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Why KEDARKANTHA is India’s Favorite Trek

About Why KEDARKANTHA is India’s Favorite Trek

The Wait is Over. KEDARKANTHA TREK is Back Again!! Get ready for fun snow fights, amazing peak views, enjoying lakeside camping at Juda ka Talab, etc. There are plenty more things to discover in this trek, that will prove why this trek is India’s Most Wanted Trek.

Kedarkantha Trekking is one of the earliest discovered commercial winter treks in India. Throughout its history, the mountain has captivated the minds and hearts of millions of Indian hikers. Its overwhelming beauty captivates both your eyes and your heart.

Mentioned below are all the factors that make this trek, India’s favorite Trek. Take a look.

Plenty of Snow, plenty of fun

If you love snow, then you must and should go for the Kedarkantha Trek Package. Relive the child inside you and have fun with snow. During the right time of the year, Kedarkantha is covered with a white sheet of snow. Adding fun and adventure at the same time. A complete package of thrills, excitement, and breathtaking beauty.

Witness charming sunrise at Garhwal Region

If we have to define sunrise from Kedarkantha Peak, it will go like this- stared in astonishment at the spectacular, unhindered expanse of the sky filled with a rainbow of dawn hues and tints. Watching the first glimpse of the Sun in the Garhwal region is truly a sight to behold. Look at the image, if not agree with us

Travel along the Snow-Capped Peak Views

Throughout the journey, you will be able to see peaks such as Swargarohini, Bandarpunch, Kalanag, and Draupadi ka Danda as you begin your ascent. Apart from this, there is always something to admire at every point. Journey through the vast land of grass during the day and enjoy the star-studded sky in the night.

Enjoy Camping & the Myths of Kedarkantha

The Kedarkantha Trek itinerary is full of mythological tales and folklore. One of them is about the charming Juda Ka Talab, where you will set your camp before reaching Kedarkantha Summit Base camp. According to legends, once Lord Shiva opened his dreadlocks a little. And, the water that dropped formed this lake.

One of the Best Trek for Beginners

The trek route is easy for any physically fit person. In addition to that, Kedarkantha Trek gives you a wonderful opportunity to have a summit climb. Isn’t that as fascinating as your first trek experience? The ascent is not simple and gets more difficult as you approach closer to the summit. Besides, you will always be accompanied by enormous mountains.

Trekking on Kedarkantha is considerably more than it seems in the images on your computer screen. It offers you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. So what are you waiting for? Book your Kedarkantha Trek Now.

HEADS UP: Kedarkantha should NOT be confused with Kedarnath because they both are Two Different Treks.


The best part about Kedarkantha Trek is that it’s an All-Season Trek. However, the views change with Kedarkantha Weather. During the summer, the Kedarkantha trek is flourishing with trails of stunning rhododendrons and gorgeous oak trees. Meanwhile, the trek is packed with heavy snow during winters. The snow-covered peaks of the Himalayan Mountains reflect sunlight and appear as a glowing peaks under the sun.


The climb begins with a strong grade for a short distance before leveling down in the middle. The Kedarkantha Trek distance crosses multiple tiny streams, and the terrain can get muddy and treacherous at times. There are some rocky sections in the terrain, and you may come across a few boulders along the way. The last 1 km ascent to the summit is the most difficult and time-consuming.

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