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Top 15 Most Dangerous Roads in India

About Top 15 Most Dangerous Roads in India

Road trips are usually fun driven along with a fun road trip song. But, there are many famous rides on which people think but 10 times before even dreaming of them. Here we will explore about most Dangerous Roads in India.

Aside from the well-known Dil Chahta Hai-style road trip with your friends, there are several action-packed rides. But, if you’re up for the adventure, we’d like to make you aware/warn you. With you riding your bike/car on a perilous road, looking out the car window at a hellish valley. Even the air can detect your anxiety.

Well, besides a relaxing ride India also has a bucket full of some of the world’s most dangerous roads in india, you never wanna do it again if you come back alive. As riding on these worst roads in india is no joke and can be done with utmost concentration, that is only possible by the regular driver who lives and breathes the ways of the tarmac. These deadliest roads in india kill people on a daily basis but still that won’t be able to stop all the adventure lovers, taking one hell of a ride.  

Here we are going to tell you about the off road adventures on these 15 Most Dangerous Roads in India, which also require good luck with driving skills and courage to drive.

1. Gata Loops, Ladakh

Sharks, zig-zag, all around like in a whirlpool of road. Gaata loop is exactly like that. Have a look.

Can you count the loop? It’s quite a test even for experienced truck drivers who drive in those regions. There are shortcuts between the loops, but only small vehicles can use them. Okk wanna hear something Spooooky!!! Then listen to this, the loops are said to be haunted by the deceased trucker drivers’ ghosts as mentioned by several other truck drivers or passers-by from that loop.

2. Koli Hill Road, Tamil Nadu

Kolli Hills Road (Road MDR181) is 70 continuous hairpin bends. The road begins at Kalappanaickenpatti. Kolli Malai, also known as the “Death Mountains,” is an extremely narrow road filled with potholes and patches. And by the images of koli hills road, you now know how treacherous this road can be, and how difficult the task of overtaking on this would be?

3. Zuluk Zig Zag Road, Sikkim

A 3-level off road adventure zone for thrilling bike rides onto these loops of Zuluk (often called Dzuluk) beneath the Himalayan mountains is quite an experience. It is also one of the most Dangerous Roads in India.

The thrilling ride on this adrenaline-pumping journey is no less than any action-packed virtual game. As it was once the historic Old Silk Route from Tibet to India.

With more than 100 hairpin bends in just 30 kilometers, it’s one of the world’s most dizzying hairpin roads. So make sure you don’t have motion sickness.

4. NH22, Himachal Pradesh

What happens when a vehicle touches you and you fall deep into the Baspa River? Snap out of your road trip horror dream!

The purpose of this rock-cut road is to make Kinnaur more accessible. But, Taranda Thank is well-known for taking many lives with its sharp blind turns and a lack of space. Making it difficult for vehicles to overtake. A sad reality about this scary road is that people have accepted the fact that this road takes lives every time.

5. Zoji La

What’s stopping you from falling 3,538 meters off a narrow, uneven road when a truck is barreling straight at you? If your answer is a resounding ‘absolutely nothing,’ you are most likely referring to Joji La. So It is also one of the most Dangerous Roads in India.

A horrifying nightmare in the summer, zoji la pass becomes even worse during the rain or monsoon seasons. And pls don’t ask how is it in winter? As ZojiLa becomes the motherLORD of all passes at that time of the year. As the temperature drops to minus -45 °C and gets prone to landslides, allowing the flight to Leh is the only option to commute to the region.  

6. Karcham-Chitkul

A Bonus Vaganza packed with thrill and suspense. A combo pack of adventure and thrill that you certainly question by looking at its image. Will these two vehicles be able to pass each other or fall into the pit? 

Find that out only with Moustache Escape. Book your ride to one of the most exciting 42 km driveways in the world- Karcham-Chitkul. Starting with a 19km adventure track to Sangla. Filled with several potholes, a ride along this adrenaline-pumping road is considered to be one of the most difficult tasks to perform. The second section of the road, from Sangla to the end in Chitkul, is a disaster. The sangla road is full of gravel, extremely narrow, and heavily trafficked by buses and trucks. Special care needs to be taken while traveling and capturing the great Himalayas at the same time.

Quick Q&A: Ever dreamt of falling into paradise? 

The road is the literal explanation of it in the monsoon when the track gets very slippery and challenging to get through.

7. Bum La, Arunachal Pradesh

Death above the clouds, Bum La Pass is situated at an elevation of 5,000m (16,500ft) from sea level is the literal definition of it. So It is also one of the most Dangerous Roads in India.

Located at the Indo-China border, this disastrous trail for only 4 wheelers with a competent driver. As the trail requires strong nerves to reach across. And do keep edibles & beverages for the way, because the horror is long. Only allowed with permits, Bum La has a reputation for being unpredictable, its danger comes afterward. It’s not uncommon when you are riding on this road and the weather changes dramatically. A real horror to get stuck in.

The bumla pass weather is usually described as cold and heavy snow throughout the year with the bumla pass temperature chilling enough to freeze your bones. And apparently, the height of bumla pass is far less than the Guinness Record Holder Khardung La. But it is still high enough that you will end up dead with just one wrong move.

8. Leh-manali Highway, Rohtang Pass

The name Rohtang Pass sounds fascinating. Isn’t it. It is actually when you hear that its name is derived from the phrase “ground of corpses” or “pile of dead bodies.” And now when you’ve seen it, you now know why?

The only connecting road between Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh will put your patience to the test. Mostly because of its turtle-paced traffic. You heard it! Traffic. The world is crazy for such danger, but the question is are you? If yes, then book a trip to Rohtang Pass. So It is also one of the most Dangerous Roads in India.

Opened only for three months of the year, Rohtang Pass (Lahaul and Spiti valley) was once the trade route that connects the people on both sides of the Pir Panjal. Traveling on this road becomes more dangerous after a snowfall but the beauty of this terrain is truly charming. The Rohtang Pass or the leh manali trail was strategically paved to connect Manali to Keylong, Lahaul Valley. Although it happens the trip becomes spiritual and they return, turning an atheist after a fatal ride through Rohtam Pass, manali leh road.

9. Chang La, Ladakh

Also known as Changla, the height of this pass is 5.360m (17,590ft) above sea level. making it another motorable high mountain pass than Khardung La. But, attention all adrenaline junkies! The thrill of being at the entrance to the Changthang Plateau doesn’t last for more than 20 minutes. So It is also one of the most Dangerous Roads in India.

The changla pass is heavily guarded by the Indian Army due to its proximity to the Chinese border, and is covered in snow all year. Summer is the best time to drive the pass. The pass and its chilling beauty turn any spectator speechless.

Unfortunately, the name chang la is falsely claimed after the fictitious sadhu Changla Baba. Which has deteriorated the killer beauty of this road by building a temple in the name of that fictitious Changla Baba at the pass. So much in the name of blind faith.

10. Khardung La

Believed to be the highest vehicle-accessible pass in the world, khardungla pass serves as the gateway to the Shyok and Nubra valleys. This perilous unpaved road remains under 24×7 close watch by the Indian Army who is rigorously doing its duty where normal can’t stand without altitude sickness.

The road is not paved, and the frozen mix of ice and dirt for a road creates a slippery, narrow trail with deep valleys right next to you. The pass (also known as “Khardong La” or “Khardzong La”) is a Historically significant pass, Khardong La (often called “Khardzong La”) lies on the main caravan route from Leh to Kashgar in Chinese Central Asia.

Although, the so-called khardungla pass height is not the highest in the world. But there are several passes (motorable and non motorable) whose heights are actually higher than the recorded khardungla height. The confusion remains because of the Guiness record entitled khardung la pass altitude.

11. NH66

The Mumbai-Goa Highway is next on the list of abysses. Yes, that’s correct. The two-lane road connecting India’s sunshine state to the commercial capital is dangerous. Most of the road has no dividers and has a number of blind turns along the way.  

According to a report, an estimated death of 1,500 people was received between 2006 and 2011, on nh 66 highway. If you want more details, then listen to this. Accidents such as pile-ups and head-on collisions are all too common in this path. That’s why if you are traveling to Goa, via Mumbai then take the expressway to Pune, which is for sure longer yet still much safer.

12. Umling La, Ladakh

It is now known that Khardung La is Not the world’s highest motorable road. There are many more in this game. Another new contender on the list of the world’s highest motorable roads is umling la, Ladakh. It has officially dethroned Khardung La in 2017 from its title of highest motorable pass. 

This Only permit-visit umling la pass is very close to the Indo-China border, is totally dependent on your acclimatization techniques at a height of 19,300-ft. So better start working out on your health, before taking a ride onto it.

13. Sach pass, Himachal Pradesh

One of the toughest roads to navigate — the sach pass trek connects the beautiful Chamba Valley with the Pangi Valley. It’s a bit confusing to call yourself lucky or unfortunate as the road opens Only between June and October, when the sach pass weather is motorable yet still dangerous. 

Can you see the cherry on top of this perilous cake? Which is the narrowness of this road. A sheer drop on one side leads straight into the freezing waters of the Chenab River!

14. Nathu La, Sikkim

The nathula pass is located on the Indo-China border, at an impressive elevation of over 14,000-ft. Nathu Ka is one hell of a ride during rain and snowfall, as the nathula temperature never exceeds above 15 °C (59 °F). And if you survive the perilous nathula pass temperature then you’ll be rewarded with landslides and avalanches. Which are far too common at nathula pass height. 

However, the temperature in nathula is best during summers but the visit is on a special permission ride and will definitely make anyone sweat their pants. Don’t forget to steer by the pristine Tsomgo Lake, an immense beauty worth risking your life for. So, when are you planning your trip to this northeast thrill?

15. Kishtwar- Kailash

It is said that if you hurry on this road, then God is the only master of your life. 

The Chenab River runs alongside the Kishtwar Kailash road, which is part of National Highway 244. According to local legend, it was the people of Chamba who settled the hidden Pangi valley while fleeing Mughal invaders. Hiding their women and children in peace and secrecy. When the valley was later ruled by the Kingdom of Chamba in the 16th century, officials posted here were given a funeral allowance because they were expected to never return home. It is also said that prisoners with life sentences were sent her in the time of the King of Chamba.

You will encounter several local tribes who are the original descents of The Pangwal. The mode of communication is Tibetan, who brew a type of hard liquor known locally as patru or rakh. A must-try.

You have been WARNED!

There are certain things that every brave aspirant must keep in mind. A mere thought for the thirst for adventure is one thing and driving on this deadly trail is another.

You’ll definitely be needing some off-road skills and the help of some passerby locals as well as regular truck drivers who know the way and the road. So don’t forget to smile whenever you pass by. Who knows it could become a great story to brag for generations.

Do carry a medical kit with vomiting and other high-altitude sickness-related pills. And definitely carry your trusty toolbox and some parts because the rock-strewn passes will wreak havoc on your car’s unprotected underbelly. 

So this was the complete blog about Most Dangerous Roads in India of Moustache Escapes. So, fasten that seatbelt and book the ride of your lifetime. Read more about travel stories follow our blog

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