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Activities to do in Jaisalmer – An Authentic Experience to Nomadic Lifestyle

About Activities to do in Jaisalmer – An Authentic Experience to Nomadic Lifestyle

Words like art, culture, music and Tehzeeb pop up as soon as you say Desert Safari Jaisalmer! Why not? As the area has long had a rich cultural and traditional background. That is how Jaisalmer has grown over time. This blog will describe the unique lifestyle of a Desert Wanderer. Here you will explore about the Activities to do in Jaisalmer.

Can you imagine sleeping on a charpai in the middle of a wide desert under the light of a billion stars? Well, getting a taste of a nomadic lifestyle is somewhere along those lines. Share a magical moment over the musical bonfire in the middle of nowhere. Doesn’t it sound magical?

Take a look at our Desert Safari Jaisalmer Package for an authentic experience of Nomadic Lifestyle. Read on to know more:

Jeep Safari To The Haunted Kuldhara Village

The journey begins with an on and off-road jeep safari to one of the most haunted villages in India- Kuldhara. Enjoy a unique experience of walking through a haunted sight in broad daylight. Explore the ruins and the lifestyle of the people who once inhabited there. Lastly, capture glimpses of the place before heading forward.

Oasis Tour Followed By 40 Mins Of Camel Ride

After spending enough time in the haunted village, it’s time to visit the Oasis. It is a unique experience to visit the small water body, surviving the extinction right in the middle of the desert. Take a walk around, but do not waste the long-saved water. Later, enjoy a camel safari Jaisalmer to the Private Dunes. Sounds fun. Right! So it is also one of the best Activities to do in Jaisalmer.

The Authentic Food Experience At Nowhere

Stay at an exclusive Jaisalmer desert camp away from the bustling city, tourist crowds, souvenir vendors. Literally in the middle of nowhere with a bonfire and desert backdrop. You have enjoyed barbecues in a jungle but how about a Chulha in the middle of the desert. The spot for prepping for your authentic Rajasthani Cuisine.

Cultural Performances & Sleep Under The Stars

Enjoy bonfire night with folklore, authentic food, and traditional dance performances by local artists. Exclusively curated to create a night to remember. Lastly, the most heavenly surprise awaits ahead. Get a unique experience of sleeping under the blanket of countless stars. Something that is genuinely extraordinary.

Wake Up To Witness Peachy Sunrise

If you haven’t experienced the sunrise in Jaisalmer, you are missing out on something truly unforgettable. Wake up early on the second morning to see the tangerine dawn over Jaisalmer’s huge desert. This is an experience that can’t be described in words. The trip ends with a final Camel ride back to the jeep and back at the hostel. So it is also one of the best Activities to do in Jaisalmer.

We hope you had a splendid trip abundant with plenty of once-in-a-lifetime experiences from Jaisalmer Desert Safari. From sleeping under the billion stars to listening to folklore at bonfires, the Jaisalmer safari package is a liberating experience overall.

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