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Perks of staying in a Backpacker Hostel over Hotels

About Perks of staying in a Backpacker Hostel over Hotels

The definition of traveling entails visiting new places, sampling delectable cuisines, and enjoying a fantastic trip to the super amazing localities and fellow travelers. Not to mention a pleasant stay during your journey or holiday is, however the most crucial yet underappreciated aspect of any journey. Even though your stay is brimming with amenities, it is seldom used entirely. Here we will explore more about backpacker hostel.

What if we tell you that you can have all the amenities like hotel travelers but not in a hotel? Experience the backpacker hostels with a homestay experience, all under one roof at an unbelievable price? Heard about the travelers hostel? Unlike the hotel travellers, who like to invest money on the overpriced rooms full of supplies that you can’t use, experience the hostels in india. Apart from the cheap valued stay experience as the major difference between hotel and hostel, the hostel accommodations are located at the center of all the convenient place and come with a unique ambience. Staying at any hostel accommodations comes at a way cheaper price, and amenities that you can actually fully make use of. something way more cheaply.

Popular among the western culture, the idea of backpacker hostel accommodations is a unique selling point with extremely low prices.

Apart from really affordable price rates, Moustache gives you 10 reasons why to prefer a backpacker hostel over the hotel for your next trip. Take a glance around.

Super Affordable trip

With the budget hotel stays as the first priority, keeping the budget low is critically essential for all the solo backpackers and budget travelers. And as we mentioned it earlier, one of the prominent advantages of the backpackers hostel is its low price range. Even lower during off-seasons, generally the more beds in a room, the less expensive it is to stay at these youth hostels. Furthermore, traveling with backpacker hostels usually comes with special offers or discounts. Making your trip even more affordable.

Private rooms or ONLY Females rooms are slightly more expensive than mixed dorms, still lie under the limit of your budget accommodation. Besides, hostels have evolved. And, with the unique interior designs, amazing ambience, modern chill-out areas with rooftop cafeteria and pool sides, hostel accommodations definitely wins over the budget accommodations at any budget hotels.

Meet Diverse Travelers

Remember the Bollywood film “Queen,” in which Kangna Ranaut’s character stayed in a hostel in Paris and became friends with her roommates? Youth hostels have the same lifestyle, where hanging out at the hostel lounge is common. You’ll be invited to join their pub crawl before you know it, and you’ll be sightseeing with them the next day. It even might happen when from another nationality.

It might be awkward for some to open up to all sorts of people, but tables can be turned and even you can be approached by someone a total stranger. So, tell us how can someone not end up making friends with a stranger? Unseen by usual hotel travellers, this community confluence is another common difference between hotel and hostel stays.

Convenient Location

You get a better experience than staying in a hotel because of its convenient proximity to all major travel destinations. Located nearby all the convenient place, and pocket friendly cafes & restaurants, these hostel accommodations are in the close vicinity to some of the best bars, best art installations, galleries, and more. Ultimately saving your travel expenses from traveling farther away. And like Moustache, Delhi these backpacker hostels are mostly within a walking distance from major Bus stand and metro station. As a result, venturing into the heart of the city becomes less tedious all time of the day.

Unique Ambience

The amazing ambience at these backpacker hostels is one of the notable difference between a hotel and hostel. With a unique style of interior decoration, these backpacker hostels feature a variety of regional and foreign themes for a unique ambiance during your stay. has . Take a look at Moustache Stays. From our traditionally themed indoors at Moustache, Jaisalmer, to the Mughal-themed rooftop cafeteria at Moustache, Agra, hostels in India cater more than just stays. Also, take a look at the hippy and cool ambience at Moustache, Pushkar, featuring rooftop bars, nightclubs, and even a pool area ( at Moustache, Jaipur). Experiencing one of a kind traveling experience.

Organized Events/Activities

Backpacker hostel renowned for hosting some of the most happening parties. And with a planned list of events and activities, all you need is to sit back and relax over a musical dance night or even the camping/riverside bonfires. Unlike these youth hostels, it is unusual for hostels to host a variety of activities during the week. Apart from that, some backpackers hostel even host nightlife and partying-themed activities. Activities, such as beer pong tournaments, pool parties and other adventurous or cultural activities. And, depending on your travel itinerary or duration of stays or your travel time, these youth hostel association even arrange for a planned city walking tours, surfing lessons, or rock climbing expeditions, as per the availability of the backpacking facility.

Community Space

Regardless of the type of events offered by the hostel, hostel travellers have an excellent way to meet fellow traveller and make new friends. The most fascinating and memorable aspects of any journey, travelers’ hostels encourage social interaction, listening to their travelling stories and learning from it. With the super spacious common areas full of engaging activities, we assure you will end up exchanging travel tips and even joining them on their trip. Sounds strange yet you don’t end up being strangers. Though first-timers might need a little push to step beyond their comfort zone and interact with strangers. But believe us, these budget accommodation can bring some of the most amazing meetings of your life. Not only you’ll encounter other lone travelers, but also find yourself talking with larger groups of friends and the wonderful hostel workers.

Get Your Privacy

With such an interactive atmosphere, these affordable hostel are often questioned for privacy and safety. Sure, youth hostel booking comes with a shared hostel room, but these budget accommodation even serves you with private and ONLY Female dormitories. Depending on your preferences and level of comfort with sharing, most backpacker hostel such as Moustache Hostel, do offer modern private rooms as well. Privacy and sociable life, both exist together at these travelers’ hostels. Although they might cause you a little more than the shared hostel room, it is still cheaper than a budget hotel. Apart from that, backpackers hostels like Moustache hostels have digital lockers. Assuring your safe travelling.

Great for Group Travelers

Travelers hostel are best when travelling in groups. The hostel room is designed in such a way to adjust all sorts of traveling accommodations. From private dorms to the hostel rooms for larger groups, these specially built hostel rooms don’t matter if they’re bachelors, mates, or a school excursion battalion. In short, we got rooms for all. After all, travelling with friends even captures the fun staying together with your group. Just like a boundless pajama party. Unlike large groups of hotel travellers, hostel rooms are capable of accommodating group travelers and often accommodate larger classes. Infact, some youth hostels also have a dedicated coordinator for school groups.

Amazing Staffs

For sure, hotels having concierges is, but they’re more likely to suggest fine dining restaurants and mainstream experiences. But here comes the difference between hotel and hostel. Unlike the hotel travellers, hostel staff are the living travel guru. Escorting you to an off-the-beaten-path, the staff are a treasure chest of all the famous & well known local delights. Always greeting you with their super friendly etiquettes, these people assure you a safe trip and to the fullest. As your personal tourism guidebook, these people can also steer you toward necessary services you’ll need along the way, like laundry and mail service. They will also assist you with tasks such as purchasing tickets and planning excursions, which may be difficult to do on your own in a foreign country where you may or may not know the language.

Kitchen Access w/ Co-Work Facility

Finally, food is a must. Either you make a budget hotel stay or stay at the hostels nearby. Many backpacker hostels, unlike hotels, have a communal kitchen. Similar to our facilities in Bangalore, Goa, Jodhpur, Delhi, Varanasi, and Khajuraho. It is not unusual for hostels to have a shared kitchen that travelers can use. At the very least, there should be a kettle and a microwave available. Some hostel kitchens are completely fitted, while others need a little more creativity, but the good news is that you can typically make coffee and prepare a snack without having to go out to eat every day.

Aside from the kitchen, some backpacker hostels also have a co-working space/environment for those travelers who enjoy working while on the road. Moustache Goa Cowork Hostel offers a fantastic working environment with high-speed internet and a well-equipped workspace. Even the location of these accommodations is such that you are in the heart of the city but away from the din.

We recognize that the prospect of sharing a bed, bathroom, or other facilities with a stranger could make some people uncomfortable. But don’t worry, Moustache Stays, like any other backpacker hostel, ensures your protection, cleanliness, and basic sense of sharing a room with strangers. The advantages, on the other hand, can come as a shock when they arrive. It will be more than just convenient; it will be enjoyable. That is the assurance of the Moustache.

So this was the complete blog about backpacker hostel of Moustache Escapes. We hope you now have a full picture of your stay at the Backpacker Hostel. And, now when you’ve reached the end of the blog, we expect you to make a better choice by considering staying in a traveler’s hostel rather than a hotel for your next destination.

Until then, keep reading, keep traveling!