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Kishtwar – The Land of Sapphire and Saffron

About Kishtwar – The Land of Sapphire and Saffron

Dotted with valleys, mountains, grasslands & panoramic views of amazing rivers, Kishtwar is a must visit tourist destination in Jammu. Popular for its sightseeing opportunities, as well as its adventurous & spiritual tourism.

What is About visiting Kishtwar?

Explore the breathtaking beauty at plenty of tourist places in kishtwar. Kishtwar with its incredible valleys, deodar & pine forests, fruit orchards, lush meadow, saffron fields and lovely villages like Bera Bhatta, Pochhal and Hatta are some of the must visit places to visit in kishtwar.

Kishtwar National Park

Kishtwar National Park is located in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kishtwar district. To the north, the Rinnay river, to the south, the Kibar Nala watershed, to the east, the Great Himalayan main divide, and to the west, the Marwa river.Kishtwar tourism is incomplete without a visit to this National Park.

Sinthan Top

Sinthen top is a prominent tourist site located between South Kashmir’s Breng Valley (Sub-District Kokernag) in Anantnag district and Kishtwar in India’s Jammu and Kashmir union region. The majority of the area is located on the Kishtwar side.


Chowgan, a kind of playground/grazing field in the heart of Kishtwar, is unquestionably a big tourist destination. The gorgeous spot in Kishtwar is surrounded by Chinar, Deodar, and other types of trees and covers a 165-acre area. Abundance of colorful varieties of flowers enhances the beauty of this popular tourist attraction.

Machail Mata

Machail Mata Mandir is a renowned Hindu temple in Machail Village near Paddar, Kishtwar, dedicated to Goddess Durga. The temple also known as Machail Mata Sthan (also known as Chandi Mata Shrine as Goddess Durga is also called Chandi) is set amidst beautiful landscape comprising the verdant hills covered in glaciers and the Chenab River’s tributaries. The temple is also known for its annual possession started by Thakur Kulveer Singh of Bhaderwah, Jammu region in 1987.

Since then, the machail mata yatra or ‘Chhadi Yatra’ (holy mace) became a popular event not to miss during your visit to Kishtwar.

Shrine of Shah Asrar

The Shrine of syed asrar shah is situated southeast of Chowgan. It is a highly renowned Muslim shrine and one of Kishtwar’s most popular tourist attractions. The shrine is dedicated to Sufi Saint Asrar Shah and is also known as Darbar-e Asrariya and Astan-e-Payeen. Later, the Shah Asrarm perform great miracles and became quite popular amongst the people.


Nagseen is a lovely tourist destination to the east of Kishtwar town, enthralled by the beauty of wooded woodlands. Nagseen is rich in natural beauty, calm, and quiet, allowing visitors to fully appreciate its splendour. Nagseen is the name of a Buddhist preacher who lived in this area.


It is the base camp for climbing trips to high mountain summits such as Sickle North, Brahma, Vaishno, Hudh Mata, and Mahesh, and is located in Marwah Tehsil. Anglers make a beeline towards Dachhan, which is also a great trout fishing area. Mathralla has some mountain springs that add to the overall attractiveness of the area, as well as a rock-cut cow figure. Dachhan is also known for its national park.


The most beautiful in the Kishtwar District, Paddar region is widely known for sapphire and ruby mines. Alongside producing blue diamonds at massive quantities. Tatta Pani, a well-known hot spring, is also located here and is frequented by thousands of tourists. Many people swear by the healing benefits of this spring, which can help with arthritis. For Hindu believers, the presence of Machail Chandi Mata makes this a sacred site.


Sarthal is another popular place in Kishtwar, frequented by tourists. The site is a well-known landmark with the famous Ashtabhuja Temple, and it is located 24 kilometres from Kishtwar town. Junwas, Bandwaan, Sumzaa, Agral, Ghaan, and more notable locations exist. Then there’s the yearly Zagroo culture festival, where the world-famous Chakri dance is performed and marvelled at.

In Kishtwar, Chinar trees can be found in abundance. It naturally purifies the air, and the dried leaves are utilised in the “Kangri,” a neck-hung personal heater. The tree is of a somewhat different variety than the one seen across Kashmir.

Everlasting Kishtwar Sightseeing!

During your vacation in Kishtwar, you can visit the Machail Mata shrine, the Shah Asrar Shrine, Chowgan, Qilla Kishtwar, Katarsamna, Bharnoin, and other must-see tourist attractions. Places such as Padyarna and Mughal Maidan are a must see. Kishtwar National Park is home to an extraordinary variety of species, including Himalayan snowcocks and brown bears.

Nearby Attractions

Some of the popular nearby attractions are:

Betaab Valley:

Take a ride to the picturesque valley of Betaab, named after the Bollywood superhit movie- Betaab, 1983. Located at a 5 hour long drive (199 kms.) from Kishtwar to Betaab Valley.

Sach Pass:

Located at 4 hr ride via Keylong-Tandi-Kishtwar Road. Sach Pass is situated at a distance of 145 kms.

Kishtwar is a year-round attraction since it may be visited at any time of the year. Although the month  from May to October is considered the best time to visit Kishtwar. It is during this time of the year, to take a glimpse if Sinthan Top Images along with kishtwar national park is famous for its diverse wildlife.

P.S: Did you know, Kishtwar national park is famous for which animal? 

It’s the Himalayan Snow Rooster and brown bear. So don’t miss a chance to catch them in your picture frames!

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