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The Insider’s Guide to Saptrishi Pass Trek

About The Insider’s Guide to Saptrishi Pass Trek

This trek in Uttarakhand is less of a trek and more of an expedition. An extreme weeklong expedition through the 17,060 ft high Saptrishi pass, to be exact. As far as India hiking goes, this is one of the best treks in Uttarakhand. Moustache Escapes is offering, for the first time in India, an all-inclusive Saptrishi Pass trek for experienced hikers. Mountaineers will love the thrill of exploring undefined trails, crossing streams and waterfalls, and bouldering to the pass. Mountain trekking in India has never been so good. So why all the hype, and what do you need to know about the trek before booking it?

Well, keep reading to find out.

The Beginning

Prayer at Rishikesh

The trek both starts and ends at Rishikesh, and the highlight is the Saptrishi pass. But it’s not the only place you’ll visit. You’ll also be stopping at Joshimath, Ghangaria, and the Valley of Flowers National Park, among others. For the full itinerary, click here.

Devprayag, Rudraprayag, and Karnaprayag:

On your way to Joshimath (see below), you’ll see these three major confluences of Uttarakhand. In the Hindu community, it is believed that ablution (bathing) in these confluences before prayer will cleanse the heart, soul, and mind. Very few treks allow you to visit three out of the Panch Prayag in one go, so this route is considered pretty auspicious as well.


Famous for being the winter seat of Lord Badri, Joshimath is a religious hotspot for Hindus all over the world. Lord Badri’s idol is brought down from Badrinath temple to Narsingh temple every winter in a grand pilgrimage. Photo ops include the oldest tree in India, Kalpavriksha, and the vibrant colors of the local market.


You won’t be at Govindghat for too long, but the path from Govindghat to Ghangaria is full of traditional dhabas. The trail follows the river for a pleasant trek. You might even get to chat with some pilgrims on their way to Hemkund Sahib.


This place is the starting point of both the Hemkund Sahib and the Valley of Flowers treks. Nestled between the Pushpawati and Hemganga rivers, Ghangaria boasts stunning natural beauty. And, just like the rest of the Valley of Flowers trail, excellent food outlets as well. Take the opportunity to relax here. It’ll be your last bit of civilization before the gruelling trek up to the Advanced Base Camp and then Saptrishi Pass.

The Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers National Park:

Everyone knows this one. It’s been called a garden in the clouds, a botanical wonderland, paradise brought to life, you name it. At about 10,000 feet, the valley is lush with 650 types of flowers and a myriad of wildlife. It’s a walk in the park after Saptrishi Pass, so you can casually wind down here. And if the rave reviews didn’t clue you in, it’s also drop dead gorgeous. Bring your cameras.

Want to see the highest Gurudwara in the world? Or one of the only Laxman temples in India? Trek to Hemkund Sahib with us.

Lake at Saptrishi

Saptrishi Pass:

The titular highlight of this trek. It’s approached from a path filled with ice and glacial moraines, making for an exciting climb. As the origin point of the Yamuna, the experience of finally reaching this place is absolutely momentous. The 17,060 feet altitude is completely worth the 2-day cumulative climb to get there. There’s also a majestic view of multiple Himalayan peaks.

For all that the other places are fun to visit, the Saptrishi pass is what makes this trek worth it. It’s one of the most beautiful treks in India, and the view from the top shows you exactly why.

Let us take care of you

Trekker and guide

You’ll be trekking with an experienced guide and all the required safety equipment, so you’ll be completely safe. In fact, here are a few other measures that we take to give you that extra bit of comfort:

  • Shared accommodation in the tents and hotels that you’ll stay at, along with sleeping bags or mats.
  • All meals (vegetarian). And yes, this includes evening snacks.
  • A first aid kit complete with an emergency portable oxygen cylinder.
  • Micro spikes and gaiters, as per requirements.

With all this taken care of, it will be much easier to focus on the actual trekking and enjoy the thrill of the trip. A safe and fun snow trek in India? More likely than you think.

Hey there, Adventurers! Looking for more?

Up in the clouds

If you’re an experienced hiker looking for more exciting trekking in Uttarakhand or treks from Rishikesh, look no further. Moustache Escapes offers a range of extreme treks and expeditions that are sure to interest trekkers.

The Bhyundar Khal Trek has a similar itinerary to the Saptrishi Pass Trek, but instead of the Saptrishi pass it climaxes at the Bhyundar Khal Peak. This summit is even higher at an altitude of 21,325 feet and offers a spectacular view of the Nilkantha, Hathi, Nilgiri, and Rataban peaks. The trail crosses several passes and comes close to crevasses that require specialized equipment such as rope and crampons to traverse. All in all, it’s a great alternative to the Saptrishi Pass trek.

The Gangotri Expedition spans 23 days across the Gharwal Himalayas and reaches the source of the river Ganga. The maximum altitude of the expedition is still higher at 21,889 feet. Due to their length and difficulty, treks to Gangotri are not too popular but the journey is still undertaken by pilgrims and adrenaline seekers alike.

The Satopanth Glacier Expedition is both the longest and the highest trek on the list, spanning 27 days and reaching 23,212 feet of elevation. It is also the toughest and only people who have climbed over 6,000 metres and finished a basic mountaineering course should attempt this trek. In fact, a fair number of mountaineers use this as a warm-up trek before climbing Mount Everest. Definitely attempt this one if you’re truly a hardcore adventurer.

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