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Go Wild for a while with these Top 9 Treks in the Pachmarhi MP

About Go Wild for a while with these Top 9 Treks in the Pachmarhi MP

Pachmarhi MP is nestled between the steep Satpura hills in central India. Being Madhya Pradesh’s most scenic hill station, it is located roughly 200 kilometers from the capital city of Bhopal in the Hoshangabad district. Also known as ‘Satpura Ki Rani’ or ‘Queen of the Satpura.’

Soaring hills, tumbling ravines, and ancient monoliths characterize the environment of Pachmarhi Trekking. Streams cascade down the steep slopes of the mountain at every possible site, creating cascading waterfalls. Aside from its natural beauty, the area is well-known for its exhilarating adventure activities. Check it out!

The engulfing natural beauty of Satpura Forest is best experienced on foot. Check out these Pachmarhi Trek Packages that lead to various Pachmarhi waterfalls and vantage points with panoramic views.

Sangam Trek

Sangam Trek is a 6 KM trek of moderate difficulty and begins with a descent into a steep and deep valley. Apart from the natural jungle beauty, you get to witness the confluence of 3 water streams and enjoy swimming in the deep pools of crystal clear water. The point where the 3 streams meet gives you typical rainforest feels with roots hanging from the trees and the forest becoming thicker with different vegetation.

Silver Falls Trek

Silver Fall Pachmarhi is an 8 KM trek of high difficulty that offers stunning views of the famous Rajat Prapat or Silver Falls, a 110 m waterfall converging into a pool where you can enjoy diving. Reach the railing viewpoint to view the silver thread-like water, falling against the green backdrop of the forest. Hike to reach the bottom pool at the foot of the waterfall. The perfect spot to relax and refresh yourself after the hike.

Duchess Fall Trek

Starting from the Reechgarh Caves with rock shelters, the Duchess Fall Trek is a 7 KM trek of medium difficulty. We trek from the rock shelters of Reechgarh to arrive at the Astachal Viewpoint and then trek down into the valley to reach the Duchess Fall. The waterfall forms a small pool at the bottom that remains cool throughout the year. Feel fresh after taking a dip in the natural pool once you reach there.

Chota Mahadev Trek

Twynam Pool trek is a high-difficulty trek spanning over 10 KM that passes through a myriad of sights and places, like deep valleys, cave temples, Madhya Pradesh’s pilgrim sites, and water streams. You can either choose to cross the water stream or the thread-like path on their sides and arrive at Jambudweep, which offers rainforest feels and is a plain grassland. The starting point of this trek is the foot of Pachmarhi MP Hill, from where we arrive at Twynam Pool – a natural swimming pool drawing its waters from a natural water stream.

The next stop is Chhota Mahadeo, a famous pilgrim spot. The next spot is Jambudweep, famous for tiger and herbivores’ spotting, and the trek ends at the Jatashankar Temple – a cave temple. Trek includes lunch and high tea. As it is a circuit, you can return from any point, if you get tired.

Vijay Prapat Trek

Vijay Prapat Trek is a 10 KM trek and is one of the hidden gems of the Satpura forests. It is located in such a dense forest that even sunlight cannot penetrate, which keeps the water cool throughout the year. The hike to Vijay Prapat, journeys on the rugged and difficult jungle route, making it one of the most unexplored waterfalls of Satpuras. Besides, you will be trekking towards the Hyphen Valley. The home to ancient rock painting and rock shelters and the core zone of the Satpura Tiger Reserve, the actual tiger habitat.

Pency Pool Trek

The Patharchatta Pency Pool Trek is a high-difficulty, trekking circuit that introduces you to the different landforms of the Satpura region. This 11 KM trek route has everything including Valleys, mountains, hills, streams, forests, and water bodies. It starts with a descent into the steep valley to reach Patharchatta Point. It is surrounded by 100 m high mountainsides and separated by a narrow water stream. Thus, you can either trek via the water stream or walk along the narrow rock walls forming the ribbon path along the stream.

The waters here are the natural habitat for a range of animals, but fish and crabs are the main fauna. After crossing the valley, we reach Pency Pool, which is the last point of one side of the trek. After having lunch and refreshments, we start the uphill journey back to the starting point.

Pachmarhi Hill Trek

Pachmarhi hill is an amazing sundowner experience that comes with a 2 KM trekking route and offers stunning vistas of the entire Satpura Range. Witness the scenic splendor of the Satpura forests from the Pachmarhi hilltop and soak in the natural beauty. It also offers fantastic views of Dhoopgarh, the highest peak of Madhya Pradesh, and a vivid view of the city bustling under the mountain. Bring some refreshments to enjoy the hilltop view.

Nadigargh Trek

The Nandigarh Trek starts with a descent from the Bada Mahadev Temple hill and passes from the Nadia village. A deep and thick forest of Teak and Sal trees and the buffer zone of the Satpura Tiger Reserve. Once the downhill journey is over, you will climb the Nandigarh Hill, while travelling via the serpentine paths, to reach the tabletop mountain. Walk on a completely straight Iron ladder, arriving at the endpoint of one side of the trek- Nandi Temple.

Tracing the same route on the return, this 15 KM trek circuit is a high difficulty trek. On Shivratri and Nagpanchmi, people from the Vidarbha region visit Bada Mahadeo Temple, Chhota Mahadeo Temple, Nandigarh, Chauragarh, and Nagdwari in lakhs, and the route becomes busy.

Chauragarh Trek

Chauragarh Trek is a 6 KM trek of medium difficulty that starts from the Bada Mahadev Temple. Comprising 1352 stairs that you climb, it is a popular trek and is best enjoyed by everyone during the rainy season. The temple courtyard has hundreds of colorful Trishuls as an offering to Lord Shiva that forms a mesmerizing sight for all visitors. Offering stunning views of the Satpura mountains, you get to visit the temple on the hilltop, and visit many villages on your way, such as Nadia Village, Tamia City, Kajri Village.

Pachmarhi is the most visited destination in Madhya Pradesh. A picturesque hill station surrounded by lush greenery and cooled by a gentle breeze. And, with one of the richest and exotic biodiversity, this hill station is waiting to calm your senses.

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