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Sangam Trek, Pachmarhi

What if we told you that you could live your “Into the Wild” moment in Pachmarhi hill station? Sure you’d get river streams, waterfalls, and gorgeous view points at many other places but Pachmarhi National Park offers a true jungle experience into the depths of its forests off the tourist trails. Unique landscapes and wildlife species come as a part and parcel too on this Pachmarhi trip. If this sounds like a perfect adventurous nature getaway for you, let’s take you along on the Sangam trek in the Pachmarhi hill station in MP / Satpura forest, Pachmarhi Trek / Trekking. Are you ready to explore Pachmarhi tourist places? Let’s go!

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Pachmarhi is a hill station in Madhya Pradesh and is often termed as ‘Satpura Ki Rani’ or ‘Queen of the Satpura’. Pachmarhi district is Hoshangabad district, situated some 200 kilometers from the state capital- Bhopal. From Pachmarhi sightseeing to jungle safari and car camping by the riverside, there are so many things to do in Pachmarhi. It’s a nature lover’s paradise, and Moustache Escapes’ tours will make sure you come back wanting to experience more of Pachmarhi MP.

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With this Sangam trek Pachmarhi tour package with Moustache Escapes, we start the Pachmarhi trek early in the morning at 8 a.m. With dew under your feet and the mountain mist creating magic around you, we’d take you into the dense forests of Pachmarhi hills, a world so far away from any city noises. You’d be hiking through the forests in Pachmarhi location which was discovered by British Captain James Forsyth in 1857 (It is now the famous Forsyth trail). But the deep forests would soon open up into deep ravines and strange rock formations, which further adds to the mystery of Pachmarhi place, making you wonder – what is this place really?

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One of the best parts about this Pachmarhi honeymoon package is the assistance of a naturalist on the hike. Yes, you’d be accompanied by a naturalist on this Pachmarhi package who would introduce you to the indigenous plants and animals in the Pachmarhi Tiger reserve. The unnamed ferns, the rare orchids, the abundance of mahua and sal – the naturalist would talk about all these and MP tourism Pachmarhi while doing the Sangam trek.

If you’re coming to Pachmarhi from Indore with your family, it will also be a great learning experience for the kids as they’d get to know a lot about Mama Earth while enjoying the entire. The nearest station to Pachmarhi is Pipariya station, so if you’re coming by trains you can make your plans accordingly.

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As you make your way through the untouched beauty of Pachmarhi road, you’d also come across various caves with streams flowing through them. Did you know that the name Pachmarhi comes from ‘Panch’ meaning five and ‘marhi’ meaning caves? And the most famous caves of Pachmarhi tourism are the legendary Pandava caves. Not to forget, you’d also come across a hidden Pachmarhi waterfall or two on your way. Waterfalls are among the most popular Pachmarhi visiting places and rightly so! Most of them are reachable only through jungle treks and what better way to freshen up than take a dip in the natural pools below these waterfalls?

Then, once you reach the Sangam, you can relax near the confluence of the river streams. You can open your packed lunch box and enjoy a jungle picnic with the best Pachmarhi view of the rivers. With the gorgeous scenery around you, it would feel like time has come to a stand still, but sadly, we’d have to head back. But wait, feels like the trip is ending too early? Then, head out to Pachmarhi MP tourism resort to spend a night in the wild in Moustache’s luxury camps. If you plan to visit the Pachmarhi famous places from our Gypsy camps, we’d be happy to make each of the arrangements at a nominal price.

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So, Pachmarhi is calling you with its open arms and the Pachmarhi trip cost for this sangam trek is very budget friendly too! What are you waiting for? Book this offbeat trek with Moustache Escapes now!


Sangam Trek

Start/End Point: Pachmarhi

Start/End Time: 8 am to 4:30 pm

Trek: 6.5 km

Drive: 6 km

  • Meet your Guide at Pachmarhi, get briefed about the plan, and start a drive of 6km to trek starting point.
  • Start your guided trek to Sangam with a naturalist, pass through the river streams, and making memories.
  • Take halts near the water caves and have your packed lunch, enjoy the vibe of the rainforest.
  • There are many stories attached to the forest which you can discuss with the naturalist, Post reaching Sangam point take a refreshing halt and start to head back.
  • While returning back, enjoy fresh Juice which will instantly energize you and drive back to Pachmarhi
  • Reach the endpoint and end this adventurous day hike.

Note – If you are staying at Moustache Gypsy Camps, can take transport to and from Pachmarhi at an additional cost of INR 100/-

Things To Carry

1. Comfortable walking shoes

2. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

3. Hand Sanitizer & Extra face masks

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