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Top 7 Luxury Hotels In Rishikesh To Check-In Right Away

About Top 7 Luxury Hotels In Rishikesh To Check-In Right Away

Rishikesh has enough to offer every type of visitor. Yoga aficionados from all over the world come to practice here. There are plenty of peaks and summits to climb for thrill seekers. Rishikesh is ideal for people seeking a quiet, peaceful vacation. Here we will explore about Luxury Hotels In Rishikesh.

The Uttarakhand city, nestled in the Himalayan foothills and along the Ganga, attracts tourists and pilgrims all year. The good news is that, for the type of hotspot it is, Rishikesh has a plethora of hotels, with plenty of space for those seeking luxury amid nature.

To get you started, here are seven stays you might want to check into.


In the middle of the turmoil, Rishikesh’s Lemon Tree Premier offers peace. This resort, perched on the banks of the Ganges, has access to its own private ghat. The hotel, which has 65 rooms, flawlessly blends vintage charm with modern conveniences. Each apartment has a breathtaking view of the Ganga, which runs through the Himalayan foothills.


Sterling Palm Bliss Rishikesh is a retreat for a life-enriching, healthy vacation at the foot of the Himalayas. Through yoga, exercise, detox, and wellness, the Palm Bliss Ayurvedic resort is dedicated to helping you unlock your potential, raise your energy level, recover, and enhance your vitality. I’m hoping to help you heal and resurrect. So it is also one of the best Luxury Hotels In Rishikesh.


Ganga Kinare, a Riverside Boutique Hotel, is a beautiful refuge in Rishikesh’s sanctum. The resort includes 38 contemporary riverfront rooms, each with a subtle hint of tradition and local culture. In addition, intriguing activities such as safaris, trekking, bicycling, nature walks, bird viewing, boating, and more can be added to the overall experience.


Aloha on The Ganges is a resort with the right blend of contemporary design, beautiful natural surroundings, and a wonderfully sacred environment, located directly across from the Rajaji National Park. The resort, which is located near Laxman Jhula and boasts a spectacular view of the River Ganga, offers a relaxing and luxurious holiday experience.


Prepare to restore your body, mind, and spirit at one of Rishikesh’s oldest and most well-known properties. Try some riverside yoga positions or get treated at the spa, then enjoy the peaceful Ganga Aarti of Parmarth Niketan right in front of you, followed by a culinary extravaganza in the evening. The perfect “place” for one’s soul. So it is also one of the best Luxury Hotels In Rishikesh.


Shaantam resort caters an experience that will bring mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony to their lives, with the motto “The Luxury of serenity.” Through a combination of nature, meditation, spa therapies, and nutritional meals, you will be able to eliminate stressed lifestyles at Shaantam. Providing a holistic wellness for your body.


Regenta Inn on the Ganges is a boutique hotel in the center of Rishikesh, nestled snugly on the banks of the calm River Ganges. Stay in one of our comfy rooms with soothing tones and views of the Ganges River and the Himalayas. Leaving an everlasting expression on you. Furthermore, it is conveniently positioned near all major tourist attractions. So it is also one of the best Luxury Hotels In Rishikesh.

From plush hotels to humble ashrams, the holy town of Uttarakhand has room for everyone. So book a visit today!

Looking for something Less heavy on your pocket??

We understand luxury and comfort comes with a rise in your budget limit. But not anymore! Located in the “Yoga Capital of the World”- Moustache Rishikesh Luxuria is your next stop for a spiritual staycation in Rishikesh. Or how about having a Zoom call with a lush backdrop of the pool. Excellent to work out your workation in Rishikesh.

Moreover, this backpacker hostel in Rishikesh has everything to cure your cabin fever. Starting from spacious rooms (majorly dorm beds) with super comfy beds, open pool by the restaurant to start afresh, wide common space to spend your evening jamming and bonding with the guests, and even a gaming area for calming down some sporty spirits.

So this was the complete blog about Luxury Hotels In Rishikesh of Moustache Escapes. In addition to that, they also have several adventure trips around the town, including river rafting, bungee jumping and more. Just ask the Travel Launchpad to join the adventure batch. Click here to know more.

Plan to visit anytime soon and get the best experience of Rishikesh, one of the holiest cities of India.