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About Goa Activities

Welcome to the land of lazy beaches, wild parties, sunny days, and adventure sports. The vibe is forever relaxed and chilled. We compiled a list of things for you to do when in Goa. Here we will explore about Goa Activities.

Scuba Diving

They say if you’re one of those people who can’t really meditate, try scuba.

It’s time to explore the reason our planet is called the “ big blue ball”, – it’s oceans. Earth’s surface is 71% water. Having said that, you can already estimate the amount of life that’s underwater – hidden away from our eyes through the veil of ocean waves. The ocean shows it’s glory to us through activities like Scuba diving. Get lost in the vastness of the color with the biggest wave-length (pun intended), blue. The different colours you’ll see in aquatic life will blow you away. These colours shine vibrantly through the crystal clear lens of the water. So it is one of the best Goa Activities.

Places to do Scuba – Grande Island, Calangute Beach, Baga Beach
Scuba season – October to mid May

Moustache’s special tip – Breathe normally, like you do above water. Never hold your breath.


They say if you want to experience a bird’s flight, try paragliding.

Lifting off the ground and meeting the sky in all its vastness – that’s paragliding for you. While many people lift off the ground in fear, the ride becomes exceedingly thrilling and exciting. The horizons – often hidden behind buildings – become visible to your eyes. The sky opened endless for you and the ground sparkling with rivers and green trees, ah! What a life.

Moustache’s special tip – Open your arms in the sky! It’s a great feeling.

Water Parks

They say what’s the point of slides if they don’t end into a huge splash.

Goa has a plethora of waterparks to offer. Waterparks are like paradise for families visiting Goa. Tones of pools to play in and various activities to partake in – that’s the fun of waterparks. Check out the various slides that you can swish down from. Splash in the fun pools all around the park. May water parks around Goa have amazing packages for groups of friends and families. So it is also one of the best Goa Activities.

Locations – Froggy land, Splashdown waterpark
Popular seasons – March to October

Moustache’s special tip – Keep your money in a plastic ziplock while in a water park and thank us later.

Bungee Jumping

They say if you’ll never believe in gravity’s force until you skydive.

Skydiving is an ethereal experience for many. The one on one interaction with the sky will make you feel like a tiny element of the magnificent earth. Falling towards the earth at great speed will expand your peripheral view and you’ll be able to see a great deal of elements. The infinite sky on your eye level and the beautiful land below, the floating clouds waving hello to you and the earth’s arms, ready to receive you. So it is also one of the best Goa Activities.

Places to Bungee Jump – Jumping heights, Universal adventures
Popular seasons – All year round, preferably not during monsoons

Moustache’s special tip – If you have a fear of heights, make an advanced payment so you can’t back down when you reach the destination.

Goa sightseeing

They say Goa stays in the hearts of anyone and everyone who goes there.

Goa is the hub for beaches, basilicas, museums, temples and endless variety in food. Check out the old and new architecture in Goan dwellings. An important aspect of Goa sight seeing is attending trance parties. To figure out the vibe of Goa, you need to stand a whole day at the beach from sunset to sunrise, visiting the beachside shops for souvenirs and food.

Season to visit – November to February

Moustache’s special tip – Try to wind up the sightseeing part in 1-2 days, water sports activities in1 day and save the rest of the days to explore the night culture and of course, parties. Check out one day packages.

Snow park They say Goa is the land of irony.

Experience snow in the midst of the land of sunny beaches. A place where the world comes with the aspiration of getting toasty in the sunlight also offers you a place where you can cool off, maybe a little too much. Imagine- frozen. Welcome to Snow park, the place of ice mugs, ice slides, Ice bar, Ice igloo – you get the gist. There’s a whole lot of ice.

Best time to go – All year around

So this was the complete blog about Goa Activities of Moustache Escapes. Moustache’s special trip – Check out their thunder storm feature, it’s really cool. If you fall in love with the snow, our Kedarkantha trek will blow your mind.