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Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

Gaumukh Tapovan trek is a chance to trek to the source of India’s lifeline – The Ganga. It is one of the oldest treks and the most beautiful trek of India. The landscape of mighty mountains, alpine meadows, and vast open valley charms your way.

The trek happens in the Gangotri National Park that gives you access to vibrant flora and fauna. In the initial region, you walk in the dense forests of oak and pine which later finish above the Chirbasa campsite. As Gaumukh trek’s major destination point is the Gangotri Gomukh glacier, you will cross over several streams of water on the way.

The most astonishing thing that you will find in this particular trek is the rarest summit views of Mt. Shivling and Bhagirathi sisters. The bottom to the top view of these mountains makes you look so small against the massive landscape.

As the high altitude is completely free of the tree lines, you get the widest eye view of the entire valley. Silent streams running along the route is one thing that makes the journey absolutely mesmerizing.

But above everything comes the Gangotri glacier. After an exhausting trek when you reach the top and stand beside the massive hole in the ground, you are amazed to observe such a miracle. At times, the black hollow whole scares you to the spines. But when you follow the path of a narrow stream of Bhagirathi coming out of the whole, you understand the importance of it.

Holiest of all, the river Ganga is the backbone of India. While witnessing the source of life of this holy river, you bend under the power of nature. As the shape of the glacier is in the form of a large hollow opening, it is known as Gaumukh that translates into Cow’s mouth.

After you pass through Gaumukh, you trek to Tapovan. Tapovan is a large high altitude grassland. Depending upon the season, this grassland surprises you. Late winter is the time when it glows in white snow, and in summers, it turns into a lush green meadow field. To surprise you further, you will also find an emerald green Tapovan lake sitting silently in the middle of the valley.

The best thing about the Tapovan campsite is the views of the mountains. If the weather is clear which general is at this height, you can spot the mighty Mt. Shivling standing tall right in front of you. To give you an idea, Mt. Shivling is said to be the prettiest mountain in our country. Imagine, waking up to such splendid views and taking a stroll in the meadows. Doesn’t it seem like a paradise?

How is your stay going to be?

For 7 days, two days you will stay in a guesthouse and five days in alpine dome tents. Our choice of guesthouses is one of the best in the city and will give you the utmost comfort.

But more than the guesthouses, stay in the dome tents are the best. To get a feel of adventure and thrills, spending a night inside the tents is the best. Apart from the camps, we will also provide you with floor mats and cozy sleeping bags.

The stay in both the guesthouse and camps will be on a shared basis. Depending on the availability, you can stay on a dual, triple, or quad sharing basis.

How’s the weather like?

In Summers:

May and June are the best months in the summers to do this trek. The unique thing about these months is that you will experience a lot of snow on the way. Gaumukh Tapovan trek (also known as Gangotri trek) looks astonishingly beautiful with snow on the route. So if you are someone who loves to trek in snow, Gaumukh trek’s (also known as Gomukh trek) best time is the months. The Gomukh temperature during the summers swings between – 2 to 10 degrees celsius. During the daytime, the weather stays utterly pleasant and at night goes mildly cold.

In Winters:

September to October is the ideal wintertime to do the Gaumukh Tapovan trek. Due to the post-monsoon season, you will find all the meadows and wildflowers blooming brightly throughout the route.

This time, the route becomes easier to trudge as it stays clear of any snow or slippery rocks. If spring glows with snow, autumn glows with lush green meadows. You can choose your perfect time according to your preference for the views.

During these months, winter starts to descend. So the temperature usually stays colder than the springtime. You will find the temperature dipping down to – 10 degrees above 12,000 ft.


Day 1: Dehradun to Gangotri

Drive: 240 km 

Altitude: 10,800 ft

Meal Included: Dinner

Stay Included: Stay in a guest house on a sharing basis

  • Welcome to Uttarakhand. If you are coming from the plains, make sure that you have seen the forecast and are ready with your clothes accordingly. Our first day is going to be a long drive from Dehradun to Gangotri village.
  • Report at Dehradun Railway station by 6 am and hop in the car to start with the tour. The drive is pretty long but exceptionally scenic. We are sure you will love the roads and views.
  • The route will cross Dehradun – Mussorie – Dhanulti – Chamba – Uttarkashi – Harshil – Gangotri. Enjoy the scenic views of mighty mountains and a gushing river flowing just beside the road.
  • Once you have reached Gangotri, first settle in your guesthouse and rest. If you are feeling okay, you can go and explore the town by yourself.
  • By the time you come back, we will have your dinner ready. Devour your food and sleep a good night.

Day 2: Acclimatisation day at Gangotri

Altitude: 10,800 ft 

Meal Included: Breakfast-Lunch-Evening Snacks-Dinner

Stay Included: Stay in a guest house on a sharing basis

  • Have breakfast and enjoy the entire day just being alive in the religious vibes.
  • Acclimatization is like a health supplement for your body to get used to the environment and low temperatures.
  • You can visit Gangotri temple- Gangotri is one of the Char Dhams of Uttarakhand.

Day 3: Gangotri to Chirbassa

Trek: 9 km (5-6 hours) 

Altitude: 11680 ft

Meal Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner

Stay Included: Stay in tents on a sharing basis.

  • Good morning fellow trekkers. Wake up to a beautiful morning in Uttarakhand. Freshen up and savor your breakfast. It’s time to start our trek. Between the route from Gangotri to Gomukh comes Chirbassa. Today we are going to trek to Chirbasa.
  • You trek through the dense forest of Pine trees with a moderate level of gradual ascent. As you keep trekking, you will be welcomed by the different waterfalls of the region.
  • If you wish, you can also stop for a while and enjoy the scenic beauty around you.
  • Another 50 min of the continuous hike will lead you to the boulder section of the trek. This is the part where you will have to get a little attentive. The large boulders might be slippery and dangerous.
  • After an exhausting trek of 6 hours, you will finally reach the Chirbasa campsite. The best thing about this campsite is that the Bhagirathi river will be flowing just beside the campsite.
  • If you wish, you can stroll around and explore the nearby landscape. After that, have your dinner and sleep under a starry sky.

Day 4: Chirbasa to Bhojbasa

Trek: 5 km (3 hours)

Altitude: 12,450 ft

Meal Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner

Stay Included: Stay in tents on a sharing basis.

  • Wake up fresh to a peaceful morning. If you want you can also wake up early and witness the stunning sunrise. After you are dressed and ready, come out, and have your breakfast.
  • Today’s trek goes through the open valley and only after a few minutes,  you have a birds-eye view of your Chirbasa campsite. On this route, you will find gigantic snow-clad mountains bordering the valley.
  • After 20 min into the trek, you trek over large broken patches and then descend down. The Bhojbasa campsite is surrounded by Birch trees and offers you clear views of Mt. Bhagirathi.
  • By the time you reach the campsite, you will probably be tired. So get into your camp and rest till dinner time. Have your dinner and then sleep a sound sleep.

Day 5Bhojbasa to Khada Pathar via Gaumukh and to Tapovan

Trek: 8 km (5-6 hours) 

Altitude: 14,600 ft

Meal Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner

Stay Included: Stay in tents on a sharing basis.

  • Today’s the day. Wake up and get excited to trek to the most beautiful site of this entire journey. Please note that you must carry at least 2 liters of drinking water as the resources are scarce on the way.
  • Just after a few minutes, you will cross through the most difficult part of the entire trek. The boulder region is where you will face moderate difficulty to trek. But with correct guidance by our experts and your attention will make it easier for you to cross the section.
  • As you hike ahead, you can see the moraine covered by the Gaumukh glacier. On reaching Gaumukh, you will be astonished to observe the natural marvel. Spend some time around and get going.
  • A couple of hours into the trek you will reach Tapovan. At the campsite, you are welcomed with clear views of Mt. Shivling, Meru, Manda, The Bhagirathi group Kedardome, Karchakund, and many other peaks.
  • Tapovan is the apex point of the trek. Enjoy this night camping on such an astounding night and sleep a sound night.

Day 6: Tapovan to Chirbasa

Trek: 13 km (6 -7 hours)

Altitude: 11680

Meal Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner

Stay Included: Stay in tents on a sharing basis.

  • Wake up to a chilly morning and have your breakfast with views of Mt. Shivling and many other peaks. Post breakfast, start your trek back to Chirbasa. The descending can sometimes become a little nasty so mind your steps.
  • This time, you will almost know your route so enjoy trekking down with your friends.
  • Once you have reached the campsite, settle down in your camps. Devour your dinner and sleep a good night.

Day 7: Chirbasa to Gangotri

Trek: 9 km (5-6 hours)

Altitude: 10,800 ft

Meal Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Evening Snacks – Dinner

Stay Included: Stay in a guesthouse on a sharing basis.

  • Wake up to a morning breakfast and get ready to head back to Gangotri. This will be the last day of your trek of Gaumukh Tapovan and an easy one also.
  • After a few hours, you will enter the pine section of the forest. Enjoy the flora & fauna and trek through the dense forests of oak and pine.
  • On reaching Gangotri, you can either settle in your guesthouse or explore the leftover places.
  • Have your steaming dinner and rest for the day.

Day 8: Depart for Dehradun

Drive: 240 km

Meal Included: Breakfast

  • It’s time to drive back to Dehradun. Have your breakfast and start the drive. Enjoy the scenic views of the Himalayas and the river Ganga.
  • Once you have reached Dehradun, our trip ends here. Moustache sincerely thanks you for choosing us and allowing us to serve you well.

Day 9: Buffer Day

  • This buffer day can be particularly used for any day or destination of the trek with an incurred price as per the group’s decision. The amount for the same can be paid to the ground team directly.

Things To Carry

1. Shirts / T-shirts –2/3, Jeans / Trekking Pants -2

2. Windproof jacket of decent quality (no flimsy wind cheaters please!) preferably with a hood

3. Warm and thick Fleece / Full-sleeve Woollen sweater

4. Thermal inner wear (upper & lower), Scarf/muffler (optional)

5. Woollen cap, Woollen gloves, Woollen socks & regular socks (3-4 pairs)

6. Comfortable Trekking/Hiking shoes (Waterproof shoes with a thick sole are recommended)

7. Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers

8. Raincoat / Poncho, Small quick dry towel

9. Water bottle (sturdy ones, no empty Bisleri bottles!!)

10. Cap / Hat to keep the strong sun away from your face

11. Sun glasses (polarized/UV Protected), Walking stick / Trekking pole

12. Sunscreen Lotion, Lip Balm, Torch / Flashlight (with extra batteries)

13. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

14. Personal toiletries

15. Day pack/small bag in case if you are planing to offload your regular backpack

16. Hand Sanitizer

17. Extra face masks

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