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A Christmas Present for Indians Traveling to the UK

Looks like Santa has come bearing gifts ahead of the schedule this Christmas. Now, That may not be applicable to everyone! But for Indian nationals looking forward to traveling to the United Kingdom, the gift bearer has come by the name of Alex Ellis. The British High Commissioner to India, in his tweet, expressed, “Good news for those traveling from India to England – visit visas now within a standard time of 15 working days ”. So this content is about Christmas Travel.

If you are someone who is planning a vacation, taking a business trip or celebrating New Year’s eve in the UK. Things are just getting merrier! While some trickier cases may take longer time to process, the overall goal was to reduce the friction between traveling to and from across England and India.

Who gets the most benefit?

There are several different categories of VISAs according to the duration and character of your trip. A UK Standard Visitor visa is required for entering the nation for a short amount of time. That may include visiting family or acquaintances, business or leisure trips, or a short study course in the UK. If you are someone looking to fly on the go, consider the priority visa option, which now has a five-day turnaround time, according to the Times of India.

In his film tweet, British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellies also mentioned, “Two months ago, I said that our aim was by the end of the year to be turning around visit visas from India to the UK within our standard time of 15 working days. The great news is that the team has now achieved it through fantastic work here in Delhi and across the whole visa network,”. While the Commissioner hailed it as good news, he also explained that there are a few cases which might take longer than 15 days due to complex situations.

Vacation in England evermore easy

Furthermore, according to the sources, the High Commissioner insisted travellers provide the right information while applying to avoid any issues. Nonetheless, the news was received positively by aspirants looking for a Visa to Great Britain and the United Kingdom. So your dream of celebrating New Year in London or Scotland is evermore easy. Thanks to the Ministry of External Affairs and UK authorities, a luxury vacation to the United Kingdom is now just a flight away.

The jolly good news has definitely ignited that wanderlust in the traveler community. Be it a solo backpacking trip to Europe, or a friend or a family member inviting you for a grand holiday in the UK. Start planning your UK travels well ahead of time, 15 days at least! So this was the complete content about Christmas Travel of Moustache Escapes.