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Kathmandu Party Till 4 AM

About Kathmandu Party Till 4 AM

In Kathmandu, the night is always young! The Himalayan nation of Nepal brings mountaineers, trekkers and travellers a piece of good news to celebrate their feats. While the winter season marks the end of climbing in the big mountains of Nepal. The party in Kathmandu has just begun.

Kathmandu is filled with activities from travellers and mountain climbers from all across the world. Be it as a base camp to prepare for their adventures or a place to celebrate their accomplishments in the high Himalayas. For visitors looking to celebrate their climb at the Everest Base Camp or trekking the arduous Annapurna circuit. Kathmandu is the place in Nepal to rejuvenate and raise a toast to your fellow travellers.

Start your New year with a bang.

With a bustling nightlife scene in Kathmandu, the capital city is the mingling ground for domestic and foreign guests alike. Considering the demand for more robust timings for nightclubs and discotheques to promote tourism in the city. In anticipation of more tourists incoming for the upcoming New Year party in Kathmandu. According to Outlook India, the local police and authorities have extended the operating time for nightclubs and discos till 4 AM in the morning. Previously, all the nightclubs, lounges and discotheques operated till 12 AM with special permission from authorities.

The Police authorities said that this move would allow better management of the crowd. This way the police can provide better security and implement effective control measures at the high crowded areas. All the timings and controls would be under the stringent supervision of the oversight and the local police.

The action couldn’t have arrived at a more pleasing moment. With businesses preparing to celebrate New Year’s eve with electric fervour and the winter climbing window underway. Kathmandu is a hub of Nepal tourism attracting a great number of climbers and tourists looking to raise a toast. The move is welcomed by the local businessmen and the tourists looking to celebrate a night in Kathmandu.

Is there no end to partying in Kathmandu?

According to the sources, liquor shops selling sealed bottles can operate till 10 PM. Restaurants and eating establishments can be open till midnight. The entertainment establishments like lounges and bars with valid licenses can operate till 2 AM. The nightlife establishments like clubs and discos are allowed to operate till 4 AM in the morning.

The authorities were mulling over this decision for quite some time. Welcoming tourists to experience the nightlife of Kathmandu without worrying about security was the overall intention. Hoping to attract more tourism and better security. Those intentions after all may come true as the news has generated quite a buzz in the climbing and traveller communities. So, if you find yourself in Nepal this winter season, you know where to head for a grand gala time. So this was the blog about Party in Kathmandu of Moustache Escapes.