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Why should the Mount Abu Winter Festival be on your bucket list?

Like the endless palette of colours that adorn the walls of its forts and the clothes of the people of Rajasthan. The heritage heaven state is also home to endless folk festivals and celebrations across the province throughout the year. Now as the fervour of the grand Pushkar Mela comes to its end. Rajasthan welcomes you to enjoy its diverse heritage and varied landscape at the Mount Abu Winter festival.

Moreover, this year the festival is making a grand comeback after a long slumber subsequent to the pandemic years. Extend your stay in Rajasthan and start your new year with the colours, dance, music and other epic treats at the Mount Abu Winter Festival? 

What makes the Mount Abu Winter Festival special?

Firstly organised by the Tamil Nadu Government and Rajasthan tourism board to give people a break from the routine. The festival quickly grew in popularity due to its picturesque location and unique events. Moreover, the timing of the festival from 29th Dec to 31st Dec offers a perfect setting for tourists looking to celebrate their New Year’s Eve in style. 

According to the Times of India, the 3-day festival is celebrated in the one and only hill station in Rajasthan. Mount Abu is also the highest point in the vast state. Furthermore, the Winter festival is the best opportunity to explore the more intimate side of Aravalli Mountain Range. The first day of the festival, witnesses the royal splendour and the valour of the Rajasthani people first-hand. 

The charming festival begins with an extravagant parade through the town ultimately terminating at Nakki Lake. Experience the high point of the day during the Deepdaan. Where thousands of earthen lamps are floated over the lake to pray to the Gods. Definitely a feast for the eyes and a delight to the lenses of photographers out there. And that’s just day 1!

Furthermore, the next two days or the last days of the year are celebrated with even more energy than the opening day of the festival. The small festival in its hay days now attracts thousands of tourists for its adventure activities, colourful rides, folk music, dance and lip-smacking Rajasthani cuisine. Satisfy your tastebuds by sampling uncommon Rajasthani dishes like Lal Maas, Dal Bati churma, Ker Sangri, Pyaaz Kachori and many more.

Khamma Ghani to a New Year

Last but not least, the Mount Abu Winter festival attracts the best local artists from all over the state. According to the sources, you will get to witness the best talent performing Rajasthan’s traditional folk arts like Ghoomar, Kalbeila, Gair and other dance forms too. The cultural extravagance is equally matched by the fiery singing concerts and musical performances.

Welcome to the winter paradise in Rajasthan from photographers to foodies, adventure sports enthusiasts to history. The Mount Abu Winter Festival is definitely yet another reason to extend your Rajsthan bucket list.