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Jaisalmer Desert Safari

Dreaming of Thar Safari with Jaisalmer Desert Safari

Live the dreams of Rajasthani desert culture with Jaisalmer Desert Safari. Get ready to sail the vast no man’s land, riding the camel and having a sleepover under the Milky Way Galaxy. Sign up with Moustache Escapes to experience the desert lifestyle for a night, unveiling the wonders it beholds. Get ready for an exotic Jaisalmer desert safari package.

Picture yourself dining on dune, far away from people, tourist and any type of vendor swarms. Admire the arid beauty of the deserted land, Rajasthan spending a night under the stars amidst vast stretches of sand. Set yourself sleeping on a Charpai, counting stars and constellations, having an authentic dinner prepped in the middle of the Thar Desert. All and more with the best desert safari Jaisalmer, exclusively curated for you. Sounds exceptionally unique. Just like our best desert safari tour in Jaisalmer.

It’s Spooky, It’s Fun since Day 1 – Desert Safari Jaisalmer

The Golden City of India – Jaisalmer, is a beautiful city wrapped in golden color from all sides. Capture the vibrant colors of the traditional city, as the Jaisalmer Desert Safari begins from Moustache Jaisalmer. You will be leaving for the safari, somewhere around mid-day. With a Jeep Safari our safari begins. Hop in for the adventure on wheels, racing on an off-road track. Whereas, admiring the wilderness and the beauty from the open jeep. The Jeep Safari ends with your arrival at Kuldhara- One of the most haunted villages in India. Get a thrilling experience of Dark Tourism with Thar Desert Safari Jaisalmer. It’s really a must-try adventure that’ll leave you with goose bumps.

Never-ending Sightseeing in Jaisalmer Desert Safari

The mystery of this secluded village, leaves every visitor to wonder- Why all the villagers left overnight? Well, you can discuss this topic on the next favourite thing on our luxury desert safari Jaisalmer. Enjoy a fulfilling camel ride for about 30-40 min, a popular tourist activity to do in Jaisalmer. Get a full-on nomadic experience riding these desert horses, in the middle of the desert, crossing a few Tribal villages and an Oasis too. The camel ride ends as you reach your Private Dune at Desert National Park. We weren’t kidding when we said- In the middle of nowhere. The spot is secluded away from all the hawkers, vendors, and any kind of tourist crowd. Since this Jaisalmer desert safari cost doesn’t cover vendor sightseeing.

Our desert safari packages in Jaisalmer comes with an authentic Desert Life Experience. It all begins with greeting snacks upon your arrival. Spend your evening listening to folklores over a bonfire. Besides, you can also enjoy a LIVE folk dance and music performance on Special Request. It’s the best part of our Rajasthan Jaisalmer Desert Safari..

Later on, watch how the meals used to be prepared on traditional Chulhas, as yours too will be prepared on that. Enjoy your Rajasthani meals over a Khaat, in a totally Desi Style. Lastly, head for a midnight sleep under the blanket of stars, out in the open desert. If not comfortable, you can switch from Khat bedding to Dome Tents anytime. As we want you have the best Jaisalmer desert safari experience.

P.S: On a fine night, you can also witness the Milky Way Galaxy from the desert. Excited to get your desert safari planners Jaisalmer? Book Now.
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Itinerary for Desert Safari in Jaisalmer

Day 1: Camel Safari to Private Dune

Start/End Point: Moustache Jaisalmer

Meals: High Tea and Dinner

Stay: Stay on the Dunes

  • Reach Moustache Jaisalmer, before 1 PM and meet our team at the short briefing session.
  • Post your briefing session, drive to India’s most haunted village- Kuldhara.
  • After spending some time, take the Camel Safari to a living Oasis.
  • Take some rest and then continue riding camel to your Private Dune.
  • On reaching, enjoy your high tea & refreshments watching sunset at sandy horizon.
  • Post sunset, enjoy bonfire in the middle of infinite sand dunes.
  • Later, savour a traditional steaming dinner under the star lit sky.
  • Transfer yourself on Charpai (hand-woven bed) with a stuffy pillow and warming blanket.
  • Rest taking a sleep in the blanket of thousand stars.

Day 2: Back to Hostel

Meals: Breakfast

  • Wake up to Jaisalmer Desert Sunrise view.
  • Have your delicious breakfast and ride camel back to your end point.
  • Enjoy it the fullest and get some super cool photos clicked.

On arriving back at Moustache Jaisalmer, the journey ends

Things to Carry on Jaisalmer Desert Safari:- 

1. Shirts / T-shirts –2/3, Jeans

2. Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers and walking shoes.

3. Cap / Hat to keep the strong sun away from your face

4. Sun glasses (UV Protected)

5. Sunscreen Lotion, Lip Balm

6. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

7. Personal toiletries

8. Hand Sanitizer

9. Extra face masks

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