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5 Best Places for Destination Wedding in India

They say Marrying someone is the most special occasion one shares with the love of their life. While Indian weddings are notorious for their extravaganza, be it the food, drinks, dress or the over the top dancing guests. Although one more sure way to make that day extraordinary and even more memorable is to plan a destination wedding in India. Forget about the hustle to manage everything and outsource your ̧dream wedding while enjoying the most effective destination wedding cost in India. While the country is full of scenic landscapes, we believe that the best wedding destinations in India are way more than that. 

While looking for the best destination wedding places in India, keep the infrastructure, wedding planners, weather conditions, etc. in mind. Just in case you were choosing ease of mind while planning your wedding and all these factors are again stressing you out. Don’t worry, just lay back and relax, as we bring you the destination wedding locations in India. 

#1 The Grandest Destination Wedding in Jaipur

Starting the list with probably the most sought-after destination for a wedding is the royal Capital city of Jaipur. With a plethora of surreal hilly resorts and royal settings, the destination wedding near Jaipur is a dream come true for any bride and groom. Jaipur destination wedding places include many 5-star resort chains to unique boutique hotels in the region. 

One of those best destination wedding places in Jaipur includes the brand-new Moustache Grassfield Valley Resort. One of the most quaint and tucked away destination wedding resorts in Jaipur. The resort is a heaven ruled by peace, a surreal landscape and all the luxury amenities. Give your loved ones their dream wedding one to cherish forever. With the most justified destination wedding cost in Jaipur, head to the luxury amidst the hills of Aravalli. The Moustache Grassfield Valley Resort is the perfect option for couples looking for the best hotels in Jaipur for destination weddings. Further with a budding wedding industry you also get access to the best destination wedding planners and management in Jaipur.

If the Muhurat permits, book your Destination wedding in Jaipur for one royal affair to remember for life.

#2 A royal and romantic affair at Udaipur

Next up on the list is a place which can easily be synonymous with Romance. Also known as the Venice of India, Udaipur’s royal galore and lovely lakes are perfect for planning a Destination wedding in India. Udaipur needs no stamp of approval. But Udaipur was cemented as India’s top destination wedding place in the Bollywood blockbuster Yeh Jawani hai Diwani. So why not plan a wedding in full Bollywood style at the top Udaipur destination wedding places?!

Interestingly, during the wedding season, these sought-after places become even dearer to destination wedding planners in Udaipur. As every couple across the country looks forward to marrying the love of their life beside the mesmerizing lake Pichola. But, if you look close enough you can find many hidden gems, away from the hustle and bustle along with grand lake Pichola views. One such best destination wedding place in Udaipur is the secluded Moustache Udaipur Luxuria lake resort. A paradise for any destination wedding photographer in Udaipur, the property offers the best backdrop for Udaipur’s scenery. Moreover offering the best Udaipur destination wedding cost packages out there. Plan your wedding and take the vow of eternal love at the Romance capital of India on a Destination wedding at Udaipur Luxuria.

#3 Wedding and Partying hand in hand- Goa

We know it was supposed to make planning a destination wedding easy for you. But when every destination on the list deserves the top spot, it may lead to some analysis paralysis. Adding one more such banger to the list of best spots for Destination weddings in India is Goa. Yes! The coastal state with its laid-back vibes and sunny weather feels like pure joy. In lieu of Goa tourism’s investments, the state is the prime beach wedding destination in India. This hypnotic coastline and tropical greenery attract couples from all over the world. Now, You can get your dream beach destination wedding in India with Moustache’s Goa Luxury beach resort.

Enjoy your wedding at the most relaxing destination of the country at one of the best resorts in Goa for a destination wedding. Moustache Goa Luxuria is a secluded gem covered with the lush greenery of coconut and palm trees. With instant access to the beaches of North Goa, Moustache Goa Luxuria is one of the best destination wedding hotels in Goa. Moreover, with exciting discounts, luxurious amenities and the most generous destination wedding cost in Goa. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the marriage festivities with your loved ones without any worry. Furthermore, adding icing on the cake is working with the best destination wedding planner in Goa to make your union, one to remember for life.

#4 A holy Union by the holy river at Rishikesh

Moving on from the deserts, lakes and open seas the list of the best destination weddings in India places you in the Himalayas. India, especially the northern parts is known for their big fat weddings, with grand events from music to food. Yet for couples who wish to get married in a quaint and serene setting, hands down we recommend a Rishikesh destination wedding.

What else can beat tying the knot of lifelong love beside the holy river Ganges amidst the majestic hills of the Himalayas? Now, you can have your wedding in the mountains by planning your destination wedding in Rishikesh at Moustache Rishikesh Riverside resort. Read your vows amid tall mountains with the best amenities and services at the most generous destination wedding cost in Rishikesh. Enquire about your Rishikesh wedding destination now and experience the best mountain wedding near Delhi. May your union stand tall like the Himalayas and your love keep flowing forever like the Ganges river.

#5 The perfect wedding backdrop in Manali

Since we are talking about a destination wedding in the Mountains. Last but not least we bring you yet another wonderful spot in the high Himalayas for a unique destination wedding in India. The magnificent Himalayas embrace this charming city that is both traditional and modern. Imagine being surrounded by snow-covered peaks reflecting the humming sound of the mighty Beas river. Away from the hustle and bustle of the world, Moustache Manali offers you your dream destination wedding in Manali. 

Experience the best destination wedding packages in Manali while skipping the crowded part of the town. Get the best quotes on destination weddings in Manali coast around the town. Manali entices couples who like hills and frost and dream of having a getaway wedding in the Himalayas. Now, can it get any more romantic?

A destination wedding is appealing in any location. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It also keeps you away from the regular Baraatis and takes care of all planning and organizing. It is a great way to enjoy a stress-free event while enjoying holy matrimony with only closest friends and family. All the while, getting an amazing chance to travel and experience the destination in a whole new light. So it is the complete blog about Destination Wedding of Moustache Escapes.