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Street Food Tour Pushkar

Street Food Tour Pushkar – Amidst the charming Rajasthani folk songs, viridescent and flourishing agriculture, and magnanimity of sturdy forts, Rajasthan has thrived with its rich culture and beautiful traditions. India is a land of spectacular diversity, giving it an edge over any other country in the world in terms of religion, culture, traditions, and communities. If you haven’t licked your finger, smacked your lips and felt the desire to devour all the food at once, then you haven’t yet been to an Indian food place.

Pushkar, which is also famously known as ‘The Rose Garden of Rajasthan’ due to its profoundness in flower farming is the food ambassador of the entire Rajasthan. It is also renowned for the world-famous Camel fair and several pilgrimage sites. One of the outstanding temperaments of Pushkar is the pursuit to find the right balance between the blend of modernity and traditionality.

With India becoming a fast-developing country, it is difficult to sustain the roots of our heritage. But Pushkar is one place in Rajasthan whose veins still run with the same ancient blood of culture and tradition. The old weary streets are full with freckled Rajasthani people dressed in their heavy attire with an adorable Rajasthani turban. What better place to find the most authentic street food?

To take you through the bright-coloured streets of Pushkar and make you eat the tastiest food of the world, Moustache presents you the exciting and lip-smacking ‘Pushkar Food Tour’. With such diversity in food, taste, and free advice by the people, don’t you become so confused whom to trust and what to experiment? Where to go, and what to pay?

Well, with a decade long experience of tours of Pushkar street food, we invite you to our food walk where each and everything you taste and devour is thoroughly checked and perfectly hygienic. How about going on an expedition of not hiking a difficult cliff but hopping through some of the most amazing food of India. It is a perfect tour for people who are looking for food blogging, food photography or food exploration. A walk with utmost comfortability and reliability.

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To save you from the extreme heat of Rajasthan, the tour starts right when the sun starts going down – about 5 PM. Therefore, you must reach the Moustache Pushkar not later than 5 PM, though it is always good to reach at least 15 minutes before the time. The walk is not more than 3 km in total and will be mainly in the Pushkar main market.

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Pushkar main market is a long street full of exuberant food shops and colourful clothing shops. That’s the catch in it. While you are enjoying the taste of Rajasthani food, you can look around you and note the best shops to buy some Rajasthani souvenirs. A secret moustache perk – it’s also an amazing place for street and food photographers.

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Pushkar street food has great diversity and extravaganza. Therefore, we will take you through eight shops to make you eat the 10 best dishes of Rajasthan. To savour the essence of each taste, one has to be slow and gradual with the process of tasting it. With every bite, try to seep in the astonishing flavour of spices and chutneys. Essentially, this is all about the food tour. For someone who wants to understand the evolution of the food and the culture, has to be sensitive and considerate of its originality.

Come, join us on a short walk yet tastiest of all and enjoy the diversity of the state of infinite desert and traditions – Rajasthan. Stories go hand in hand with the flavours of food. Take this opportunity to hear out the history of heritage and culture while savouring the tangs of delicious food. You absolutely cannot miss out the chance to take Pushkar food tour when considering a Pushkar tour.


Start / Endpoint: Moustache Pushkar

Start time: 5 pm to 7 pm

Total walk: 2 – 3 km

  • After you have had your chance to explore the beauty of the city, report at the Moustache Hostel, Pushkar by 4:30 – 4:45 PM. Meet your fellow travellers and enthusiasts who are going to be with you on this short food walk. Once everyone’s gather, our guide will brief you all the necessary details regarding the tour.
  • Pushkar streets are in reality what Indian street looks like. The moment you step on them, you will hear the buzz, the excitement, the rush, and the diversity. Gradually, start exploring the flavour of our people, our culture, and our heritage. We are sure, you will love it!
  • Then we will start tasting dishes, each from a different shop and savouring them. To bring out the taste and its expression over sentence is impossible. But for your knowledge, you will be trying out the mouthwatering dishes of Vada Pav, Chole Kulche, Idli Sambhar, and other authentic dishes of Rajasthan. Well, this is the climax of the entire tour.
  • You don’t have to be confused about what dish to eat, where to eat, how much to pay, and whom to trust. Everything will be managed by us and checked thoroughly for your convenience. All you have to do is trust us and enjoy the tour to the fullest.
  • The highlight of the tour comes here. You will end the tour with the spectacular Gulkand Lassi. This is where you will for sure smack your lip and lick your fingers.

By this time, we are sure you will be full of food! Delicious food! After you have devoured the delicious Lassi, start walking back to the hostel. This walk will also help you to digest all the food which you have eaten so far. Once you have reached the hostel, it is time for us to exchange goodbyes and wishes. We hope to see you soon for yet another amazing experience.

Things To Carry

1. Comfortable walking shoes

2. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

3. Hand Sanitizer

4. Extra face masks

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