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Workation Guidelines you need to know at Moustache Goa Cowork

About Workation Guidelines you need to know at Moustache Goa Cowork

What is better than a workation in Goa? We won’t be surprised if you can’t answer that question. A seasoned workation traveller may already know. But the uninitiated might ask, what is this “workation” everyone keeps talking about? If you are that person, keep reading to find out.

As the world cheered on for “Work from Home” during the pandemic. After some time, the working professionals were looking for a change. While working in the comfort of your pajamas, it sounds cozy. It can become a monotonous and hectic task quickly. And that’s where the ‘Workation’ trend comes in.

Workation, simple means WORKING while on VACATION. Yes! Working while you travel. How does that work? Well, you are on a workation if you decide to take a work call while hiking up to a scenic spot, send emails around a bonfire, or finish that report at a cafe by the ocean. If that sounds cool and you are wondering as to, “Where should I plan my workation?”.

An epic workation destination is where your desktop wallpaper of turquoise blue water over white-sand of a Goa beach becomes your new workspace. And no other place could beat Goa as the perfect workation destination. While there may be a plethora of workation destinations around Goa. No place combines both ‘work’ and ‘play’, like Moustache Goa Cowork.

Experience a comfy stay in Goa and a relaxing work environment, including all amenities a working traveler may ever need. Moustache Goa Cowork is a paradise for Digital Nomads, and the best place to stay in Goa for your Workation. While we have got your back, in every scenario, to make your work vacation smooth.

We prescribe some guidelines to ensure a great experience for our guests.

Respect your Workation Colleagues

Workation requires juggling both work and lay at the same time. Meanwhile, for some, it may be time to play, while others may have just logged in. In any case, we ensure you get a chill space to decompress as well as a distraction free space to attend that call. You may ask, how? Well, by providing you with private workstations, coworking office space stocked with every necessity you can imagine. Including a splendid view of Lush Palm trees and cornfields.

Moreover, at Moustache Goa Cowork, we respect and value everybody’s privacy and individual requirements. While also promoting a sense of belonging and shared experiences. To prevent those values from clashing. We request our guests to respect personal spaces and refrain from unnecessary noise/ruckus especially in coworking areas.

Stream and Surf – Anytime

Murad, from the hit movie “Gully Boy,” captured the emotion perfectly. When he wrote, Roti, Kapda aur Makaan + “Internet”.

You obviously don’t want any interruption while in the middle of an important meeting or disconnect in between an important presentation. Therefore, perhaps the most important requirement for a successful workation is a fast and stable Internet connection. At Moustache Goa Cowork, we provide you with fast and uninterrupted Internet connection at all times and places. Connect to the seamless Wi-Fi, whether you are on the terrace office, ground floor cafe or in the comfort of your room.

Though, we provide a fast Internet connection with ample capacity to handle all our guests. We make this one suggestion to our guest, that is to maintain the digital etiquettes and to respect everyone’s privacy. You are welcome to enjoy, surf, stream or download. But no network can keep up, if someone starts mining Bitcoin on the public Wi-Fi.

Work anytime, anywhere

If you are asking, what about people working the night shift? We’ve got you covered, too. Moustache Goa Cowork rooftop coworking space is open 24 hours, 7 days. Our in-house guest can use the fully functional office at any hour of the day or night. You can also work with people other than In-house guests from 9 AM to 10 PM by paying extra. Won’t the events and musical jams create distractions while working the night shift?

While the other corners turn lively and fill with energy at night. We ensure to maintain a quiet and professional ambience at the rooftop working space. We only request you to adhere to the ‘no smoking’ and ‘no food’ policy while using the Coworking office facility. Although, you may grab that much needed coffee break or a delicious meal at our In-house cafe. You can also check out Moustache Luxuria Goa, for the most luxurious room in Goa, perfect for a relaxing workation experience.

Work and let work

The best coworking space in Goa, Moustache Goa Cowork tries to deliver the best to every guest. So while, you may head back to your office, or simply to another Workation location. We want you to come back and experience the same amazing hospitality and service as last time. Every time.

In order to achieve that, we encourage our guests to respect the public spaces and property. We try to provide facilities like ergonomic furniture, air-conditioned and quiet coworking space to ensure no dip in productivity. And just in case you face any issue, our trained staff is always there to help you out.

Work hard Play harder

Last but not least, at Moustache Goa Cowork we live by the mantra, “Work hard & Play harder”.

Kyunki, jab workation pe na ja paye toh dukh hota hai, lekin workation pe enjoy na kar paye toh zyada dukh hota hai.

That’s why at Moustache Goa Cowork, we regularly organize musical jam sessions, fun-filled activities and events. Because we understand that, it’s not only about a comfortable stay. You also need to wake up refreshed and energized to get back to work. That’s why after winding up your work.

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So this was the complete blog about Workation of Moustache Escapes. Does that sound too good to be true? Well, you have to see it to believe it. And if you are still on the edge, about planning your goa trip. Call at 8929100705 or visit Moustachescapes, to find about Goa Workation Packages.

Also, check out our Social Media to follow the latest in travel. Visit our blog for amazing destinations and travel related stories. Till then, keep exploring, keep travelling.