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Foods Above the Clouds – Traditional cuisines from the valley of Kashmir

About Foods Above the Clouds – Traditional cuisines from the valley of Kashmir

Kashmir is a foodie’s paradise, not just in terms of scenery. Kashmir food trip is a must-try experience with local delicacies that will take you on a varied and flavorful journey of a lifetime. Here we will explore about Kashmir Traditional Food.

Not only can you find Mughal and Arab influences in the dishes, but many of them will have a Kashmiri pandit signature on them. In addition, Ladakhi cuisine consists primarily of boiled or steamed foods. It’s both nutrient-dense and tasty.

Food from Kashmir is a delectable experience that will have you drooling over your phone because of the delicious combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Take a look at the famous food in jammu and kashmir.

1. Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh has to be the first dish that comes to mind when thinking of Kashmiri Cuisine. Kashmiri Food has made a name for itself in the culinary world thanks to its delectable signature dish. Rogan Josh is a flavorful lamb curry made with a combination of spices, yogurt, and browned onions. It’s a low-fat, nutritious dish that’s best served with rice or naan bread. If you’re not a vegetarian, you won’t be able to eat just one helping of one of Kashmir’s best dishes.

2. Dum Olav

No, you didn’t order Dum Aloo the last time you went to a restaurant. Take a trip to Kashmir and try Dum Aloo in Kashmiri Food style if you want to experience true authentic Kashmiri cuisine. Yogurt, ginger paste, fennel, and spicy spices are used to cook the baby potatoes. This basic dish’s fragrance alone is enticing. It’s best served with roti or naan bread. So it is also a delicious Kashmir Traditional Food.

3. Modur Pulao

Modur Pulao is not the same as the pulao your mother makes for you in the tiffin. Milk, saffron, ghee, and cinnamon are used to make this dish. That’s not the case! After that, the rice is topped with a plethora of dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, and raisins. Because of the sugar in it, you can detect a touch of sweetness. The primary ingredient is saffron, which is grown in Kashmir. Saffron’s vivid golden color adds such visual appeal to rice. This Kashmiri Food is one of the must-try Kashmiri dishes for rice lovers. This is, without a doubt, the most popular traditional food in Jammu and Kashmir. So it is also a delicious Kashmir Traditional Food.

4. Goshtaba

Kashmiris, like Kashmiri pandits, eat a lot of meat. As a result, nonvegetarian dishes are abundant in Kashmiri Cuisine. Goshtaba is a traditional delicacy with a royal flavor that originated as a dish for kings. As a result, it is only prepared in the Kashmir household on royal occasions. It’s essentially minced mutton balls cooked in yogurt gravy with a variety of spices. Its enticing flavors can make you want to eat more than one serving.

5. Yakhni Lamb Curry

Yogurt is used in a lot of Kashmiri Cuisine, and Yakhni Lamb Curry is no exception. It is a well-known name in Kashmiri Traditional Food. The lamb is prepared in a gravy made with yogurt, mawal flowers, onion paste, and dry mint leaves. The scent of black and green cardamoms, as well as fennel, will instantly make you hungry. Serve with rice to enjoy this authentic Kashmiri delicacy. It’s also available in a vegetarian edition. The vegetarian version of the dish is called Al Yakhni and is made with bottle gourd or lauki as the main ingredient.

6. Lyader Tschaman

If you believe that there aren’t enough vegetarian dishes in Kashmiri Cuisine, you’re mistaken. Lyader Tschaman is Kashmiri cottage cheese that is cooked in a rich creamy gravy. The cottage cheese and gravy in Kashmir are both yellow. This dish can be found in almost every home. Even non-vegetarians will be unable to resist this traditional delicacy. It is, without a doubt, the most popular vegetarian Food in Kashmir.

7. Kashmiri Muji Gaad

This Famous food in Kashmir is served during special occasions and festivals during the month of December. The dish consists of fish that has been cooked with radish or nadur. It has a distinct flavor due to the combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients, as well as the addition of spicy spices and herbs. Serve the dish one hour after it has been prepared to enable it to settle. With rice and haakh, serve the Muji Gaad Fish Radish Recipe.

8. Kahva

It is customary to drink Kahva tea in Kashmir. One of the Famous food in jammu and kashmir food culture, kahva is a well recognized beverage across the nation. Kahva is a saffron-infused herbal green tea with almonds and walnuts. Kahva is eaten at any time when there is a feast or festival. Since Kahvah is made in every household, there are 20 different variations. Some people want to put milk in it as well. It’s also known as Maugal Chai in some villages and areas. It is Jammu and Kashmir’s traditional cuisine. So it is also a delicious Kashmir Traditional Food.

9. Shab Deg

Shab Deg is a long-forgotten Food of Kashmir that evokes nostalgia just by saying its name. Anyone from Kashmir who reads this will understand. Shab Deg is a meat delicacy that is prepared overnight with patience and rich ingredients. Shab refers to the night, and Deg refers to a large cooking vessel. A rooster is cooked overnight with turnips and spices to bring out the flavors in the dish, and the vessel is sealed with dough. It’s a special dish made for large families or when you’re entertaining guests.

10. Matschgand

If you’re visiting Kashmir, don’t miss out on Matschgand. This common Food from Kashmir culinary culture will tantalize your taste buds. It’s a dish for meat-eaters that’s made with a spicy red gravy. Nuts and dried fruits are often added to the dish to enhance the already delicious flavor. This Kashmiri Cuisine is conveniently available in Kashmir’s various restaurants.

11. Butter Tea

Butter tea, which originated in Tibet, is one of Kashmir’s most well-known and popular dishes. To make this delectable delicacy, butter and salt are added to the tea. Some locals can add yak meat to it to add more flavor and taste, and it is one of the unique Kashmir wazwan dishes.

12. Khambir

Khambir, is a pan-shaped local bread served primarily with butter tea. A must-try Kashmiri Traditional Food for adventurous travelers looking to try something new. Khambir is a brown bread with a thick crust that is eaten for breakfast. It’s made with local whole wheat and makes diners want more and more.

13. Thenthuk

Food of Kashmir, is also influenced by boiled, warmed and highly nutritious dishes from Leh-Ladakh. Thenthuk, is one such food of Kashmir, which being originated in Leh-Ladakh region gained [popularity as a famous food in jammu and kashmir. This Leh’s noodle-soup dish is prepared by combining irregular pieces of noodles with local wheat flour dough. To improve the flavor and taste of Thenthuk, chunks of mutton or yak meat are added. Since Thenthuk is such a filling meal, it’s best to eat it for lunch or dinner. So it is also a delicious Kashmir Traditional Food.

14. Sheermal

Sheermal is a delectable delicacy that you must try during your culinary adventure in Kashmir. This flatbread, flavored with saffron, will melt in your mouth and leave you speechless. Sheermal is a crisp and sweet Kashmiri Food that is simple to make at home. While in Kashmir, do try your hand at this dish. Enjoy the authentic taste only learned by preparing it with the locals.

15. Nadir Monji

Nadir Monji is a flavorful Kashmiri Food that is ideal for those who enjoy fried and spicy foods. Nadir Monji, made from Lotus stem, is a popular snack among Kashmir residents. To make this dish, a gram flour and spice paste is applied to the Lotus stem before it is deep-fried. Nadir Monji, served with a mint dip, will satisfy your hunger while exploring Dal Lake. This food from Kashmir is widely available in Dal Lake.

Kashmiri Cuisine is diverse and colorful. And now you know what you’ve been missing out on, not just the mesmerizing north’s snowy mountains and breathtaking valleys, but also the enticing delicacies of Kashmiri Traditional Food. The delectable flavor will satisfy your taste buds, but you will be left hungry and greedy for more.

So this was the complete blog about Kashmir Traditional Food of Moustache Escapes. We know you can’t help but fantasize about the delectable dum aloo and succulent rogan josh. So, don’t waste any more time and add the delectable food from Kashmir to your dinner table right now. Zaika-e-Kashmir will take you to Paradise and give you a glimpse of heaven.

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