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Water Sports Combo at Baga & Candolim Beach

What’s new in the Goa water sports package?

What is the most popular hanging spot in Goa? Surely, everybody will reply with the blue water beach in Goa at Baga. Known as the hangout of nightlife in Goa, the famous Baga beach is also known for its beach shacks and restaurants. Interestingly, Baga beach during day time is host to water rides in Goa fishing, speed boat riding, parasailing, Jet skiing, and other adventure activities in Goa. However, experiencing all those activities one by one may be a tiring pursuit. Therefore, we at Moustache bring you all the Water Sports combos at Baga & Candolim Beach in one time-saving package.

The Goa water sports package covers all the popular adventure water sports in Goa in one neat tour. Furthermore, you can heighten your adventure on another level by visiting during the best time to visit Goa for water sports. The water falls in Goa are gushing post the monsoon months from June to early October. And the best water activities in Goa can be enjoyed throughout the year barring those months. So what’s the hold-up? Book your tickets now and experience the unique Goa water sports package with Moustache. That too at the best place for water sports in Goa at Baga beach.

Experience the Top 5 water sports activities in Goa in one package.

he Goa water sports package by Moustache takes on the most accessible and electric beaches of Goa. You spot people enjoying Parasailing in Goa over the open seas, riding fast on jet skis and groups of tourists having a gala time on the bumper ride. You can get involved in adventure water sports in Goa at Baga beach soon. But first, let us talk about the epic adventure sports you will be part of on the Water sports Combo at Baga beach. Fasten your harness and take off on your first ride parasailing in Baga beach Goa.

Parasailing in Goa:-

Figuratively the most uplifting experience of Water sports in Goa is the comprehensive Parasailing Goa water sports package. An adrenaline pumping experience as you fly along the coast of Goa, getting an aerial view of the Goa townships near Baga Beach. Icing on the cake is that the Parasailing cost in Goa is covered in your water sports package.

Just follow instructions, where you will be tied to a parachute with a harness and the speed boat helps you take off. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the sea and land from up above and make some memories to cherish forever.

Jet Ski ride in Goa:-
Riding a jet ski is an exhilarating experience if your motorbike was meant to travel on the wide ocean! Yes, this exhilarating journey across the seas of Goa will satisfy your thirst for speed. Moreover, you’ll finally get those insta worthy pictures you always dreamt of. All the while getting the most lucrative jet ski ride price in Goa. Smile and ride on the fastest ride on a Jet ski. You can also take away the professional photographs completely optional to choose on the jet ski ride Goa water sports package.
Banana Boat:-
The latest water recreation on Baga Beach is the banana boat trip. The Banana ride Goa water sports package is specially designed to be enjoyed by a group. The journey cannot be described in words. All we can say is to grab on tight and enjoy the journey. On the banana boat ride in Goa hold tight to the banana shaped boat bumping up and down the tides. After completing your worth of the competitive banana ride Goa price package. Later, take a high-speed boat ride along the seashore to soar across the water.
Speed Boat ride in Goa:-
Water Sporting activities in Goa are incomplete without the speed boat ride Goa water sports package. Though relatively easy and comfy, speed boat ride in Goa is a group activity and is most fun with people. Enjoy the scenic beauty and the tides and surf of Baga beach sea front. Soak in the beauty of this moment while riding on the Arabian sea.
Bumper ride in Goa:-
Would you want to do anything as a group? In Goa, take the Bumper ride, in which you settle down or perch on a buoyant seat coupled to a fast boat. The trip is intense, but often humorous, long as it’s done with a group. It’s difficult to put into words how much pleasure it is, and it provides a lifelong of connecting experiences. Hold on to your seat because it is about to get bumpy on the bumper ride in Goa. If this sounds fun, head to Moustache Escapes to get the most hassle-free experience and lucrative bumper ride in Goa. After completing the bumper ride Goa water sports package, you’ll surely have some funny videos to show to your friends and family.
Contact or write to us, we will be happy to assist you in any way and customize your package accordingly. We at Moustache take pride in serving well and safe experiences to our guests. Happy Escaping and Bon Voyage!

Itinerary for the Combo 5 in 1 water activities in Goa

Timings: 9:30 AM to 5 PM
Pick/Drop Point: Baga, Candolim Beach
Start your day of excitement with a beautiful morning at Baga beach. Ensure to reach your pick up point at 9 AM to get a head start.

Complete the formalities and get ready for the Water Games in Goa.
Enjoy the 5 in 1 combo of water adventure activities including
Jet Ski ride
Speed boat ride
Banana boat ride
Bumper ride
Just in case, you find a crowd, we ensure you get preferential treatment and let you enjoy the rides without any hassle.
After spending your thrilling time at Baga beach, we bid adieu at 5 PM.
Moustache welcomes ever more adventures and offbeat trips around India.

Articles to Get on the water rides in Goa
  • Flip flops and swimming dress
  • Medicines and other prescriptions
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Cameras and Mobile phones (at your own risk)
  • Towel and a change of clothes
  • Snacks or food items on your own discretion

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