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The Only Therapy You Need is Adventure Activities in Pachmarhi

About The Only Therapy You Need is Adventure Activities in Pachmarhi

If the wilderness fascinates you and you’ve always dreamt about camping in jungle, then let us tell you about Pachmarhi camp! Nestled amidst the hills of Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi or the “Queen of Satpura” is a lush green gem of MP tourism. It is located in the Hoshangabad district around 200 kilometres from Bhopal, the state capital. Here we will explore the Adventure Activities in Pachmarhi.

This beautiful hill station Pachmarhi is home to many unique landscapes, ancient caves, gorgeous waterfalls, rivers, and of course forests and wildlife. Its raw and untouched beauty is what makes Pachmarhi so special! To make it even more special, Moustache Escapes has several Pachmarhi camping tours for adventure seekers like you! Read on to know about the top things to do in Pachmarhi for a thrilling getaway.

Watch Magical Sunsets

One of the highlights of the destination is sunset treks through its deep ravines and thick forests. Join Moustache Escapes on this 2km sunset trek, accompanied by a certified naturalist. As you hike through the deep jungles of Satpura National Park, the naturalist would show you the indigenous plants of the area. A perfect way to introduce your little ones to the mamma earth, if you are camping with your family. At the end of the trek, you’d reach the final sunset point to watch the sky in various shades of pink and orange hues.

Fun fact: Did you know Pachmarhi once used to be submerged underwater for many years? It is due to this reason you’d find geological rocks of strange shapes and colors during your camping in Pachmarhi.

Offbeat Campsite By The River

Sunset watching is good but there are much better things waiting for you at Pachmarhi. Starting with a jungle visit clubbed with a riverside camping experience at night. Add a barbecue dinner to that too. Sounds all dreamy to be happening in the middle of the forest. But Moustache Escape’s Gypsy tent package offers all that and so much more!

Our Night on Wheels offers camping right in the middle of the peaceful forests of Pachmarhi. You’ll find a blend of adventures and tranquillity with our forest stays, the memories of which you’ll cherish forever. As one of the best Pachmarhi resorts, Moustache Panarpani Retreat also gives you the experience of car camping. Plus, if you’re staying at our gypsy camps, we’d be happy to make transportation arrangements for you till the starting point of all our Pachmarhi treks at just INR 100.

Trek Through The Jungle

Trekking in Pachmarhi is favorite that among travelers looking for offbeat experiences. The rugged Satpura mountains of central India give rise to streams of water tumbling down the mountain slopes. So, if you are a waterfall chaser, you’d find so many things to do in Madhya Pradesh like the Silver Falls trek which takes you to numerous hidden waterfalls. The most magnificent of all is the Silver waterfall, a 110 m tall fall that plunges into a pool where you go for a swim. So it is also one of the Adventure Activities in Pachmarhi.

You could also go on the Duchess Fall trek which takes to the beautiful Astachal Viewpoint. There’s a plethora of flora and fauna along the trek which would be a treat to your eyes! You’d climb hills and freshen up at the water bodies after all the exhaustion. Give me a high five if you too wanted to swim in a pool surrounded by nature!

Stay In A Floating Tent In Pachmarhi

You must have already gone camping and stayed in a tent but have you ever stayed in a hanging tent? For the first time in central India, Moustache Escapes also brings to you a unique camping experience in a hanging tent! Camping in Pachmarhi just got better, you guys!

The hammock tents are tied to the barks of trees right above the gurgling river streams. A new definition to staying in a tree house we say! Along with a bonfire and barbecue, there will also be team-building activities like building your own tent, treasure hunts, etc. Have an adventurous night in the jungle, because, well, who knows what’s going to walk under your tent at night or crawl up beside you! 😉

But instead, if you’re looking for the best hotel in Pachmarhi to relax in luxury after a day of adventure, we have something for you too. Enjoy a unique jungle experience in Moustache Panarpani Retreat, that too in luxury! This jungle stay would give you a relaxing holiday in the lap of mother nature, just like how you must have imagined your Satpura jungle retreat to be.

Explore Historic Caves

A walk through the deep ravines of the Satpura National Park will introduce you to various fascinating rock structures. Through the bushes and dense forests on our treks, you’d witness numerous. Yes, you could even go caving here, you know? (Not for the faint-hearted ones!). So it is also one of the Adventure Activities in Pachmarhi.

The most prominent among the caves found in this region are the Pandava caves of Mahabharata origin. These are five ancient caves built on a small hill which render the place its name – Pachmarhi (Panch meaning five +Marhi meaning caves). There’s the Draupadi Kothari – the cleanest and airiest cave and the Bhima Kothari – the darkest cave among the five. If you are a fan of mythology, you must check out these caves of mythological significance.

Learn About The History of Pachmarhi

Did you know that Pachmarhi was actually discovered by a British officer named James Forsyth? The dense forests had been used by soldiers as travel trails back during the British Raj. If you have a fascination for history, you should not miss this experience of trekking in Pachmarhi on the Forsyth Trail trek. Because what better way to learn the history of the place than walking on the historic trail yourself?

The journey begins in Moustache Gypsy Camp, Pagara, a Pachmarhi camp experience which you’d love, we promise! Abundant forests, water bodies, and unique marble and sandstone rock structures on this trek make it quite adventurous and beautiful at the same time.

Go On A Jungle Safari

When in Pachmarhi, you absolutely cannot miss out on a jungle safari in the Satpura Tiger Reserve Madhai. Pachmarhi jungle safari is also one of the must-do things in Madhya Pradesh. Now let me tell you that the forests we’d be taking you to are home to tigers, bison, leopards, sloth bears, etc.! Bring along your kids as they’ll love watching the animals from their science books come alive in front of their eyes. Just see the excitement in their eyes when they’d see the wild animals. So it is also one of the Adventure Activities in Pachmarhi.

For a true jungle experience, ditch the hotels in Pachmarhi for riverside lunches and night camping in the wild! And what’s more thrilling, you ask? Moustache Escapes’ Night’ on Wheel’s night safari experience! Your children can stargaze and sleep under the starry sky. Our guides also carry a power telescope to take y’all closer to the stars. Dreamy much? Indeed it is! Enjoy the wilderness with this overnight trip but be wary of what creature you might end up encountering in the depths of the jungle in the middle of the night! 😜

And how about adding a jungle picnic with a smoky barbecue for lunch/dinner to that? Spend a lazy afternoon soaking in the quiet beauty of the lush surroundings or sit by the bonfire and listen to the howls of wild animals in the evening. Which one would you prefer?

So this was the complete blog about Adventure Activities in Pachmarhi of Moustache Escapes. Truth be told, there are so many things to do in Pachmarhi that we could never get enough of this beautiful hill station in Madhya Pradesh! And to help you discover the magic, we are welcoming you to our forest stays and tree tents! Make memories with bonfires, lush views, and heart-throbbing adventures with Moustache Escapes! Are you ready to go into the wild? Reach out to us @moustachescapes or contact us regarding any travel query.