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Paragliding in Bir Billing

Paragliding in Bir Billing – What an experience would it be to hover in the air at an astonishing height of about 8000 ft. with only you, your pilot and the vast valley conversing with you Wouldn’t it be liberating to just throw yourself off the cliff and float in the cold air like a bird? The silence, the vacuum, and the breathlessness with the ultimate freedom will inspire a desire to ask for more of it – that short-lived freedom. Welcome to the world of gliders! If you are reading this and if it is already exciting you, then you are not that far to ooze in the feeling of open-air and talking clouds.

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Tandem para gliding is one of the best recreational activities one can find in Bir, Himachal Pradesh to seek perfect peace of mind. With all the safety gears and a well-experienced pilot, you will run from the cliff to jump in the air and fly like an eagle all over the town. Wouldn’t it be like fulfilling your childhood dream to become a pilot and fly in the air? Yes, indeed.

Another captivating thing about the Bir Billing paragliding and the village is that the entire sky is always buzzing with sights of adventurous pilots flying across the valley. Do you know, billing is also the second-highest paragliding sight in the entire world. Can you imagine, you are making history by flying over a height of 8000 ft. which almost very few people in the world have the chance to achieve?

Bir is a village that offers you not only the pleasure of doing paragliding but numerous other things too! If you are there for a few more days, you can certainly go out for a short trek to Rajgundha, camp at a quiet and calm campsite, make peace with your mind at several serene Monasteries, do cafe hopping (Moustache Tip – Cafes in Bir are just amazing), or shop through some of the most traditional shops of Bir. There also activities such as Bir Billing camping and Bir Billing trekking for you to the opt-in case you want to enjoy some more adventures of Himachal.

We can assure you that doing paragliding is once in a lifetime experience. The thrill and adventure combined with cool and calmness will leave you stunned and enchanted. Nothing can match the feel of floating in the sky and hovering through the snow-white clouds other than through famous paragliding in India. Also, paragliding at Bir Billing is much more adventurous and extravagant than paragliding in Dharamshala.

Bir Billing is a charming small village on the eastern side of the Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh. With a compact settlement of only a few communities and incredible young cafes, Bir is an ideal place to escape from the swarming city life and settle at a tranquil hamlet. Try finding a spot on the landing site, grab a snack to savor, and wait for the sun to go down, we promise you, it will be the best sunset of your entire life. With a soft orange fervor gradually spreading across the sky and giving the atmosphere a little touch of its humility, the sun will indeed spread its wings to dive deep into the sea.

Bir Billing temperature remains quite balanced throughout the year except in winters. With summer temperatures of 15 – 20 degrees celsius and late winter temperatures of about – 2 degrees celsius, the weather in Bir Billing remains quite pleasant with a light breeze. Hence, the best time to visit Bir Billing is almost the entire year except in heavy monsoon or snow. Delhi to Bir Billing (or Bir Billing from Delhi) is easily accessible with frequent Volvo sleeper buses. You can book a ticket by yourself on one of the booking platforms such as Paytm or Redbus. To know more about the Bir Billing packages or Bir Billing paragliding cost, call us or write to us today.


Paragliding in Bir Billing:

Start Point / End Point: Bir – Billing Bus Stand or nearby / Landing point

Flight Duration: 15 – 20 min

Timing: 10 am to 5 pm

  • You must reach the Bir bus stop by 10 am. Bir Paragliding has a take-off site which is about 16 km from the bus station. Therefore, you will have a shared car ready to take you to the take off-site 
  • Enjoy a beautiful scenic drive to the take off-site. Interestingly, the drive itself is amazing and exceedingly beautiful. The road will take you through dense forests and lush green meadows.
  • The take off-site is a large clearing usually greenish if it is summer. During winters, it is covered with snow too. You will notice, the entire site will be full of people and the pilots, getting ready to find the perfect spot to glide through the air.
  • Once you have met your pilot and are ready, our ground team will have a short briefing explaining all the details and cautions of the flight. You should put in the utmost concentration at that moment.
  • After the short briefing, it is time for you to get ready. Buckle up with all the safety gears and try to understand the mechanism too. Don’t worry, your pilot will guide you through the entire process and will help you to get ready.
  • Once ready, the guide will tell you how to run and when to run. Once the air catches up, you and your pilot will run and take a powerful jump from the cliff to initiate the flight.
  • Hold your breath, this is the moment you have been waiting for the longest time, After you have jumped, and the gilder has taken a proper position, you will start hovering in the air. Keep talking to the pilot. He will explain to you all about paragliding. How it works, where to learn, and anything you would like to know.
  • The flight time in total will be in between 15 – 30 minutes, depending on the weather and the airflow. Enjoy the quiet time amongst the clouds and at height of 8000 ft. Do not worry about the video of the flight, everything is included in the package, and you will get your things at the end of the trip.
  • After 15 minutes, gradually land at the landing site and realize the wonder you have achieved. You will have a series of cafes to savor at the camping site. Enjoy that.

The trip ends here.

Things To Carry

1.   Comfortable sports shoes

2.   Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

3.   Hand Sanitizer & extra face masks

4.  Action camera (at your own risk)

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