You are currently viewing Choose The Best Of Kashmir Treks : KGL Trek v/s Tarsar Marsar

Choose The Best Of Kashmir Treks : KGL Trek v/s Tarsar Marsar

Choose The Best Of Kashmir Treks : KGL Trek v/s Tarsar Marsar

We observe a surge of trekkers looking for Kashmir Treks every year. Everyone’s main concern is whether they should choose the Tarsar Marsar Trek or the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek (KGL). We wish to respond to all those queries. This is why we’ll provide some guidance that could make your decision easier. Here we will explore kashmir great lakes vs tarsar marsar.

First, let us start with the brief highlights of both treks and then compare the two.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Highlights

The trek was rediscovered back in 2011. Only a few Israeli hikers may have attempted this trail before that point. Even the name Kashmir Great Lakes, as it is known today, did not exist. It was referred to as the Greatest Alpine Lakes excursion before exploring it. It was much later that the trek was re-christened Kashmir Great Lakes. The campsites were reworked. It was then the camp at Nichnai and another at Gadsar were added.

In those days, the majority would trek in segments; some would trek from Sonamarg to Vishnusar/Kishansar and back. Others would hike from Naranag to Gangabal/Nandkhol and back. Since it only required one day of climbing, the Gangabal/Nandkhol route was more widely used.

Kashmir Great Lakes gained popularity after it was investigated and photographed by excursionists. The prospect of trekking in Kashmir suddenly became known to the entire Indian trekking community. It became well-known. It quickly surpassed treks like Roopkund in popularity and rose to the top of the list of popular treks in India.

And there’s good cause for it. The most picturesque trek in India is KGL. It is presented on a larger-than-life canvas. You have to walk through more than seven alpine lakes. You ascend three high passes. Five magnificent valleys, each quite different, are traversed. You will feel as though you have travelled through heaven and back once you have completed this adventure.

Tarsar Marsar Trek Highlights

We wanted more Kashmir after riding a KGL high for almost two years. We decided to investigate the Tarsar Marsar hike, which was located deep within the Pahalgam mountains. According to our Kashmiri crew, the trek is more beautiful than KGL. Although we were a little dubious, we planned an investigation. And luckily, we found another gemstone in Kashmir.

A new side of Kashmir is revealed via the Tarsar Marsar Trek. You travel from Aru, the picture-perfect village where you begin, to the Lidderwat glades. From the vast Tarsar lake to the Shekhawas Highlands’ sweeping green mountains. From the flower-filled, amphitheater-like Jagmargi meadows to the mysterious Marsar lake. Although the trek takes you far from civilization, it also brings you very close to Kashmir’s heart.

So these was highlights of kashmir great lakes vs tarsar marsar. Let us discuss some distinctions that the two treks offer in case our highlights make it difficult for you to decide between them.

The Two Great Kashmir Treks: Their Differences

Famed Trek v/s True Nature Experience

We hate to say it, but KGL is packed with hikers like the majority of other well-travelled hiking routes in our nation. There are typically 2-3 trekking groups with you when you hike on KGL. The campsites are the same for all parties despite the trekkers being dispersed along the trail. Each campsite has a large number of tent setups.

Tarsar Marsar still has its natural landscape. Thanks to its general lack of popularity. You are probably the only group on the hike on the majority of days. On this trail, some neighborhood groups hike. But they all travel to Tarsar and then go back. They don’t travel as far as we do to Sundersar or Marsar. So these are the differences of kashmir great lakes vs tarsar marsar.

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Ethereal Experiences v/s Serene Sights

The 7 turquoise lakes are where the KGL derives its name. On the final day, we hike past most of the lakes, but we only manage to camp close to one lake—the Nandkhol lake. Unfortunately, weekend visitors also choose to camp and fish in Nandkhol. This always results in a lot of traces of human activity everywhere around the lake. It leaves the lake filthy. Every time we’ve been there, the location has looked breathtakingly lovely from a distance. However, as you get closer, you can start to feel angst and helplessness at the sight of the heavily littered lake.

We have 3 large lakes on the Tarsar Trek, and we set up camp next to two of them. Your tents are very next to the lake’s grassy borders. You can see the glistening blue water right through your tent flaps.

One extra benefit is the fact that both of these lakes are in the middle of the trek. They require effort to reach, which is a little too much for day hikers and casual campers. Tarsar as a trail, therefore, is far less travelled by groups.

We weren’t aware of this earlier, but shortly after making the second walk to Tarsar Marsar, we did. Going to an alpine lake and spending some time there is one thing. To spend the entire day next to one is something else entirely. To witness sunrises and sunsets occurring over the lake. To watch the snow-fed lake change colors as the sun’s angle changed. You can’t find anything like it anywhere else: to sit quietly by the lake and watch the entire otherworldly experience unfold.

Moderately-Difficult v/s Moderate Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes is not easy to go around. It is very different. A 65-kilometer-long walk, each day has an exhausting ascent of 1500 feet and a corresponding descent. Every day of the walk involves crossing a high pass. The daily distance of 10–12 km should be added. Because of this, a hiking day can last for approximately 8 or 9 hours. To really appreciate the splendor of the KGL journey, you’ll need a strong set of legs and extremely effective lungs.

The good news is that Tarsar Marsar does not have very long distances. Every day, there is a brief (6–8 km) hike. Usually, the hike is finished in 5 to 6 hours. Each day, less height is gained and lost. The hike descends on the last day after reaching its summit.

So this is the difficulty level of So these are the differences of kashmir great lakes vs tarsar marsar. . The simpler of the two Kashmir Treks, Tarsar Marsar is ideal for fit children and trained first-timers.

Final Words On The Kashmir Treks

Both the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek and Tarsar Marsar are located on either side of the route that connects Srinagar and Sonamarg. The view to your left and the one to your right are significantly dissimilar, even from the road. Mountains covered with pine trees are on your right, while high, rocky cliffs are to your left. The variety in the scenery reflects how varied their journeys have been.

KGL is higher in elevation, more rocky, and more colorful. Comparatively, it is quieter and greener in Tarsar. In KGL, there are bigger meadows and camping spots. Camping spots can be found at Tarsar beside lakes or in the valleys of mountains. KGL is thought to be appealing. It is false. Tarsar is equally stunning and has numerous, distinct regions that are more beautiful than KGL.

We think Tarsar and KGL are the two most beautiful treks in India. Each is more attractive in its own way.

Why is it so hard to compare these Kashmir treks?

The two Kashmir treks are significantly different even though we are comparing KGL and Tarsar. They exhibit Kashmir’s mountains from two different perspectives. Like how, while being in Uttarakhand, Chopta Chandrashila Trek and Brahmatal Trek are so distinct. On either side of the Kashmir valley are KGL and Tarsar. You must complete both hikes if you enjoyed trekking in Kashmir. Until you have seen both of these gems, you have not truly appreciated the splendor of Heaven on Earth. So this was the complete blog about kashmir great lakes vs tarsar marsar of Moustache Escapes.

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