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Sunrise to Sunset in Udaipur

Sunrise to Sunset Tour in Udaipur – Sunrise to Sunset tour is a complete tour of Udaipur which takes you multiple places in a single day. You get to visit Karni Mata Temple, Dudh Talai Lake, Jagdish temple, Jagdish chowk, Gangaur Ghat, City Palace, Aravalli Hills, and Bahubali Hills.

The reason this tour is named as Sunrise to Sunset is because you start the tour from a beautiful yellowish sunrise of Karni Mata temple and ends with the orangish sunset of the Bahubali hills.

The specialty of this tour other than the vast number of places it covers is the snippets of storytelling and historical talks. While you are on your way to one of the beautiful places, we will tell you all the stories attached to it too!

Guess what! Our experienced guide knows it all. We will have short discussions over the city’s history and interesting stories. It’s an ideal package that offers you a blend of all the important places in and out of Udaipur, and the exciting stories behind them.

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This trip helps you to become a local, explore the antiqueness of the city and feel the real essence of Udaipur.

What places are we going to visit?

1.        Karni Mata Temple

The famous Karni Mata Mandir of Udaipur was built by Maharana Karan Singh between 1620 – 1628. This temple is known for granting extended age and wishes to all those who visit the temple both in the morning and evening. 

Karni Mata temple that sits on a hill stop boasts breathtaking views of the sunrise in Udaipur. The temple is located exactly in the middle of the city, demarcating old and new Udaipur. This gives you a chance to witness the old Udaipur glowing with Forts, Havelis, and temples on one side and the new Udaipur with tons of corporate buildings and residential areas.

Besides the best sunrise point of Udaipur, Karni Mata temple is an ideal place to have a bird’s eye view of the entire city of lakes. How about making an amazing time-lapse of the refreshing sunrise?

There are two ways to reach the hilltop. One is through a ropeway that is usually preferred by the tourists, and the other is through a small 20 minutes long easy trek. Our tour includes the trek because we find it more achieving and adventurous.

The feel that you get after doing an exhaustive trek and witnessing the panoramic views of tangerine sunrise is unparalleled. This is a great way to start a great day. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise along with the historical temple exploration.

2.        Dudh Talai Lake or Doodh Talai Lake

Dudh Talai Lake is a small pond nestled just in the foothills of the Karni Mata temple. This lake is located just at the backdrop of Lake Pichola and holds a beautiful garden land just in the middle of Dudh Talai lake and Pichola lake.

Enjoying a quiet time around the lake comes complimentary with the morning trek to Karni Mata temple. After witnessing the sunrise, descend and explore the waters of this small pond. Just to give you a heads up, we also have a got a secret place within the garden point.

3.        Jagdish Chowk

Here come’s an interesting twist in our tour. Jagdish Chowk is one of the most significant chowks of Udaipur. It’s foursquare that holds numerous antique temples, a roadway to the forts, and delicious eateries. This chowk is a hub for all the things you love about Udaipur.

The chowk is known for some amazing street food shops and this is where we are going to have our luscious breakfast. Savor the tasty Dahi Samosa and Dahi Kachoris while exploring the weary old streets of Jagdish chowk.

4.        Jagdish Temple and Jagat Shiromani Temple

Jagdish temple is one of the most famous temples of Udaipur. Claimed to be about 575 years old, this temple holds a blend of unique architecture and aesthetic interiors. With double stories mandapa and marble stairs, it is a must-visit religious place.

Just next to the Jagdish temple comes the oldest temple of Udaipur – Jagat Shiromani temple. It is about 650 years old and holds an enormous amount of religious reverence. This temple is also exclusive to our tour. Not much famous amongst the community of tourists, we are the only few who have the opportunity to get to know the rich history of it.

5.        Gangaur Ghat

Here come’s one of our most beautiful points. Gangaur Ghat (sometimes misspelled as ghanghor ghat) holds a sensitive place in the Udaipur history and boats stunning beauty. It is a ghat which is situated right on the banks of Lake Pichola with multiple stairs dipping inside the water.

How about sitting on the stairs and putting your legs inside the water? The ghat usually buzzes with people playing Tanpura and singing some Rajasthani songs, pigeon spending their evenings, and tourists enjoying their quiet time.

Just to give you a heads up, this ghat is also a hub for several movies. Yeh Jeewani hai Deewani and Love Aaj Kal 2 are a few of those who had their shoots a the Gangaur Ghat. 

6.        City palace

City Palace, Udaipur does not require a definition. The crowned marvel of Rajasthan, this palace is the best thing you will find in the entire state. Developed over the years, the complex structure has numerous gates and several buildings within it.

City Palace is a mark and a representation of the entire city of Udaipur. But what adds benefit to our tour is that you will have your personal guide throughout the tour. He will accompany you not only throughout the Udaipur tour but also through the entire city palace tour too.

7.        Aravalli Hills

Welcome to the most exciting part of the tour. Join us for an interesting expedition in the oldest mountain ranges of this region – Aravalli hills (sometimes misspelled as Aravali hills). It’s a vault stuffed with several hidden waterfalls and secret lakes. A landscape that holds unpredictable surprises.

During the expedition of Aravalli hills, you will visit several iconic sites such as Alsigarh – waterfall point, Ubeshwar Mahadev temple, Raita hills, and some beautiful lake points. This part of the tour surprises you with myriad breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty. When you stand at the top of the Aravalli hills, you can in real see almost a range of thousand mountains standing side by side to each other.

If you have been to Kerala, you know what we are talking about. A view of a series of mountains and the sun glowing in the sky. It’s something none of the other tourists know about. This is what real Udaipur lies, in the lap of Aravalli hills.

You get a chance to see the most untouched and unseen part of Udaipur city. Guess what, if you are lucky, you might also spot some rarest wildlife!

8.        Bahubali Hills

Bahubali hills Udaipur have got famous most recently by a few travel enthusiasts. Mostly known for its alliance with Badi lake, these hills are the best point to witness the Udaipur sunset.


Start/End Point:  Moustache Udaipur

Meal Included:    Street Breakfast

  • As our tour starts from the dawn, you need to report at Moustache Udaipur sharp by 5:30 in the morning. Depending on the number of people in the batch, we will either op scooty or tempo as our means of conveyance.
  • Our first stop is the Karni Mata temple. We will commute to the foothill and then do the short trek to reach the top. The trek is easy and fun too. Once you have reached the temple, enjoy the sunrise time in Udaipur and the amazing landscape.
  • After you have had fun in and outside of the temple, descend down and walk to the Dudh Talai lake. Dudh Talai Lake is a quiet little place and gives a sense of peace.
  • Post-Dudh Talai lake, we will proceed to the Jagdish Chowk. Hope back in the taxi or scooty and ride to the Jagdish temple. We assume, by this time you will be hungry and would love to savor some good street food for your breakfast.
  • We being locals, will make you eat the best Dahi Samase of your entire life with a cup of tea. You will be given some more time to go around the shops and have something of your own too!
  • Post breakfast, we will walk nearby to visit the famous Jagdish temple and Jagat Shiromani Temple. We will also have a short discussion over their histories and several stories attached to them.
  • Next comes one of the most aesthetic stops of the tour. From Jagdish chowk, we will drive down to the Gangaur ghat. Soak yourself in the Rajasthani feels and enjoy your town time. The place is named after a famous festival in Rajasthan that is Gangaur.
  • Post-Gangaur Ghat head to City Palace, visit the museum area and get yourself clicked around the oldest monuments.
  • Here comes the highlight of our Udaipur tour. Welcome to the magnificent Aravalli hills. Please note, you also have an option to visit the Sajjan Garh fort also known as the monsoon palace.
  • The Aravali hills area is the most picturesque destination in the entire tour.  You visit the Ubeshwar Mahadev Temple, Nandeshwar, Raita Hills, Alsigarh, Kamakhya Valley, all of them hidden in the shadows of Aravalli hills.
  • What better to compliment other than hidden treasures like waterfalls, lakes, and lush forest trails.
  • During the Aravalli hill expedition, you will also stop for the lunch. Lunch is on you. Savor hot food.
  • Once you are finished with lunch, we will proceed to the Badi Lake and Bahubali hills. You will first drive from Aravalli hills to the Badi lake. Witness the beautiful waters of Asia’s biggest manmade lake and then proceed to the Bahubali hills.
  • At Bahubali hills, you will experience the best sunset point in Udaipur city. To put a cherry on the top of the cake, we will serve you a hot plate of Maggi and a cup of tea.
  • Once you have safely reached back at the hostel, our trip ends there. Moustache sincerely thanks you for choosing us and giving us this opportunity to serve you well. 

Things To Carry

1. Comfortable Walking shoes

2. Cap / Hat to keep the sunrays away from your face

3. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

4. Personal toiletries

5. Hand Sanitizer

6. Extra face masks

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