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What’s NEW You Can Do At Udaipur? The answer is PLENTY OF STUFFS

About What’s NEW You Can Do At Udaipur? The answer is PLENTY OF STUFFS

Wondering what is hidden in the Venice of the East? Let us give you a small detour of the Lake City- Udaipur, one of the charming cities lying deep in the western reaches of Rajasthan. The city is noted for its lakes, palaces, forts, and gardens, and has a rich history dating back over a thousand years. Here we will explore about things to do in Udaipur.

Discover Rajasthan’s most beautiful nook, which is sure to charm most visitors. Spend your days walking through alleyways dripping with history, savoring delectable local delicacies, admiring colorful Rajasthan fabrics swaying in the wind, and sharing tales with locals who greet visitors with huge smiles.

It does, however, offer a variety of fun activities for visitors of all ages. Continue reading the blog to learn about different activities to do in Udaipur.

Cruise Around Pristine Lakes

When you arrive in Udaipur, the stunning Lake Pichola is one of the first sights you see. The lake’s setting almost transports you to a surreal movie scene. Apart from that, you can always head out for a blissful lake tour. Fateh Sagar Lake, Jaisamand Lake, Udaisagar Lake, Rajsamand Lake, Doodh Talai, Badi Lake, and Swaroop Sagar Lake are among the many lakes in the area. Lay back for a romantic evening, enjoying the panoramic views of shimmering waters glaring in the setting sun. And, don’t miss a photo session as you sip on your hot chai.

Walk Through Historic Landmarks

The historic city center of Udaipur is full of historic treasures at every corner. And there is no denial in that the most beautiful royal landmarks of India are found here. So, when you’re here, don’t miss out on the best ones the city is blessed with. Drop a visit to Kumbhalgarh Fort with the second-largest wall in the world after The Great Wall of China. Or, take a walk to Chittorgarh Fort aka the ‘Pride of Rajasthan State’. A visit to these ancient marvels is always a WIN-WIN. Besides, you also check out City Palace, Bagore-Ki-Haweli, Monsoon Palace, and plenty more.

Challenge Your Inner Daredevils

Try Aravali nature trekking in Udaipur if you want to have some fun and are looking for adventure activities. You’ll find the most magnificent trekking track here, walking on the laps of Aravalli and enjoying a great time in the lovely weather amidst the mystic hills. Ubeshwar Temple is the trail’s starting point, and Morvania village is where it ends. Meet the locals and have a good time with your fellow trekkers.

Witness The Classical Beauties

If you love vintage cars or just a car lover Udaipur has a special place for vintage car lovers. Located about 2 km from Moustache Udaipur, the Vintage and Classic Car Museum has some of the rarest classic and vintage car collections. The museum was inaugurated in the year 2000 by the founder of the National Motor Museum, England- Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. There are approximately 20 ancient automobiles on display, including four Rolls-Royces, two Cadillacs, one MG-TC convertible, one Ford-A Convertible, one Vauxhall-12, and various exhibits such as solar-powered rickshaws.

Feel The Essence Of Spirituality

Aside from forts, palaces, and lakes, Udaipur also has some well-known temples that should be seen during a visit. Be spellbound by the intricate carvings and stroll through the galleries of these finely crafted masterpieces. Some of these ancient temples even date back to the 10th century. Besides, the perfect geometry and fascinating ruins of the temple always leave visitors awestruck. Sas Bahu Temple, Eklingji Temple, Jagdish Temple, and Karni Mata Temple are some must-visit pilgrim places to see in Udaipur, visited by tourists across the globe.

Get An Insight Into The Local Life

If you love some Bohemian shopping and collecting souvenirs, then head out for a street shopping session at the local markets of Udaipur. Another best place to visit in Udaipur. Pick up plenty of colorful Rajasthani handicrafts and garments, at affordable rates. The market is littered with souvenirs, paintings, artisanal products, and much more. Wares are displayed on trunks of trees, in little shops, and in alleyways. There’s no dearth of choice here. Just don’t forget to smile and bargain. Besides, you will have a great time interacting with locals and devouring savory meals in the local restaurants.

Feel The Adventure Into Wilderness

Are you a nature buff? Even if you aren’t, a visit to Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary to Banta Hai. The sanctuary was built in 1987 and once used to be the royal shooting preserve of Udaipur rulers. During 1764, the sanctuary was utilized as artillery, and some guns can still be seen in the region today. Tiger Lake, also known as Jiyan Sagar or Bari Lake, is the most popular attraction here. Visitors can embark on a jungle safari or go hiking and wandering in the woods. This is one of Udaipur’s most popular activities.

Wondering where to Stay in Udaipur? We’ve got you covered

You can find plenty of experiential accommodations to suit all budgets and even keep up with the list of favorite things to do in Udaipur. Besides, we’d suggest choosing a backpacker hostel in Udaipur over an expensive hotel stay. Something that is far more fun, pocket savvy, and vibing too. Just like our Moustache Udaipur, situated within a walking distance to Lake Pichola and in the heart of the city.

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In addition to that, you can always choose to take a calming walk at one of the ghats and explore plenty of nearby attractions. All are situated within walking distance of Moustache Udaipur. Making it the best hostel in Udaipur.

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