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Beas Kund Trek, Manali

About Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek is an ideal trek for those who fascinates glaciers. It’s your secret desire, every time you dream to witness the astonishing source of a sparkling river. Or, imagine yourself walking over the glacier. Isn’t it an exhilarating experience? Well, it sure is.

Beas Kund is famously named after the sage Vyas (Beas River in Hindi). Several say that the holy sage used to bathe and meditate near this river attaching a huge sense of importance to it. But what is more surprising about the river and its source, is the unimaginable natural beauty surrounding it. Imagine walking at the foothills of the three highest peaks around Manali covered with lush green grasslands and meadows.

The specialty of Beas Kund trekking is obviously the astounding glacier, but one of the other surprises it offers you is the spectacular landscape of vast open fields flourishing with absolute greenish meadows. Several narrow lanes of Beas Kund river (also sometimes called river Beas) slicing through the fields and giving it a touch of sparkling.

What to know about Beas Kund Trek Distance?

The trek starts with large boulders and rocks which are kind of difficult to walk on, many times you will have to balance on a single rock to find a way through the trail. But as you move forward with the trek, the terrain gradually starts moulding into a comfortable field blooming with colorful plants and viridescent meadows. Most refreshing about the trek is the continuous companionship of the Beas River till the first camping site – Dhundhi.

Only after you cross the Beas River, you will enter a dense forest of oak and pine. Trailing through them, you will reach the Dhundhi campsite. Dhundhi is also a large clearing in the middle of the valley with grasslands bushing the entire area. Nothing is more dazzling than Beas Kund camping right in the middle of the meadows and living deep in nature.

The magnanimity of the landscape is so gigantic that you seem to be like an ant in the world of natural beasts. But Dhundhi brings in the first wave of astonishment and satisfaction, both at the same time. The reason why the Beas Kund river trek is very ideal in nature is that it doesn’t take more than four days to trek to such an out of the word experience. You can have a perfect day out in Manali and later choose to trek to Beas Kund.

Beas Kund Trek length has ‘Thrill’ Element Too

The most startling experience of the entire trek comes when you trek from Dhundhi to the dazing source of the Beas River – The glacier. Please be cautious that the route from Dhundhi to the source of the river is quite difficult yet adventurous too. You will pass through patches of open barren fields and rocky terrain. The terrain where you will have to walk over the boulders and large rocks is a thrilling but sensitive area of the trek. As the glacier stretches and retracts over time, most of the part goes under the rocks, therefore making the area unpredictable. Funnily, many trekkers have also named that place a 120-hour movie scene, because if by chance you step on the wrong stone, you might get stuck similar to that movie.

But don’t worry at all, we have super trained and experienced guides for you. They will properly guide you through the way and ensure perfect safety too. The area where the glacier sits silently is unnerving and stupefying. A large frozen pond sitting at such a high with massive mountains protecting it from all the sides makes you realize that nature is indeed living. To experience and observe such a landscape is itself a mark of luck. If you are one of them, consider yourself grateful.

If you have chosen post-monsoon or midsummer as the time to pursue the endeavour, the entire valley will almost look like Kashmir valleys. Beas Kund trek height being 12,772 ft., offers a staggering view of peaks such as Friendship peak, Shitidhar, Ladakhi, and Hanuman Tibba peaks. Beas Kund trek’s best time is mainly in early summers or post monsoon. If the Beas weather stays pleasant and clear, you can also catch the views of the entire mountains, right from the foothill to the peak.

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Beas Kund Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Solang valley, trek to Dhundhi

Altitude: 6,730 ft. to 8,156 ft.
Trek: 7 km (4- 5 hours)
Meals Included: Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner
Stay Type: Stay in tents on a double / triple sharing basis

  • The trek starts through a dense forests of pine and then eventually opens up to a large rocky field. You might find it a little amusing to trek on the rocks.
  • Keep walking on the rocky path passing the gate on the right, from here follow the road to the bridge which connects Rohtang Tunnel.
  • Only after 20 – 25 min more into the trek, you will see Beas River flowing just beside you. You will have a bridge to cross the river. Once you cross the river, you will reach your first campsite – Dhundhi.
  • Dhundhi is a beautiful open field flourished with verdant meadows and grasslands. Experience the campsite in the middle of vast open field. It’s truly an amazing feeling to camp with only meadows around you.
  • You will first served the evening snacks and then later the steaming dinner. Savour them. Take proper rest tonight as tomorrow is going to be a long day with a lot of trekking.

Day 2: Dhundhi to Beas Kund and back to Dhundhi

Altitude: 8,156 ft. to 12,772 ft. and to 8,156 ft.Trek: 14 km (7- 8 hours)
Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner

Stay Type: Stay in tents on a double / triple sharing basis.

  • Wake up to a refresh sunrise view. Carry light (only essentials) today as we won’t be camping at Beas Kund, but just visit and come back.
  • Start trekking and cross the treeline to open valley, marked with gigantic mountains on the sides.
  • Refill your water bottle from one of the several streams of the Beas River crossing your way.
  • The trail is well marked with the wide view of forests and mountains on your side, reaching “Lady Leg” spot, rest there for some time and continue your journey forward.
  • After reaching the glacier, you can spot the magical views of Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar, Ladakhi and Friendship Peak and on a clear day you can even see the peaks of Deo Tibba and Indrasen down the valley.
  • Once you are satisfied from the views and have seeped in the experience of witnessing a glacier, start trekking back. The route will remain the same.
  • Return back to the campsite and rest.

Day 3: Dhundhi to Solang Valley, drive to Manali

Altitude: 8,156 ft. to 6,730 ft.
Trek: 7 km (4-5 hrs)
Meals included: Breakfast
Drive: 15 km (30mins)

  • Wake up for breakfast and trek back to Solang valley via Dhundhi.
  • The route is going to be the same. Catch the last glimpse of astounding beauty and breathtaking views.
  • Upon arriving Solang Valley, the trek ends.

Things to Carry for Beas Kund Trek

  1. Shirts / T-shirts –2/3, Jeans / Trekking Pant
  2. Windproof jacket of decent quality (no flimsy wind cheaters please!) preferably with a hood
  3. Warm and thick Fleece / Full-sleeve Woollen sweater
  4. Thermal inner wear (upper & lower), Scarf/muffler (optional)
  5. Woollen cap, Woollen gloves, Woollen socks & regular socks (3-4 pairs)
  6. Comfortable Trekking/Hiking shoes (Waterproof shoes with a thick sole are recommended)
  7. Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers
  8. Raincoat / Poncho, Small quick dry towel
  9. Water bottle (sturdy ones, no empty Bisleri bottles!!)
  10. Cap / Hat to keep the strong sun away from your face
  11. Sun glasses (polarized/UV Protected), Walking stick / Trekking pole
  12. Sunscreen Lotion, Lip Balm, Torch / Flashlight (with extra batteries)
  13. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication
  14. Personal toiletries
  15. Hand Sanitizer
  16. Extra face masks

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