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Most Haunted Places in Kashmir

About Most Haunted Places in Kashmir

Like the old saying, that speaks of heaven and hell on the same plain, Kashmir valley justifies you with real life ghost encounters aside its mesmerizing Great lake of Kashmir. Enough of the vibrant colors of the Kashmir trip, let explore the dark side of Kashmir Tourism. So here we will explore about haunted places in kashmir.

Better Scroll Up at your own risk. Because, these haunted places in jammu and kashmir, are going to keep you up all night!

The deep and beautiful valleys of Kashmir hold something more, something we can’t see, understand, or describe in words. A collection of haunted places in jammu, with real stories of ghosts and real ghost seen experiences.

When it gets dark, stay away from these dreadful spots in Kashmir to avoid any unexpected danger.


Is there any time to see ghosts? Yes, it is. Believed to be haunted, the army quarters in Srinagar have several sightings of supernatural activities at the campus. are haunted. People have reported seeing ghosts and other supernatural elements here late at night. Some people believe that the ghosts who haunt this place make frightening noises and emit lights. Usually seen between 1 AM and 3 AM because as per sayings, it is the time when ghouls and spirits visit earth. So, better stay away from this area late at night.


The spirits of innocent Kashmiris who were massacred here in 1991 are said to haunt this bridge.

It’s been more than 25 years, when several Kashmiris were brutally massacred for revolting against their country. Described as “the worst massacre in Kashmiri history“, by some authors till date when CRPF jawans Open Fired on a group of people who were protesting against the Government of India, appointing Jagmohan Malhotra as the Governor for a second time in a bid. So it is one of the haunted places in kashmir.

Since then, angry and dissatisfied spirits of people who died in an untimely death here have reported a number of paranormal activities. Trespassers have reported seeing several ghostly apparitions and hearing strange voices on the bridge. From that day onwards, Gawkadal Bridge is one of the most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir.


The name itself sounds scary enough! There is a stretch of the Jammu Kashmir Highway, just before the Banihal tunnel, that is infamously known as Khooni Nala. The location was given its name as a result of several road accidents that occurred here and along the entire stretch. It is said to be haunted by otherworldly spirits. What would you do if a woman in black saree carrying a baby asked you for a lift? That’s what happened to many drivers who crossed this road. It is said, if ignored you will be cursed and eventually die in a road accident. Spooky, right?


The ghosts at twin villages might not sound any scary, when you listen to what actually happened to those Haunting Souls.

Even reported in the New York Times, this heinous incident took place on February 23, 1991. According to the report, around 100 women in the villages of Kunan and Poshpara in Kupwara district of Kashmir were brutally raped in masses, tortured and then later killed by uniformed men. A consequence of human’s brutality and voracious man-lust. No soul, dead or alive can overcome something gruesome like this. Since then, the women who died in the incident haunt these villages. So it is also one of the haunted places in kashmir.


Enough of the ghosts and wandering spirits. Let’s talk about Jinn! There is a house in Srinagar where locals have confirmed that this abandoned house is occupied by a Jinn. Although the exact location of this house is unknown, eyewitnesses say that anyone who goes inside the house, a few minutes later would see his/her shoes thrown. Many people say they’ve seen shoes fly out of the house. It is also said that anyone who goes inside this haunted place in jammu suffers from some form of illness. Locals believe that this house is haunted by the spirit of a Jinn named Abdullah but nothing can be said for sure. Weird!


Can you recall that strange looking haunted tree from old movies? No!

Let us recall it for you. On the way to Gurez from Srinagar, there lies a creepy looking tree which is believed to be haunted by evil spirits. It can possess anyone who even gets its slightest touches. This scary-looking tree lies in the middle of nowhere and has no leaves. Locals claim that this tree is most haunting on a no-moon day (Amāvásyā), when it gets possessed by evil spirits. So it is also one of the haunted places in kashmir.

You’ve been WARNED!

Who would have guessed that a place so beautiful could contain horror stories capable of instilling nameless fear in the hearts of people?

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