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Udaipur City Walking Tour

Walking Tour Udaipur – UDAIPUR Aren’t you bored of touring a city like a typical tourist?

It’s like smelling the wild smell and not tasting the real essence, isn’t it?

Cities are much more than their buildings and architecture. We believe every city has a soul of its own, a heart which you can only feel when dived deep in its history, its people and its exuberant culture. One has to stroll through its streets, chat with its native dwellers, savour its delicious local cuisine, and grant its ears to the stories reverberated from the ancient walls of antique buildings, only then one will be able to seep in the city’s spirit and become a true tourist.

The city of Dawn and the city of Lakes are few of the titles given to one of the most romantic cities in the Northern India – Udaipur. The city is surrounded with gigantic Aravalli hills from all the sides and hosts three most charming lakes of Rajasthan.

A morning cup of tea beside the Lake Pichola and an evening glass of cold coffee at one of the lakeside coffee shop will leave you enchanted. The ancient Mewar architecture and the thrilling history of Udaipur are few of the things which you must explore.

Udaipur Walking tour is an interesting expedition for travellers who wish to understand the essence of this majestic city. Unlike other Udaipur city tours, our tour to Udaipur takes you through the oldest streets, Udaipur monuments, and the real local works. The tour begins sharply at 10 a.m. and sways for 2 hours till noon.

To start on a refreshing and good note, we serve you a plat of light breakfast which usually consists of authentic local food such as Kachori Sabji, Samosa and a cup of drink. The best thing about our walking tour is the exploration of, particularly non-tourist and non-commercial areas of old Udaipur. You will be walking through workshops and factories of Leather dairies, old metal works, Kalash works, and several other pure local craftsmanship.

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This becomes the highlight of the entire tour because, through these sightings, you get to interact and understand the daunting history of those who were never mentioned in the famous books of kingship. Isn’t it exhilarating? The real India is not just the people sitting on the thrones of power and richness but the weary hands of countryside workers and craftsmanship of Indian artistries.

Between the walks through these streets, you will also visit a 475 years old school and feel the coldness of these vintage walls. Well, another good thing is that we won’t leave you just on the feel of it but will have a good old discussion over the various education system of different countries.

Wouldn’t it be nice to compare an Indian education system to another country’s system and get to comprehend the similarities and differences? The end of the tour happens at an approximately 600 years old temple which is yet not so famous but holds a much deeper history than any other temples in Udaipur. You will have enough time to trudge through the valves and the corridors and hear the ancient stories of this magnificent temple of Udaipur.

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After you have settled down a bit, we will have a short discussion over religionism and their origins. Planning a trip to Udaipur in itself is introducing yourself with a mélange of dramatic history, magnificent architecture, romantic sightings, and flamboyant stories. Even before visiting the city, Udaipur city photos will charm you and force you to put ‘City Walk Tour of Udaipur’ in your bucket list of things to do in Udaipur. Come, join us on a walk-through charming history and adorable stories of Udaipur, Rajasthan – The city of Lakes.


Start Point:

Moustache Udaipur

Start Time:  

10 am to 12 pm (2 hours)

Total Travel

3 km

• The tour starts sharp at 10 a.m. so don’t forget to be here at Moustache Udaipur by 9:30 am. Before the walk starts, we will serve you a hot steaming breakfast with local authentic food and drink. Savour it and get ready to start the expedition.

• The entire walk tour will be of around 3 km and will take approximately 2 hours in total. The area covered will not be typical tourist spots and places which can be found on google. This is your chance to explore the unchartered territory of Udaipur.

• By 10 o’clock, we will start our trek through the narrow old lanes of Udaipur. You will trudge through the workshops, local shops and factories of the following craftsmanship: –

(i) Local workshops

(ii) Local Metal workshops

(iii) Leather Diary workshops

(iv) Ancient styled paper workshops

• After you have gone through these places, had a nice little talk to the locals to understand the culture and history, we will proceed to the 475-year-old school. The moment you enter the building, you will start getting a feel of old buildings and ancient culture. Go and explore the antique classrooms and halls of the school and join us back at the main entrance.

• Once all of the travellers have seen the building and the structure, we will join together to have a small and healthy discussion over the various education systems in the world. Trust me, it’s fun to compare ours with other education system and understand the evolution of education in myriad countries.

• After school, we will walk through some of the oldest routes to reach the 600-year-old temple situated near the famous Jagdish temple. The reason why we want to take you through this particular temple and not to Jagdish temple is that every other guide will take you there but not to one of the oldest temples of Udaipur which is the one where we are going to take you.

• This temple speaks volumes of history, heritage and culture. Discover the tranquillity and peacefulness at the temple, and the sense of satisfaction which you will gain. Once through, join us back in the main hall for a small discussion over religionism and its origins.

• Get to hear everyone’s side and understanding of religion and origins of their particular religion. We will also tell you much about Hinduism and the various myths attached to it. Clear them all at once!

• This is the endpoint of our tour. Once again walk through the roads and reach the Moustache Udaipur and enjoy the rest of the day at your convenience. We sincerely thank you for choosing us and trusting us to take you through the tales of Udaipur. We hope to see you super soon for yet another thrilling experience.

The tour ends here.

Things To Carry

1. Comfortable Walking shoes

2. Cap / Hat to keep the sunrays away from your face

3. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

4. Personal toiletries

5. Hand Sanitizer

6. Extra face masks

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