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Think City-escaping is no fun? Try Staycation in Kolkata With Moustache Escapes

About Think City-escaping is no fun? Try Staycation in Kolkata With Moustache Escapes

A staycation in Kolkata is changing the commoner’s perspective of not-so-fun city escaping. Entitled as the ‘City of Joy’, there’s so much to explore right here in Kolkata, and we at Moustache Offbeat Kolkata are more than happy to show you the ropes.

Check out our list of MUST-EXPERIENCE offbeat things to do in Kolkata to add a little excitement to your life. Redefine your experience of work-stay-tour, visiting unique shops and cafes to hidden parks and rooftop bars. From ghost town visit to exploring abandoned mansions, there’s no shortage of adventure waiting for you.

So what are you waiting for? Book your stay in Kolkata today and witness the celebration of life like never before!

Here are our top picks for the best places to visit in Kolkata:

1. Stroll through the peacefulness of Victoria Memorial

The face of Kolkata Tourism, The Victoria Memorial is the largest monument in the world dedicated to a monarch. As the name suggests, this monument was built to commemorate Queen Victoria in 1592. The grand colonial building turned museum is dedicated to the freedom struggle and the origins of the Indian National Army.

Experience the grand imperial architecture with its vast 65-acre gardens and artificial lakes enjoyed to the fullest by both locals and visitors. Also, you can experience the palace interior decorated for the legendary freedom fighter i.e. Subhash Chandra Bose.

Enjoy Victoria Palace with staycation in Kolkata. Moreover, the Victoria Palace lies across the road from Park Street, housing the business district of Kolkata. Make your way to its bustling lanes to experience the flavorful street food, nature parks, underground art and much more.

2. Kumartuli – The birthplace of the Goddess herself

If you’ve been reading about Kolkata City, you’ve probably heard about it’s famous Durga Puja. Kumartuli is the location of the manufacture of Durga idols. The site is the home of the “Kumors,” or potters, who settled in the area in the early eighteenth century. The lanes and mazes of Kumartuli become busy with idol makers working on their craft.

If you ask us, we’d suggest the best time to visit Kumartuli is about a month before Durga Puja. Here, you can often spot photographers trying to get their best shot of the grand creation of the creators of it all; beginning from haystack and clay. However, take care not to harm the idols as you walk through the narrow and crowded lanes of Kumartuli.

3. Indian Coffee House : The Adda of Nostalgia

Kolkata’s intense and faded facades, constantly remind you of an era frozen in time. One such experience that magnifies the whole experience of fiery intellectual conversations, the local Bengalis call Adda, is the Indian Coffee house on College Road.

Enjoy Indian Coffee House with staycation in Kolkata. India Coffee House is a reminder of the Socialist influence on the city. The cooperative establishment runs around 400 coffee houses all over India. Serving as a hotspot for seditious activities during the colonial period. The unique establishment is a melting pot of students, the elderly and couples on a date enjoying the delicious fish cutlet, rich coffee and much more. Experience the heritage of an Indian Coffee house accessible through a narrow lane and a staircase camouflaged by seemingly infinite bookstores and Chai stalls.

4. Asia’s Biggest Flowers Market aka Mullick Ghat

Just below the iconic Howrah Bridge’s bustling diesel fumes, Kolkata reinforces its strong bipolar nature. Head to Mullick ghat for an aromatic affair at Asia’s largest flower market. A match made in heaven for the antophiles out there.

Arrive as early as 4 AM to see the market’s full potential. Almost night or early morning is when traders set up shop, to sell their merchandise, i.e., flowers, a lot of flowers. Our photography enthusiasts may have their eyes lit up as it does make for a perfect spot for some street photography. A slumberous sunrise fused with the electric energy of the vibrant flower market. Now, that’s a shot worth capturing!

5. Rabindra Sarobar & Indian Botanical Garden

Among all places to visit in Kolkata, there is one more surprise that lies peacefully under the city’s belt. It’s the fabulous natural vistas amalgamated in the hustle and bustle of Kolkata district. Head out to the southern part of the city to arrive at the tranquility of Rabindra Sarobar. Experience the locals relishing the picnics, rowing boats over lakes and winter migratory birds over the 73-acre lake surrounded by massive parks and ample tree cover.

Well, Southern Kolkata does offer much more like the Science City or the famous Kalighat Temple which lends itself to the Kali Goddess, after which the city is named after. But, to witness one of a kind wonder in the world, head to the north-western part across the Hooghly river to the Indian Botanical Gardens.

Experience Kolkata’s ample natural bounty at the Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden. This 109-hectare is home to the world’s largest banyan tree. Yes! The Guinness World record holder tree spread over 1.6 hectares of land with 3616 roots grown over 250 years.

There is much more to a staycation in Kolkata than meeting the eye. This Travel Guide to Bong streets, is intended for first-time visitors to the city and will assist you in becoming acquainted.

So this was the complete blog about Staycation in Kolkata of Moustache Escapes. No matter your interests, we guarantee you’ll find something to love about Kolkata. So, what are you waiting for? Stay with us at Moustache Offbeat Kolkata and experience the city of joy like never before! If you are visiting Kolkata and have any questions, please feel free to contact us or Call +91-8929100705.