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Treks in Uttarakhand – Discover the Beauty of Devabhumi

About Treks in Uttarakhand – Discover the Beauty of Devabhumi

Often referred to as the “Devabhumi” (literally “Land of the Gods”), Uttarakhand is known for its numerous Hindu temples and pilgrimage centers found throughout the state. Located in the northern part of India, Uttarakhand is the hub of some of the spiritual and colorful trek spots. Witness the beauty of colorful flower valley or experience the tranquillity of the holy lake situated at a high altitude, treks in Uttarakhand have a lot. With Moustache’s list of treks in Uttarakhand, you can explore these adventures one by one.


Chopta-Chandrashila Trek:

The Chopta Chandrashila Trek is filled with a no. of natural beauties throughout the trek trail. It is believed that the Chandrashila peak is the penance ground for the moon god- Chandra, from Hindu mythology. Also, believed to be the meditation ground of Lord Ram after he defeated Ravana. Best for beginners the trail to Chandrashila Trek offers a perfect view of India’s highest peak Nanda Peak along with the peaks of Mt. Trishul and Mt. So it is also one of the best Treks in Uttarakhand. So it is also one of the best Treks in Uttarakhand.

Chandrakhamba. A visit to the Tungnath Temple is one of the other specialties of this trek. Described as one of the Panch Kedar temples (Lord of the Peaks), it is the highest Shiva Temple. Apart from this, the trek to Chopta is among one of the peaceful trek experiences. Dive into the beauty of lush green meadows of Chopta, and the pleasing driveway besides Rudraprayag and Devprayag, the Chopta Trek is tranquil than the thrilling Chandrashila Trek. And, don’t forget to miss the sparkling beauty of the Deoria Lake encircled by the lush meadow. Best for a family trek, the Chopta to Chandrashila Trek distance covers an approx. of 15 km with a perfect blend of comfort and thrills of high altitude trekking.

Max. Altitude: 13,100 ft.
Season: Sept-June

Kuari Pass Trek:

Complimented with an unbeatable view and unpredictable adventure, the Kuari Pass trek offers you the clearest views of several isolated mountains and glaring valleys. Appears as a massive garden, Kuari Pass (also spelled as Kauri pass trek) trek route covers stark lush green meadows and colorful flowers. Witness the beauty of gorgeous peaks such as Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, and Neelkanth peaks. The Kuari Pass trekking is trailed through beguiling oak forests with a sweet smell with sparkling sunlight glowing the route.

What remains verdant in spring and summers, gets enormously covered in stark white soft snow. The forests become snow-topped but also a great insulator against the harsh cold. Though the peaks remain snow-topped even in summers, the Kuari Pass trekking in December gives you the entire mountain views covered in light-reflecting snow. Therefore the views of these peaks increase exponentially, giving you a very different outlook.

Max. Altitude: 12,516 ft.
Season: Sept-June

Pangarchulla Peak Trek:

Ever had a sub-zero camping experience with a morning view of the great Himalayan peaks. The Pangarchulla Peak trek is quite adventurous and majestic at the same time. The Pangarchulla Trek journeys through the lush green meadows and dense forest of Oak. And, along with panoramic views of peaks like- Hathi Parbat, Mana Mandir, Kamet, Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, Chaukhamba, Ghori Parbat, and others ranges of the Himalayas. So it is also one of the best Treks in Uttarakhand.

The Pangarchulla Peak Trek gets steeper on its final climb, leaving most of the trekkers talking about that last climb even after you finish the trek. The trail descends downwards to the Gorson Bugyal, which is covered with a thick sheet of snow during winters. It is due to this the bugyal is best for experiencing skiing. The Pangarchulla Peak Trek is a blend of adventure and thrill with peaks like Nanda Devi, Kalanka, Chang Bhang, Hathi Parvat, Gori Parvath, and others Himalayan ranges.

Max. Altitude: 15,069 ft.
Season: April-June, Sept-Dec


Kedarkantha Trek:

The views of beautiful terrains, amazing flora and fauna, and the scenic natural views of the snow-capped mountains give enough reason to name Kedarkantha as the Winter Wonderland. Not to be confused with Kedarnath, the Kedarkantha Trek is the best trek for all the beginners who wants to explore the beauty of vast open mountain landscapes and enjoy the thrill of camping under the night sky gazing at the cluster of stars. Kedarkantha is derived from two words Kedar + Kantha which means, ‘The Throat of Shiva’. So it is also one of the best Treks in Uttarakhand.

The Kedarkantha Trek route is filled with the majestic views of peaks like Swargrohini, Bandarpunch, and Draupadi Ka Danda. And, due to the accessibility of this trek all season throughout the year, the Kedarkantha Trek offers you a great sense of beauty all season. It is because of this the beauty of trekking differs every season. In summer, the trail will be followed through Oak trees filled with colorful Rhododendrons while in winter you can glimpse at the glittering snow peaks in the sunlight. Sounds truly a Wonderland.

Max. Altitude: 12,500 ft.
Season: Sept-Oct, May-June

Kedartal Trek:

Located at a height of 15,484 ft from sea level, the Kedartal Lake trek journeys you through Indian mythology. As the lake is the source of Kedar Ganga, which as per the Hindu fact is the contribution of Lord shiva to the Bhagirath. Fueled by the surrounded peaks, the Kedartal Lake is the 2nd most beautiful high altitude lake. Surrounded by majestic peaks of Thalaysagar (6,904 m), Bhrigupanth (6,772 m), Meru (6,672 m) and many more the Kedartal Trek offer the view of Gaumukh.

Apart from that, the trek to Kedartal trek encompasses a route through the forest of Bhojpatra trees. Ancient paper trees, whose leaves are used to scriptures in ancient India. Also, you will trail through glaciers, moraines and witness glacial lakes encircled by majestic snow-capped Himalayan peaks. With this and a lot more, the trek to Kedartal trek can be performed by any fit individual with a moderate level of trek experience.

Max. Altitude: 15,485 ft.
Season: Sept-Oct, May-June

Nag Tibba Trek:

Nag Tibba Trek is a complete package of a lovely drive, panoramic views, breathtaking experience, and delightful moments. Perfect for all the beginners, Nag Tibba trekking is a perfect weekend escape into spectacular mountains. Also, known as the Serpent’s Peak, the Nag Tibba trek package is excellent for experiencing trekking, camping, and hiking. So if you are looking for a mountaineering trip this weekend, book yourself to Nag Tibba Trek. The trek trails through the 360-degree views of snow-covered Himalayan peaks, journeying through the cloud baths. So it is also one of the best Treks in Uttarakhand.

Astonishingly, the Nag Tibba height reaches an amazing height only within a few hrs into the trek. Witness the beauty of the vast landscapes and with a pleasant temperature all season, the Nag Tibba Trek can be ascended at any time of the year. The scenic drive from Dehradun to Pantwari village via Mussoorie is another advantage to the Nag Tibba Trek route as it is accompanied by an umbrella of Oaktree trails, the driveway is followed by the sparkling Yamuna.

Max. Altitude: 9,914 ft.
Season: Oct-April

Har Ki Dun Trek:

Enjoy trekking in the remotest area of Uttarakhand, Har Ki Dun (also called Har Ki Doon) is a perfect escape into the depths of nature. With the most scenic and spiritual experience to some of the mythologically inspired routes that date back to the era of Mahabharata. A perfect blend of adventure and mythology the Har Kin Dun trek explores the beauty of nature in its rawest form. With lush green meadows and vast landscape, the trek route is a total cut off from the city and a perfect escape from its crowd. So it is also one of the best Treks in Uttarakhand.

And a few kilometers ahead from Har Ki Doon valley lies the Ruinsara lake sparkling in the moonlight. Imagine an open landscape with a river flowing in the middle with the mountains on both sides of it. Like a gateway to a totally another world. That’s Har Ki Dun valley. Also, trek through the route where once Pandavas journeyed to the heaven and spell caste yourself into the beauty of Swargarohini peak. All covering under the Har Ki Dun trek.

Max. Altitude: 11,700 ft.
Season: Feb-June, Sept-Oct

Dayara Bugyal Trek:

Imagine yourself walking in a vast land of lush green meadows filled with wildflower which is covered in the white blanket on snow in winters. That’s Dayara Bugyal. Dayara Bugyal trek is an enchanting journey through the aromatic forest land filled with the chirping of exotic birds and opening up into a massive and green landscape, not to mention at a height of 12,000 ft.

Described as the garden above the cloud, Dayara Bugyal comes with an amazing view of Mt. Bandarpunch, Gangotri, and Yamnotri ranges and is easy to trek for all ages. With all this, experience the thrill of camping under the ink-blue sky with Moustache’s alpine dome tents on sharing basis. Sounds thrilling. Right?
Max. Altitude: 12,057 ft.

Season: Sept-June

Valley of Flowers Trek:

Situated at an astonishing height of 14,107 ft. the valley of flower is one of the famous sites for tourists across Indian and abroad, especially Europeans. Declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2020, the Valley of Flower Trek is one of the oldest trekking sites in India. Charmed with colorful flowers indulge in the spiritual vibe of Hemkunnd Sahib Gurudwara nestled deep in the valley at a height of 14,000 ft. Inhabited by a beautiful crystal clear lake, the gurudwara sits on the sides of glaciers. And, if you visit during the post-monsoon season, you can witness the clouds hovering above the building. A real view from the paradise hidden in the mountains. So it is also one of the best Treks in Uttarakhand.

Max. Altitude: 14,107 ft.
Season: July-Sept

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek:

As one of the oldest and the most beautiful treks in India, Gaumukh Tapovan Trek will take you to the source of the sacred Ganga. Discover the site where this backbone river of India originates. Following the trail through Gangotri National Park, the Gomukh Tapovan trek will guide you through crossing several clear streams and uncover the beauty of dense Oak and Pine forest filled with vibrant flora and fauna.

Ease yourself into the beauty of high altitude grassland, Tapovan with emerald green Tapovan Lake. The beauty of the Gaumukh trek exceeds or should I say, turns massive when you find yourself in front of the majestic Mt. Shivling and Bhagirathi sisters. By the end of the Gaumukh trek distance of 45 Kms, the only thing you are left with is the feel of self-actualization with the majestic beauty of these awe-struck natural beauties.

Max. Altitude: 14,600 ft.
Season: May-June, Sept-Nov

Bali Pass Trek:

What makes the Bali Pass Trek so special is the trails through some of the most spiritual spots of the nation. Passing through one of the Char Dham – Yamunotri, the Bali pass Trek covers the route to Har Ki Dun and Ruinsara Tal valley. The Bali Pass trek height of 16,240 ft. encompasses amazing trails filled with wildflower. Witnessing the black marble idol of the goddess Yamuna, the Bali Pass Trek gives you a walk through the mythological road to heaven with a beautiful view of Swargrohini Peak and mesmerizing Ruinsara Tal Lake.

And, this is just the beginning. Later in the trek, you will find yourself surrounded by the majestic Himalayan Peaks alongside taking a glimpse of Bandarpunch Peak and Kalang Peak. The Bali Pass trek itinerary also covers the route to the Saptrishi Kund and gives you a visit through the village of Osla with simple yet sustainable architecture. With all this the Bali Pass Trek, gives you an unbeatable view, teaching us our true size in this glorious world.

Max. Altitude: 16,240 ft.
Season: May-Oct


Brahmatal Trek:

Situated at the height of 12,250 ft. from sea level the Brahmatal Trek is known for its peak views. Witness the beauty of Mt. Nanda Ghunti and Trishul along with the view of two high-altitude alpine lakes- Bekaltal Lake and Brhamatal Lake. These high-altitude lakes are mostly frozen. So frozen that you can even experience walking over it. The Brahmatal Trekking is accompanied through the Triveni Ghat- one of the convergence points of three mythological rivers- The Ganga, The Yamuna, and The Saraswati. Apart from the Brahmatal trek, you can enjoy the adventure of bungee jumping and experience the thrill of river rafting at Rishikesh, the beginning point of the Brahmatal Trek package. With tonnes of fun and adventures, the Brahmatal trek package is a complete mountaineering experience.

Max. Altitude: 12,250 ft.
Season: Sept-June

Pindari and Kafni Glacier Trek:

With a great view of some of the famous peaks and sometimes a small walk to the glaciers, Pindari Kafni Glacier Trek is the complete journey what an adventurer always looks for. Trekking through the Pindari Kafni Glacier Trek, our final destination is for sure the glaciers, meanwhile, you can enjoy the beauties around. Traversing through the glaciers, you will be encountered by the amazing hospitality of the local villagers. The Pindari Kafni Trek trail to the Pindari Kafni Glacier Trek is followed through the dense forest of Rhododendron and Oak.

Crossover via wooden bridges, and walkthrough from various flowing as well as frozen streams. With an ancient history as the trade route between India and Tibet back in the 1830s, the Pindari Kafni trek is best suited for a group of friends and also good for the families. You can bring your children to this trek as the Pindari Kafni Glacier trek will never ask for a very perfect fitness standard.

Max. Altitude: 12,664 ft.
Season: April-May, Sept-Nov

Roopkund Trek:

The less famed Roop Kund Trek begins from the basecamp at Lohajung, Kathgodam. And since the trek is not known by many, the entire Roopkund Trek route is filled with relatively less crowd than any other trek. Thus, only accompanied by you, your group, and the best views of the Himalayas throughout the beautiful Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand. Experience the view of Panchachuli, a set of five peaks at the end of the Kumaon region of the Himalayas.

Spot all the five sisters, best visible from the Moustache base camp, Panchachuli. One of the centers of attraction in the Roopkund Trek route is the famous Darma valley. Often compared with Spiti and Ladakh valleys, Dharma Valley is considered the only hidden valley of Uttarakhand, a region full of lush green vegetation and vibrant wildlife, making it another reason for making the Roopkund trek.

Max. Altitude: 16,100 ft.
Season: May-June, Sept-Nov

We hope with our list of best treks in Uttarakhand, you’ve found enough reason to take a break. And hope you are looking for your booking to one of the Moustache’s Uttarakhand Packages. Experience the occult beauty and adventurous delight of trekking in Uttarakhand, with the beauty of Great Himalayan peaks hidden in this Land of God. Book your escape now. For any queries call us or write to us today!
Until then, keep reading and keep traveling.