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These Top 7 New Year Parties Are The Talk Of The Whole Country RN

About These Top 7 New Year Parties Are The Talk Of The Whole Country RN

Time flies! Right? Yes, it does! Yet another year has passed away. 2023 hitting us in less than 25 days. Now, your resolutions for the upcoming year may not be ready. But we are ready with a brand new list to help you start your New Year with a bang. Enter 2023 in style and plan your upcoming celebrations to avoid that last-minute wait in lines. Skip the kerfuffle and head to the best New Year parties of 2023 in India.

Playboy New Year Party

📍 Worli, Mumbai

Playboy Club Mumbai. The name Playboy is synonymous with exquisite parties, luxury cocktails and refined cosmopolitan crowds all across the world. The Playboy club is your destination if you are looking for the best places to celebrate New Year in Mumbai. Located in the posh neighbourhood of Worli, the club is known to throw the best new year party in Mumbai.

Get your drink on and dance to the tunes of some of the most trending DJs in the world. Moreover, the ambience, the crowd and the electric indoor music truly make for the best new year celebration in Mumbai.

Though there are numerous New Year events in Mumbai. The public event at the Gateway of India New Year party 2023 in Mumbai attracts large crowds with light and music shows. The New Year party happens all across the sprawling metropolis. Skip the last-minute hassle and book your events in Mumbai for New Year now. And if you are searching for a true banger party, head out to the exhilarating New Year party 2023 in Mumbai at Playboy Club Worli.


📍 Moustache Grassfield Valley Resort, Jaipur

Moustache Grassfield valley resort is the new talk of the town among people looking for ideal New Year events in Jaipur. The Jaipur New Year party 2023 just outside the periphery of the city line is the perfect place to spend your New Year’s Eve celebrations. The idyllic resort amidst the hills of Aravalli is full of luxurious offerings. 

Ready to set the bar for the New Year celebration in Jaipur, the BLIND SPOT is an event stacked with an exciting LIVE DJ performance all night. So dance your hearts out and raise a toast on the beat drop at midnight. To top it all off, BLIND SPOT is expected to be the best New Year party in Jaipur with unlimited food and drinks. So why even look for other places to celebrate New Year in Jaipur Book? Book your tickets for BLIND SPOT at Moustache Grassfield and be the selected few members of the best New Year party in 2023 Jaipur.

New Year Party At The Burning Coal Cafe 

📍 Kolkata

One of the best cities in India for New Year’s Eve festivities is Kolkata. You can spend New Year’s Eve at any one of the city’s many party locations. The Burning Coal Cafe is a great place to celebrate and is in the spirit of the new year. You can have a mind-blowing experience if the conditions are just right, with a chilly breeze and some wild sounds. 

On New Year’s Eve in Kolkata, be ready to take in the greatest Gala event the city has to offer. There will be many activities that you, your friends, family, and buddies can enjoy. Without good music, what good is a party? You may spend your night listening to the best DJ in the city at The Burning Coal Cafe. The best cuisine and beverages in the city will be served to you, and you can sip that Margarita at night while taking in the fire crackles. Therefore, order your tickets right away to ensure that you and your loved ones can attend. One of Kolkata’s top locations for a New Year’s celebration is here.

Hilltop New Year Festival

📍 Goa

As the New year, 2023 approaches the horizon. We are sure that some of your friends have already started to plan their New Year celebration in Goa. That’s for a good reason, as Goa New Year party events are famous across the country. Thousands of people flock to the beaches of Goa looking for the New Year events in Goa. Though there are unlimited parties going on. The Anjuna Beach and adjoining Vagator Beach offer the best Goa New Year party every time. The New Year celebration in Goa beach is full of invigorating raves and music parties. The tradition of beat dropping exactly at midnight is a must-witness experience in Goa New Year party 2023 this new year’s eve. 

So head on to Vagator Beach to join in on one of the best New Year events in Goa 2023. The beach is famous for its Sunburn Music festival too. Although during the New Year festival, the Hilltop New Year festival is the talk of town considering so many Goa New Year events in 2023. So book your New Year beach party in Goa at Hilltop as early as possible and experience the most electrifying New Year’s eve of your life. 

Kitty Su 

📍 The Lalit, Delhi

Delhi’s best-kept secret is perhaps the Kitty Su club at The Lalit. Known among the few circles as one of the best clubs in Delhi for New Year parties. The establishment is also an award winner for the best nightclub in Delhi. Known for its international roster of DJs and EDM artists, Kitty Su’s is the most awaited New Year event in Delhi. If you love some dance to some high beats per minute music you should definitely consider Kitty Su for your New Year celebration in Delhi. It’s one of those New Year parties in Delhi that you just cannot afford to skip if you want to have a good time in Delhi.

Moreover, if you are not a Delhite or simply looking to make the most of your New Year party 2023 in Delhi. The luxurious hotel chain The Lalit offers heavy discounts on New Year’s eve events in Delhi at Kitty Su. Delhi has a lively scene for nightclubs like the electric New Year party in Delhi aerocity. Though there is hardly any match for the best place to celebrate New Year in Delhi, i.e., Connaught Place. The area is bustling with events in Delhi New Year celebrations. But Kitty Su at The Lalit remains a league of its own. We recommend you book your reservations and participate in the most elite clubs in Delhi for the New Year party.

Hard Rock Cafe

📍 Hyderabad

When it comes to iconic club chains in the world, Hard Rock Cafe may as well claim the throne. The most preferred hanging place for people looking for chill vibes, good music and great food in Hyderabad. Hard Rock Cafe is also known for its New Year parties in Hyderabad. The city of Hyderabad is a bustling IT hub and with that comes a lot of crowd looking for the best New Year celebrations in Hyderabad.

Although Hyderabad’s Hard Rock Cafe organizes events all year round. But it also takes the throne for the best New Year events in Hyderabad. The place is packed with thrilling bands, great crowds and one of the best food restaurants in the city. If that doesn’t make it one of the best New Year events in Hyderabad 2023. Then wait for the special offers, discounts and midnight special events at the Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad. So make your plans and book your spots for the best New Year party 2023 in  Hyderabad at Hard Rock cafe.

New Year Celebration 

📍 Royal Orchid Hotel, Bangalore

What do the professionals of the bustling IT capital of India look at during New Year’s Eve? Here are the answer: The best New Year events in Bangalore. And there are a lot of places offering New Year celebrations in Bangalore. But when the locals and residents look for a great New Year party in Bangalore. The celebrations at the Royal Orchid Hotel definitely take the cake. 

Relying on the customs at the Royal Orchid, this year’s New Year party 2023 in Bangalore looks promising already. With renowned DJs, Fashion shows exotic Ballet and dance performances. The Royal Orchid Hotel hosts the best New Year party in Bangalore. Furthermore, with a separate child area, parents can enjoy their most relaxing New Year celebration in Bangalore 2023. So the party people of Bangalore, now you know the hottest Bangalore New Year party of 2023. Call up your people and get your plans rolling.

So ending the list of most electric New Parties in 2023 on a high note. We wish you all the ending of a year with a bang too. So this was the complete blog about New Year Parties of Moustache Escapes. Just in case, you miss hitting that high note at the end, you may as well start your New year on one. Write us your plans for New Year’s Eve and check out for more info on travel trends and events.