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Jogini Waterfall Trek

Jogini Waterfall Trek – Manali is like a hidden settlement behind the mist of surprises and adventures. Every time you visit the town, you get to unveil another secret of its mystical existence. Jogini waterfall which starts from the famous Vashisht temple, Himachal Pradesh, is one-of-a-kind treks from Manali.

Jogini waterfall meaning is derived from the name of the daughter of Lord Indra – Jogini who is said to be taking bath under the waterfall for a long time. Interestingly, locals of the place Vashisht also believe that several deities still live under the waterfall and hence it is strictly prohibited to make noise while touring through it.

Well, other than mystic mythological side to the renowned Jogini falls, it offers you a tremendous experience of an amazing trek through an adventurous route. Initially, the trail will start with a moderate ascend and away through the mountain, but eventually, after some time, the trail will turn into a much steeper stony and muddy ascend.

You will be walking over a route where at one side will be the mighty mountains to help you climb but on the other side, you will have a large valley going down as far as you can see with clouds floating almost at your height. Isn’t it so magical? You walking over a lonely trail with gigantic mountains walking right to you and clouds floating left to you. The entire trek is marked with dense and shallow forests of Oak and pine, and also lovely apple orchids.

With Jogini falls trek distance of 6 km one side and an ascend to a height of 7,850 ft., it is considered as one of the most charming waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh. The trail finishes in such a way that by the time you are near to the sight, a melodic sound of the gushing waterfall starts ringing your ears and suddenly you see a sprinkling stream of crystal-clear water falling from a huge stony ridge, and forming several small rainbows on the ground.

The best thing about the trek to Jogini falls, is its serenity and aloofness from the bustling of crowded towns. Not many of the tourist in Manali think to explore the beauty of this hidden mystical waterfall, therefore trudging over the trail it will be mostly you and your pals alone in the lap of secretive nature. Jogini waterfall weather and temperature coincides much with the weather of Manali. Early winters and late summers are an absolute delight to take this adventure. The mild cold yet pleasant weather will be extremely relaxing and non – exhausting. Especially, in summers you can also take a dip in the pool of water which forms just under the waterfall.

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Vashisht temple is the starting point of the Jogini waterfall trek. Vashisht temple is considered as a 4000 old relic and consists of a very important role in Hindu Mythology. Named after the famous Rishi Vashishtha, it is said that he lived in this small village for a while and is also greatly related to the Beas Kund river flowing just beside the town. The village also has Vashisht Kund or as some say Vashisht bath hit spring which considered a holy place to take a bath.

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  • Explore the history of Vashisht Temple
  • Trek through a verdant oak and deodar forests patched with apple orchids
  • Get a chance to explore the ultimate natural beauty of Jogini falls (Also known as Jogni falls)
  • Take a refreshing bath under the best waterfall in Manali and liberate yourself.
  • Explore the charming town of Manali

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Day hike to Jogini waterfall trek:

Start Point: Moustache Manali

Start Time: 10 am

Altitude: 6,730 ft to 7,850 ft

Trek: 6 km (4 – 5 hrs) – 3 km one side

• We will start our journey from moustache hostel in Old manali around 10am.

• You must pack your bag with all the essentials because the on the entire route you won’t have any shops or cafes to buy and eat anything. Once you are ready, we will start the trek as early as possible so that we have much time on the sight and enough to trek back.

• The trail will start with dense oak and pine forests on either side and then patched lovely apple orchids on the way. If it is winters, you can see beautiful apples blooming on the trees.

• The first point to relax is also known as ‘Mini Jogini water falls’ which is not a huge waterfall but a miniature of it. You can take a small break and relish the beauty around yourself.

• Start again and stay on the route. You will see that gradually the route will become steeper and stonier making it a little difficult to climb. But worry not, you won’t have an issue trekking through them. All these things make the hike more adventurous and thrilling. Our ground team guide will be along the way with you and will guide you throughout the trek.

• By the time you reach the base of the trek, a melodic gushing sound of the waterfall will start ringing your ears. You can rest for a while at the base and then start again. It is only 15 minutes trek from the base, so you should get excited!

• After 15 minutes, you will be able to see the majestic and charming beauty of the waterfall. It is like, opening a grand gate to a magical world. Now is the time, explore the twists and turns of the fall and enjoy in the small pool of water under it. This is a great place for photography too, so don’t leave a single chance to get the best photos of yours and the landscape.

• After you have spent enough time at the waterfall, it is time to start moving back. It is advisable that you start trekking back before the evening falls so that you reach back by the night falls.

• Once you have reached the road head at bahang, a cab will be waiting for you which will take you back to Moustache Manali and we can say good bye with lots of memories.                                         

The trek ends here.

Things To Carry

1. Scarf/muffler (optional)

2. Comfortable Hiking shoes

3. Water bottle (sturdy ones, no empty Bisleri Bottles!!)

4. Cap / Hat to keep the strong sun away from your face

5. Personal toiletries & medicines (if any)

6. Hand Sanitizer & extra face masks

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