station.

Satpura forest range, surrounded by dense forests, provides an ideal opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some thrilling time alone with your friends or family. You can enjoy a peaceful jungle picnic in the afternoon or evening, as there are two major slots available. Both have advantages. The afternoon appears to be more lively, pleasant, and sunny, whereas the evening appears to be cooler but more relaxing.

Enjoy a quiet afternoon or evening in the middle of dense forest beside the silent river with a delicious smoky barbeque lunch/dinner on the Moustache Picnic trip. And, if you’ve got some crazy friends, there’s nothing else you need to make the most of this jungle picnic.

8. Riverside Camping

If you want to spend your vacation with complete freedom and leisure, the Satpura Jungle retreat package is for you. The package is designed in such a way that you have enough time to explore the wilderness. And, with riverside camping as the tour’s highlight, you can spend some time exploring the beauty of the Satpura forest range. So it is also one of the best things to do in pachmarhi.

Here’s what this package has in store for you, accompanied by a certified naturalist:

Camping along the river with a barbeque dinner: Enjoy a riverside camping adventure followed by a barbeque dinner. Immerse yourself in the beauty of a calming river and a refreshing environment with pleasant weather. Because you are not part of the city crowd, you can relax by exploring nearby trails or simply fooling around with your friends or group. By the end of the day, reward yourself with smoky cuisine.

A guided hike through the woods: After a fantastic camping experience, what could be better than venturing into the woods for a nature walk led by our naturalist? Learn more about the natural beauty of this forest range, which is home to an endless variety of birds and wildlife. If you’re lucky and the weather holds out, you might be able to spot some of the world’s rarest birds.

9. Forsyth Trail

How would you like to hike on a trail that was discovered over a century ago but has only been walked on by a few people? The Forsyth trail refers to the expedition led by Captain James Forsyth 150 years ago that led to the discovery of a plateau where today sits the town of Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh’s highest point. The 4 day/3 night deep excursion into Madhya Pradesh’s unexplored rainforest forests as you embark on your Pachmarhi trekking.

Pagara’s Moustache Gypsy Camp serves as the starting point for the journey. A magnificent view of the world’s second oldest mountain ranges can be had from this vantage point. The forest trail will take you through dense forests densely forested with wildlife and greenery. Some of the most exotic, rare, and endangered animals and birds can be found here. So consider yourself fortunate if you come across one.

Finally, the trek will take you to some of Denwa River’s hidden beaches and waterfalls. Once at the bottom of the ocean, the area has some noticeable and unique marble and stone arrangements. This is truly fascinating!

The pachmarhi package includes an amazing riverside camping experience, as well as several adventurous activities, with several forest safaris. With our pachmarhi tour,  we guarantee you will have one of the best jungle trip experiences. Also, don’t forget to enjoy a camping trip in a jeep. Isn’t it amazing?

Enjoy a fun night with barbeque and a bonfire at a riverside campsite, or take in the natural beauty of the Satpura Range while watching the sunset. You have complete control over the situation. So, go out into the Satpura Range woods and explore Pachmarhi with Moustache. Contact us at for bookings and inquiries.

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