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In the Thar Desert on a Shoestring Budget!!

About In the Thar Desert on a Shoestring Budget!!

If I say that I am a thar desert person, I won’t be wrong. With people giving away their heart and soul to the mountains and beaches it might sound weird to introduce you to people like me, who love vast stretches of sands greeting the horizon every now and then, but mark my word here, it’s as much beautiful as you would imagine the mountains and beaches to be.

The bedazzled town of Jaisalmer stands tall as an oasis in the desert with golden sandstone castles, forts, havelis, and homes, resembling a cascade of heritage, culture, and history in the midst of the Thar. With all that lovely introduction, let’s assume you are planning already. And if you are doing so, here’s what to keep in mind to travel across the sublime sandy thar desert on a shoestring budget:

This region in the state of Rajasthan is a dry and rough one but the seasons of winter beginning from October till late February are particularly lovely days during the daytime and have pleasant cold nights. Everything here in this secluded city is generally inexpensive, though you need to know the tricks to save every extra penny on your desert expedition.

Here are the seasoned tips:

One, travel in a non-air conditioned night train to the city. Trains are the cheapest, yet fairly comfortable means of travel in India, moreover if you are traveling in the night, it is pretty cold out there and you might need for sure a blanket instead of an air-conditioned compartment, thus saving you a fair chunk of money. Direct trains for Jaisalmer can be booked from Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Delhi among other north Indian towns.

Two, stays in Jaisalmer are super sorted. The city, being a major center of attraction, is swarmed with homestays, hostels and heritage properties for you to choose from. The cherry on the cake? Our property in Jaisalmer gives you the feel of all, a hostel vibe, ambiance of a proper heritage-laden haveli (it’s a haveli converted hostel) and of course a homely warm family. Plus, the prices are just so affordable and reasonable that you can’t actually resist.

Three, food is yet another great challenge for travelers, finding great food in thar desert is sometimes quite a challenge, but not for you. The Shree Chandan Restaurant at Hanuman Chowk in Jaisalmer serves mouth-watering Rajasthani delicacies that are to die for and are served with an extra touch of warmth that too at unbelievably pocket-friendly rates. An extra treat to the taste buds and your neurons are the Lassis that are popular because of a secret ingredient that’s not quite legal everywhere else but is legal here.

Four, going to places across the town is better on a bike. Not only would you save long-term travel expenses to different places in and around the city, but also, it is particularly a lifetime experience to ride through the desert, passing sand dunes, windmills and strong gushes of wind.

So this was the complete blog about Thar Desert of Moustache Escapes. Follow the above tips to make your trip to the golden city a memorable without burning a hole in your pockets and yes, thank me later.