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Promoting Tourism with Colors of Rajasthan at Folk Festivals Across The State

About Promoting Tourism with Colors of Rajasthan at Folk Festivals Across The State

The already vibrant Rajasthan tourism scene is about to get a lot more colourful. In a bid to promote tourism, the state government of Rajasthan has proposed to organize folk art festivals and competitions across the state. Bouncing back from non-existent tourism during the pandemic era disruptions. The state is mulling over proposals to revive its extraordinary tourism industry. One such measure proposed lately is to organize Folk art festivals and competitions beginning from the panchayat level to the state level. So here we will read the blog about Promoting Tourism With Colors Of Rajasthan At Folk Festivals Across The State.

With additional benefits like uplifting the local artisans and master craftsmen generation. In addition, tourists can enjoy the fading away arts and conserve the traditional cultures and rich heritage of the state. The proposed festivals check off many boxes all at once in theory. 

Land of Kings and Grand Festivals

People familiar with Rajasthan tourism may know about many famous festivals already being celebrated in the state. Like the famous Jaipur literary festivals, Jodhpur’s world music festival and the famous camel and livestock Pushkar Mela. Currently, there are 23 such festivals being organized over Rajasthan across the year. The state government proposes numerous such festivals organized right at the panchayat level.

Such ground-level festivals will harness the capacity of underdeveloped regions and the vibrant culture and arts of Rajasthan. The proposal also came with a backing of 27 crore Rupees annually to support this plan. Emphasis and priority will be given to key regional tourism destinations yet to be properly developed in hosting the event.

The Chief Minister stated that tourists already visit famous destinations like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Sawai Madhopur etc. But there are so many places in Rajasthan yet to be explored with huge potential to showcase their culture and Promoting tourism.

“Padharo Mhare Desh” from every corner of Rajasthan

The Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot has asked to prepare a detailed plan as soon as possible. He also said, “The festival is planned in such a manner that all such destinations can be prominently highlighted among tourists so that they have new choices for planning their trips and spend a few more days in Rajasthan”.

With this plan, Rajasthan tourism is expected to be more robust and dynamic. The Ministry of Tourism also cited some stats saying that domestic tourism in Rajasthan has gone up by 90.4 per cent compared to 2021 as the country reels back from the lockdowns. Now with ever more reasons to Rajasthan, the adding festivals to every village. The whole of Rajasthan is saying to the tourists, “Padharo Mhare Desh”. So this was the blog about Promoting Tourism of Moustache Escapes.