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When in Udaipur for the World Music Festival, don’t miss this about the City

About When in Udaipur for the World Music Festival, don’t miss this about the City

Are you all set to welcome spring with symphonies? Udaipur World Music Festival is going to add all the melodies in your life. It welcomes artists and people from across the nation and from all walks of life.

Pack your bags and head straight for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And if you are not sure about how to enjoy in ‘The City Of Lakes’, Don’t worry. We have got it all covered.

We are all set to host you while you witness the white city with all its romance from The King’s Palace. Music can be felt even in the air of this romantic destination. It is pure and dwells deep into your heart. Udaipur takes the monotonous life out of you and fills your heart and soul with joy. Here are a few suggestions just for you:
Experience the colorful culture of Mewar in Bagore Ki Haveli.

Are you one of those who wishes to witness the music and folk dance of all the places that you visit? If yes, head straight to this place and you can literally feel the culture of Mewar. From their famous folk tales, puppetry show, folk dances, and a culturally embedded museum. They have surely got it all covered. This 18th-century construction retains the royal touch and has a unique style of architecture.

Feel the breeze beside Lake Pichola.

The moment you come out of the haveli, you are gonna be lucky enough to feel the breeze. What makes this breeze so special? Well, just grab a kulhaad chai or a cup of coffee and sit near the lake. You are definitely going to love the serenity. This is a man-made wonder where you can witness the city lit up and the sun goes down in front of your eyes. It is also surrounded by huge hills and views of splendid palaces. So you can also enjoy this place when you will go at World Music Festival.

Picturesque views from Ambrai Ghat

This can probably prove to be the most memorable view of your life. It is popular for the picturesque view of City Palace. You see lights and royalty all around. You can quietly sit and contemplate your life or you can visit in a group with your friends and stroll to the beautiful restaurants and cafes which offer mouth-watering food. If you want to be romantic because the city is full of love, hold your lovely partner and enjoy the candle-lit dinner in The Ambrai Restaurant. So you can also enjoy this place when you will go at World Music Festival.

Enrich your experience in the kingdom’s own superb heritage in City Palace.

It is one of the architectural miracles in India. It is also the most-visited tourist attraction in Udaipur. The palace has eleven delightfully charming palaces within itself. It is also famous for the fusion of Rajasthani and Mughal style. From the royal doors and windows to museums, even the air of this royal palace seems to be royal. It is the best heritage site and has abundant arches, domes, and towers. It will also treat you with beautiful paintings and traditional furniture.

Bid Adieu to the shining sun in Karni Mata Temple.

Generally known as The Sunset Point. The cozy lanes leading to a beautiful lake, birds chirping and the sun ready to bid adieu. Moving from the narrow streets of The Old City and realizing that our generation has not loved and lived their life to the fullest is going to be a lesson for a lifetime. You will witness old people sitting outside their homes and they may sometimes tell you some wonderful stories. The beautiful landscape is surely worth every step that you are just about to take.

Revive your childhood memories beside Badi Lake or Tiger Lake.

Do you love picnics on a lakeside? Just rent an e-bike, pick your picnic basket and you are all set. On the way, you will witness the culture of villages in Udaipur. It is one of the finest freshwater lakes in India. Walk hand in hand with your partner and refresh your souls together. You can sit near the lake for hours and feel the closest to nature. You must have heard the famous Shakespearean line, “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” So this was the complete blog about World Music Festival of Moustache Escapes.