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Catching Sunrise in Kashmir : India’s Floating Market on Dal Lake

About Catching Sunrise in Kashmir : India’s Floating Market on Dal Lake

There are several floating markets in the world- floating markets such as the rowing shops in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam or Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Bangkok. India also has its floating market which was first discovered by Japanese photographer, the Kashmir Floating Vegetable Market is a central hub for produce vendors — and it offers a unique glimpse of life in Kashmir. Here we will explore about Floating Market Dal Lake.

The beauty of Kashmir is worldwide famous for its enchanting snow capped peaks and alpine lakes. BUt beside plenty of famous places in jammu and kashmir the floating market kashmir, is quite a popular view on the Kashmir great lakes. Another appealing landmark for visitors’ enjoyment, representing calmness, serenity, peace, and tranquillity and some of the best shots of Kashmir.


Get up early to move out of the lake. As the early mornings are the best time to view the best of floating market dal lake. The Dal Lake, known as Kashmir’s “jewel in the crown,” is the state’s most famous and visited lake. And the early morning view of the lake explains why?

Floating Markets of India

Every morning, you can witness the vegetable cultivators of Dal Lake sail to a place with their freshly loaded vegetables. The gathering place is known to be “Gudher”, which means Gathering. Vendors throng to this market with Shikaras laden with vegetables and the market lasts only a couple of hours from around 5 AM till 8 AM. Thus the dawn-time is the best time to catch an excellent photogenic visit to these floating vegetable markets on Dal Lake.

India’s first floating market dal lake, this bazaar (market) is one of the few places where the barter system is still practiced in India. It accepts the contemporary monetary system for tourists and sellers while partially adopting the traditional exchange system with local traders.

This market does not encourage selective or partial item sales; instead, it focuses on wholesale sales. Tomatoes, carrots, turnips, leafy vegetables, and the famed nadru (lotus roots, a delicacy in the Kashmir Valley) are among the things for sale, all of which were grown in this wetland’s diverse ecology. This market also produces and sells the famed Kashmir flowers.

A Century Old custom!

The market has been around for centuries, dating back to the reign of Zain-ul-Abidin, Kashmir’s eighth ruler. There are no permanent shops on the lake. It first came into limelight when a Japanese photographer included a shot of the floating market in a tourist book published in Japan in 1960, it gained international recognition.

Take a leisurely two-hour ride around the local canals after seeing the famed market to experience the grandeur of Dal Lake and the landscape surrounded by the Pir Panjal mountains in an endless view.

Visiting Timings

It’s ideal to reach the market by 5:00 am as it is the peak hour.

Best Time to Visit

The weather is quite pleasant during the month of March to October. Considered to be the best time to visit the Floating Vegetable Market at Dal Lake, Kashmir.

Activities to do in Dal Lake

Some of the activities you can enjoy on the Kashmir Lakes are:


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A ride through Kashmiri Gondolas!

Although staying on the best houseboat in kashmir is a one-of-a-kind experience in and of itself, the Shikara ride has its own set of benefits. Shikara rides are considered to be one of the romantic things to do on the lake as it has been immortalized in many Hindi films. Consider these little boats the Tuk-Tuks of Kashmir Great Lakes; they’ll give you a memorable sailing experience.

Romantic Sail

Begin with a leisurely shikara ride in dal lake to catch a glimpse of Kashmir’s mesmerizing Lake lifestyle. Followed by a mesmerizing sunset with your partner. Doesn’t that sound romantic? It does.


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