You are currently viewing Crashing in Jaipur with a Cash Crunch? Things to do in Jaipur in a short Budget!!

Crashing in Jaipur with a Cash Crunch? Things to do in Jaipur in a short Budget!!

About Crashing in Jaipur with a Cash Crunch? Things to do in Jaipur in a short Budget!!

Arriving early for or flying late from #LitFest2019 Jaipur? Have no idea about things to do in Jaipur on a short budget? We’ve got you covered.

The literature festival is quite a colorful riot of vibrant decorations, folk performances and a grand verbal affair attended by literally everyone who is crazy enough for literature. But you know it’s always great to strike two birds with a single shot so why not?

Here is a compilation of superbly and almost dirt cheap experiences to do in Jaipur:

A morning stroll at Jal Mahal:

One of the few great pastimes when in the city, Jal Mahal, located in the Mansagar Lake is a lovely affair when the morning sun kisses, rising from the mountains behind. Walk around the “Jal Mahal Ki Pal” and feed some hungry fishes to kickstart the day on a positive note. So this is one of the most things to do in Jaipur.

Hike off the walls of the chrome-colored Amber Palace:

The Amber Palace has the famous temple of ‘Shitla Mata’ which is located on the top side to side with the palace entrance. The hike up above the palace is quite an adventure and with vintage cars, local vendors, colorful umbrellas and elephants, it only becomes all the more great! Plus, the views from up above are inspiring. FYI, the doors of the temple are open to everyone and entrance costs to it are nothing, though you must also see the palace, it’s beyond all expectations. Also check a brief about places to visit in Jaipur.

Spree in the local markets:

The local economy of the city widely depends on handicrafts, handmade shoes (called jootis), and great textiles, all for reasonable prices and unmatched quality. So, chuck yourself out from the bed for all the extra time and hit the city streets for an otherworldly shopping experience. So this is also one of the most things to do in jaipur

Go for an e-bike sunset tour to Nahargarh, stay until the lights come in:

Exploring the town and investing in your health? Got to be the deal of the month. Rent an e-bike and get going through streets, valleys and mountains, and voila up here you see the sun going down, drowning itself within the pinkish horizons, but wait before you leave already, the cities light shine like fireflies when the sun goes down, watch out for it.

A cup of coffee in front of a Palace?:

The Hawa Mahal is one fine building literally whispering the skills of the artists that made it happen, so get your lenses cleaned up, all ready and head to Wind View Cafe, right in front of the Palace of Winds to get that perfect shot of adrenaline and that perfect actual image shot. So this is also one of the most things to do in jaipur.

And then there are things that money can’t buy.

Like peacefulness at Govind Dev Ji Temple:

The Govind Dev Ji Temple throws waves of spirituality to everyone present in its vicinity. The evening prayers are a show of devotion, beliefs, and gratefulness, an experience so powerful, you’ll question where you have been missing out such peace in your entire life?

Do an extra squat but don’t miss this food, get down to Masala Chowk:

This relatively new food haven for the lovers of flavor is a compilation of every legendary outlet of Jaipur all in one neighborhood. The courtyard kinda complex has everything to serve, ranging from beverages to snacks and main course plus a myriad of multiple cuisines.

So this was the complete blog about Things to do in Jaipur of Moustache Escapes.