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Why You Should Visit The Pushkar Fair In 2022?

About Why You Should Visit The Pushkar Fair In 2022?

An authentic Indian trip would be incomplete without a visit to the local MELA. Wondering, what is a Mela? It is a meeting of people, a gathering, or what you would call a ‘fair’ in English. Lifeline of India, these fairs are a platform for trade, religious exchange, and a place to have a gala time. One such fair of joy and colors is the grand fair in the beautiful city of Pushkar in Rajasthan, India. It is famous for its annual Camel Fair which takes place in October or November every year. The Pushkar Fair also known as Pushkar Mela has been held since ancient times and attracts tourists from all over the world. Set beside the holy Pushkar Lake considered sacred by Hindus. A great number of locals and tourists celebrate it with great enthusiasm.

A brief history:

The festive season of Diwali brings a new auspicious month of Karthik in the Hindu calendar. And the people of Pushkar have celebrated Karthik Purnima (Full moon) for centuries. Hindu pilgrims travel to lake Pushkar, to take blessings from Gods and Goddesses.

The festival grew to become a trading ground for camels and livestock. Recently, the Pushkar fair with Government help has emerged as a travel destination. Tourists can experience the authentic Rajasthani culture and unique events. Let us explore the Hows, the What’s and Why is the Pushkar fair worth visiting.

What to do at the Pushkar Fair?

Camel Caravans and Races

The Pushkar Mela is a great place to watch some camel races. Camel owners from all over North India come to the fair to show the mettle of their camels. It’s an entertaining and exciting event for everyone, including children. You can even bet on the winning camels with one of the colorfully dressed bookies. If you don’t fancy placing a bet or riding a camel. Check out the stalls with leather goods, jewelry, and hookah pipes made from camel bones.

Camels from northern provinces dress opulently to showcase their best features. You can spot people riding camels around Pushkar Lake, so don’t miss this opportunity to hop on one yourself. Pushkar and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan are the only places in India where you can do this!

Experience the bounty of the Thar desert on the Golden Triangle with Pushkar Tour.

The Happiness Trifecta

The thrilling races are followed by evenings full of traditional dance and music. Rajasthan is known for its vibrant folk music, dance, and savory cuisine. You’ll get all that in plenty at the Pushkar Fair. Experience the folk music and dancers performing the traditional Ghoomar dance. Fusion bands perform their modern takes on traditional music.

One thing all the fairs in the world have in common is FOOD. The Pushkar Mela is no different. This region of India is a paradise for foodies. If you can weather a little bit of spice, you’ll fall in love with the rich and savory textures of Rajasthani food. Try out the Kachoris, Lal Maas, Kala Kand, and the local favorite Dal Bati Churma. Gulp it all down with a palette refreshing Lassi or Paan. And if you like the sound of all these flavors? The Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur awaits you with more such culinary delights.

Adventures and Sports

Fairs in India, are a gathering of people be it for religious, sports, trade, or marketing events. The Pushkar fair combines camping, folk music, sports, and much more into one mega-fair.

Camping in the desert with a music and dance festival? Yes, you heard it right. You can call it the Burning Man of India, but with camels, livestock, and more people involved. Wait, It gets better! Camping at Pushkar Fair is a class apart from other camping experiences. Experience the dunes under the full moon in luxury tents stocked with amenities. This glamorous camping experience or ‘Glamping’, attracts many tourists to the Pushkar Mela.

We talked about Burning man, and now we bring you the hot air balloons of Cappadocia, right here in Pushkar. A perfect way to end the day floating over the golden sunset rays. Witness the galore of human celebration from the top on a Hot air balloon ride over the Pushkar fair.

Furthermore, you can also go on a quad-bike ride over the dunes, or take a camel safari into the desert. Pushkar Fair is the perfect place to get a picture clicked with a Cobra snake around your neck. You can find many snake charmers strolling around the fair. Don’t worry it’s nothing dangerous!

But still, for the cautious one looking for more regal experiences. Make sure to take a horse ride on the back of a Mewari horse. Considered to be one of the finest horse breeds in the world. Interestingly, these horses dominate the auctions at the Camel fair of Pushkar.

The horses were the prized possessions of the royal kingdoms of Rajasthan. Kings, armies, and foreigners came to Rajasthan to get their hands on this prized commodity. You can explore the glorious history of the Mewar kingdom and its horses all over Rajasthan. Take a trip through Rajasthan to explore North India’s rich heritage.

Planning for Pushkar Fair Golden Triangle with Rajasthan Trip

One can feel disoriented at a fair without someone there to guide you. So it is the complete blog about Pushkar Fair of Moustache Escapes. This festival is a great introduction to India’s colorful layers, for the first timers. Besides the Pushkar Fair, you may also want to explore the heritage of Delhi or the romantic Taj Mahal. Consider Moustache’s guided trips built around Pushkar Fair 2022 and the Golden Triangle itinerary. You can also check out many offbeat travel experiences all over India. Bespoke and specially curated trips are also designed for your friends and family. Only at Moustache Escapes.

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