You are currently viewing Moustache’s List of Luxury Stays – An Affordable Luxury

Moustache’s List of Luxury Stays – An Affordable Luxury

Gone are the times when luxury used to be associated with being “rich” or having lots of money. In Luxury stays, Luxury is a concept dedicated to providing travellers with quality experiences without digging deep in their wallets.

We present to you Moustache properties that will give you the luxury vibes while in budget. No more holes in your pocket, we promise! We’ve showcased different types of stays to you, some in cities and some in nature’s arms.

Moustache Jaipur

We promised you luxury within the budget, so we had to bring out our strongest player. Moustache Jaipur. If you’ve always imagined travelling to Greece, well, our private superior room is Santorini in 4 walls. Screaming luxury and comfort, Jaipur Moustache also comes with a rooftop cafe, plunge pool, the snazziest common room and the most helpful staff 🙂

Minimum price – ₹ 1,349.00 (Prices are subject to change according to season)

Moustache Jaisalmer

We have two properties in Jaisalmer, both fabulous in their own way. Always wanted to live in a Haveli right? Well, we thought so, presenting Moustache Jaisalmer! It is an architectural marvel from every direction. Decorated with beautiful arches and lotus patterned pillars, you’ll feel like you’ve entered the sets of Jodha Akbar – not kidding.

Minimum price – ₹ ₹ 892.00 (Prices are subject to change according to season)

Hamari Haveli

Now we come to the luxury bit of Jaisalmer property – Hamari Haveli. Draped in grandeur, the Haveli can be rented for 2 people or even a group of 5 people. Once you’re in, you’re royalty. You can even ask a cook to come in and cook for you – just lay back and relax your highness. Oh and did we mention the relaxing bathtub?

Minimum price – ₹ 2,999.00 (Prices are subject to change according to season)

Camp Kelang

A swiss tent, attached bathrooms and the beauty of BIR. That’s the definition of luxury stays right there. Well, luxury, budget and culture combined. Yeah, culture too – you can witness a cultural performance right at your luxury retreat. There’s a vast field of grasslands right outside for you to run wild in. Go for a nature walk and come rest in your fantastic tent!

Minimum price – ₹ 2,499.00 (Prices are subject to change according to season)

Moustache Panarpani Retreat

Does a luxury cottage in the middle of woods sound like your deal? Well Moustache Panarpani is the right option for you. Take your loved one and experience a digital detox in Madhya Pradesh’s entrancing forests. Take a nature walk or go on a guided trek. Spend a night in a gypsy camp by a river or just enjoy your cottage – the choice of luxury is yours.

Minimum price – ₹ 2499.00 (Prices are subject to change according to season)

So this was the complete blog about Luxury stays of Moustache Escapes. Moustache aims at providing a sense of class while not being too extensive on the wallet. We give you a quality experience at every step of the way so that your travel plans don’t have to take a hit just to accommodate your staying plans. Hoping to host you soon with a smile!